FALL & WINTER 2018 BASICS – Boots & Coats Edition!

FALL & WINTER 2018 BASICS – Boots & Coats Edition!

hello guys welcome back to my channel I
am super blonde right now what do you guys think of the hair what do y’all
think of the hair I’m going to show you guys my basic boots that I love for this
fall and winter I told you guys I have such a hard time with finding shoes for
fall and winter and my coats that I absolutely love so today that’s what
we’re gonna be doing together I don’t know why I’m doing this it’s like I’m
like okay I’m working with shoe dazzle and I’m so so so excited if you guys
have never heard of shoe dazzle they are an online shop shoes obviously they also
have clothing and accessories I have a coat from them that I’m going to show
you guys and I also have to base that I’m going to show you this fall and
winter I can definitely say that I have the most massive boot collection that I
have ever had if you guys are shoe lovers I would definitely recommend I
can’t she doesn’t have such a hard time finding boots and that’s what I love
about cities as well so shoe dazzle keeps up with all the trends they have
thousands of style to be honest with you I’ve always had this bad relationship
with shoes and I could never ever ever find really good ones but today I have
like six pairs that I’m going to show you guys what I love is that they kind
of cater to everybody so if you guys have like a boho style if you’re a
little bit of glam if you’re very classy if you have a little bit of edge they
have every single type of style of boot and shoe ShoeDazzle is already super
affordable but there’s also two options you guys can check out as a guest or you
can also become a VIP there’s no commitment to become a VIP so the VIP
gets you the 30 to 50% off all the regular prices you get free shipping on
all orders over $39 two guys will take a super quick 60 second quiz I love this
quiz I think it’s so cute because they ask you questions to see what your
personal style is and at the end of it you guys will get your own personalized
boutique and they’ve kind of hand-picked different styles that they think will
fit you best make sure that when you guys are taking the style quiz to put
your email in there it’s super important so that you guys can get all the
exclusive discounts you can get more with them instead of getting less pairs
of shoes especially around this time Christmas is coming up and we’re always
looking for the cutest boots to wear sometimes we want to wear heels
sometimes we want to wear a flat I’m going to show you guys a really cute
white one that I think is so perfect for the holidays but they have a ton of
booties heels shoes that you guys can use for the holiday season so if you
guys have a ton of a some parties to go to and you don’t want
to spend a whole time on boots and high heels and shoes make sure you guys check
out too docile because they make it super super affordable to do that make
sure you guys use my link down below in the description box you guys will get
50% off your entire order with ShoeDazzle I have all of my booties laid
out over here you have to make it all organized okay it’s the Virgo and me and
these are definitely all of these to be honest with you are all true to size
which I absolutely love the Gretchen taupe booties this one over here is in
the most beautiful taupe color it has two buckles on the side and it is a
lace-up bootie these were so super comfortable when I was wearing them
they’re super easy to pair it with jeans you can pair them with leggings or
anything but I really really love them the lace up detail is so super trendy
right now as well and this color is just so beautiful for fall in winters these
Spencer dark taupe I got this one also in a size six-and-a-half and it is true
to size the one thing that stood out to me I cannot tell you guys right away
when I saw this boot was this little ring on the side here in the most fresh
silver like it’s just this little chrome detail that is so so beautiful and of
course it’s in this very smooth faux suede sort of feel it doesn’t have that
big of a heel on it this one is super comfortable as well so it unzips on the
side here and it doesn’t have any zipper on the other side this is definitely a
must-have basic as you guys can tell ShoeDazzle definitely keeps up with
these trends and keep up with all these little details and everything that’s hot
right now these booties over here are called the Karma black booties and this
one I got in a size 6 6 is actually my real true foot size they fit me so
perfect when I put these on oh my god you guys these are so comfortable I
can’t even tell you it hugs your foot and you would think that these would
kill like look at this heel you would think that they would hurt but they do
not hurt you guys it felt so good to walk in these I absolutely love them
they have the sweater knit detail at the top is little trim detail personally
love this matte sort of finish on here I think it is so so classy this is the
Marisa white you are coming through honey where are you going looking this
cute Marisa okay Marissa is definitely ready for a
fun night out she’s ready for a girls night out like I can’t even tell you
she’s ready for a Christmas party honey she is ready to see her man in these
boots this really classic mesh detail the open-toe just ads of course a
sexiness has a little gold detail at the back with a zipper I was also very
impressed by how comfortable these shoes were as well of course you guys can also
dress this up with a tight maybe nude midi skirt a white midi skirt I am just
so obsessed with Marisa like Marisa you can hang these I got in two different
colors so I have the taupe over here and these ones are called the blima this one
also has the sweater detail on the top here it’s kind of like a salt-and-pepper
and then this one has the matching sweater detail of course and more of
taupe and brown sort of tone ShoeDazzle actually designs and makes everything
in-house which I love that means that you guys have exclusive styles that you
can’t find anywhere else so this little detail here for example this is a black
boot so they’ve done a really dark like charcoal sort of zipper and then they
match the black as the first one it doesn’t stand out they decide to go with
a really dark brown zipper with a dark little handle over here so all these
details just kind of match even the heel they didn’t make it black they made it
to match the taupe I just love that when you guys are walking in the snow and in
the rain these are really gonna help you get through girl look at this soul it’s
just it’s ready for war this one like I’m telling you these were so super
comfortable to wear I love wearing these with a pair of jeans and just throwing
on a sweater I just love these I love that I have them in black and in the
taupe as well if you guys want to show up any of the status let me show you
guys today make sure you grab it because they do change their selves monthly and
I don’t want it to be out of stock for you guys I also got these super cute
bags from shoe dazzle this one is the snakeskin bag it is so beautiful it’s
more of a larger bag but I love how its clean there’s not too much going on
except for the pattern it has a ton of room on the inside also has this pocket
that you guys know what absolutely love for my iPod and my iPhone and it also
comes with a strap there so you guys can put it over your shoulders if you want
to look like I cannot you guys it is just so beautiful this is definitely if
you want a statement it’s perfect for the holiday
season because during the holidays you can be a little bit more extra you guys
you can stand out a little bit more I also got this little essentials
crossbody bag like if this does not say step I don’t know what does it is the
most perfect stone color so this one is just in like this really fol leather so
cute ahead like this buckle on the front here and this does open and it’s the
perfect pocket where you can put your iPod or your iPhone and it also has the
crossbody strap that you guys can adjust as well comes with a zipper at the back
for you to put any of your essentials and it still has the iPhone pocket on
the inside like I’ve been looking for one just like this I’m going to show you
guys how I would kind of style these bags and what I would wear with it it’s
extremely hard to also find coats boots I find I struggle with and coats I
normally struggle with but as you guys can see I have found my essential coats
for this fall and winter this first one over here is actually from ShoeDazzle
I’m so excited about this one this is your ultimate like luxe faux fur coat of
course I got it in a black color I love this one this is perfect for the holiday
parties this is also great for a girls night out this one I got in a size small
and this one fits me perfectly you guys if this does not say high-maintenance I
don’t know what does I’m just joking I’m actually not kidding I’m using my
snakeskin bag as you guys can see and I have my chocolate brown bodysuit from
forever 21 it actually pulled out from the snakeskin as you guys can see it has
this really clean collar over here and just goes all the way down it is so
beautiful of course it has two pockets on the side as well this is just a very
overall has like a hint of glam but very very classy look I love this coat I’m
definitely gonna be using this anytime I need to go to dinner and I want like a
very classy black look I am also wearing their high heeled lace-up boot like you
guys I could not resist they look so cute with this outfit I am so in love
with this look you guys it is just so gorgeous everything else that I wear in
this video there will be links down below so that you guys can shop it as
well it also has two hooks so one over here and one at the top here to kind of
close up the coat if you guys want to fit some thicker sweaters under here I
would just recommend going a size up this one I just got recently oh my gosh
from sirens I am so so so happy with this one this one I got in
a size small it is a oversized teddy jacket all about
the faux fur and teddy for me has two pockets on the side they’re super
comfortable I am just so obsessed you guys I can’t even tell you this is
probably like my ultimate favorite coat right now as you guys can tell this coat
is super cozy I’ve also put the little crossbody on the side here so you guys
can see how super cute it actually looks with this you guys know how much I love
these light stone colors these are definitely my go-to is how nice is this
coat you guys it is just so cozy and so warm
you can definitely dress this up as well and wear something a little bit more
fancy underneath these teddy coats are so super trendy right now and we’ll
leave a link to a few down below if you guys want to shop them as well this next
coat is a Teddy coat from Nordstrom Rack it’s actually by Lucky Brand it is the
most comfortable material it almost feels like this really plushy sort of
towel material this coat is probably like my staple staple right now like
anytime I want to wear an all-black outfit I definitely pull this one out I
have this one in a size medium they didn’t have a small but I actually like
that it has a little bit more they relaxed fit to it as well okay so if you
do not have a white fur coat or a cream fercho like I don’t know what you’re
doing with your life guys this one I have you’re from forever 21 I’ve shown
you guys before it has like this biker sort of look to it but of course it has
my glam because it is faux fur this is if I wanna be extremely extra and just
really out there and if I want to do an all-white outfit I’m actually gonna wear
those white heels with it Marisa came out to pull a look at her she’s out and
about it’s just like yes she’s living her best life you guys in this look so
this one is kind of an all-white look I feel like it’s like a snow white look a
winter look underneath I just have a white long-sleeve mock neck this look is
so super cute if you’re going to like a family holiday party you guys can also
dress up this look by replacing the jeans with a white midi skirt or a new
midi skirt I have this one in a size medium it’s also from forever 21 it is a
faux fur nude coat can’t go wrong with a faux fur a nude coat you can do so many
different things with it as I was mentioning to you guys before I love
love love the trend of being super feminine and having this
like really glam coat over top but then being super casual underneath I also
paired it with the crossbody from shoe dazzle this is also another really cozy
look that you guys can use again you can go a little bit of glam with the faux
fur coat and then you don’t have to go as glam underneath and do something
super dressy you can go a little bit more casual is faux fur coats I don’t
think I can go through the fall in winter this year without these these are
definitely my must-haves and the faux fur just kind of makes it easy for you
to pair with anything and still feel so warm and cozy and next nude one that I
have is also from Nordstrom Rack it’s the exact same coat as the black
petticoat I cut off the buttons on the Front’s there I didn’t want the button
sticking out and being black I wanted it to be all nude this is just the coat
that you grab anytime you don’t know what to wear you can never go wrong with
a nude teddy coat I love this coat because you guys can also dress it up or
you can make it dress down just kind of like how I’ve done it right here it can
be really great for an everyday look or again for the holidays a Lucky Brand one
is actually sold out but I definitely will leave a similar down below for you
guys as well you must have basic I cannot stress it
enough just because nude you can never go wrong with and of course the black
one as well I’m not gonna wear the black one because it’s just exactly the same
jacket I always recommend when you guys are getting coats to kind of go with
sides up just because around this time you’re going to be wearing a lot of
thick sweaters underneath so if I’m a small I generally to go with a medium
and that’s what I’m wearing right now this one it makes a statement I don’t
even know if I need to talk about this one because it just says everything on
its own I love this coat so much this coat is from boohoo and I got this one
in a size us6 this one does fit me regular but I did
mention in my other haul that I think you guys might want to go a size up if
you wanted to be a little bit more relaxed that’s what I would have done
now this is just what you need for the holiday season when you guys are going
to your events and your parties but overall for fall and winter
this is just good to dress up any single outfit I’m gonna show you guys an outfit
with this that I think you guys are just going to die honey oh my god you guys I
am so in love with this outfit it is so cute
I’m wearing the lace of booties from shoe dazzle I showed you guys earlier
the taupe ones this top is from forever 21 I will leave a link down below it
goes so nicely that’s where I got this to kind of go with this faux fur coat
this is how you guys can style this coat this is a perfect like going out dinner
outfit I am wearing the u.s. six like I said it does fit these tops really
nicely underneath but if you want to wear a chunky sweater I feel like I
would want a size us8 overall very warm look and the boot oh my god you guys it
just matches it’s so beautiful I’m so in love with this jacket and this overall
look for those of you who are new to ShoeDazzle their website is super easy
to use I like to always check out the new arrivals they also have a winter
shop a boot shop bestsellers are also really good to check out as well they
also have clothing and accessories if you guys also want to check that out so
again if you guys want to say 50% off your entire order which ShoeDazzle when
you become the VIP and make sure you click the link down below in my
description box again when you become a VIP you guys will save 30 to 50% on all
of their regular prices there’s no commitment to become a VIP as well this
will also get the first look and exclusive on what’s coming new on their
website okay guys that is the basically it for this video I hope you guys
enjoyed and make sure you guys check out to dads book cuz I really think you guys
will find all of your essential shoes boots and heels for this fall and winter
season if you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up
subscribe and also don’t forget to click the notification bells to get notified
for all of your girls videos thank you guys so much for watching and I will see
all of my beautiful babes in my next video

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