Fallout 76 | 10 Secret Unique Outfit Locations You Won't Want to Miss! (Fallout 76 Secrets)

Fallout 76 | 10 Secret Unique Outfit Locations You Won't Want to Miss! (Fallout 76 Secrets)

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  1. I made a video over how to duplicate any item in Fallout 76! There is an insane game breaking duplication glitch that you can currently do! Here's a link to the video explaining how to duplicate in the game. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrVAD7VyC6Y&t=4s

  2. Ty for making this vid. I was unaware of the skeleton outfit. But…..

    grey bush and killer alien…leave the fucking outfits alone til he films ffs!

  3. Didn’t know who he was the one of the comments said he made borderlands 2 vids and instantly subed

  4. Little FYI next time radio don’t do this with your buddies the fact that you didn’t show the outfits that’s buddies supposedly took……..killed the video

  5. You forgot the witch costume! It can be found in a random encounter on road 65 in the mire. A “trick or treater” wearing the outfit will have either plans or just the outfits for it.
    It might take a lot of server hopping!
    It took 3 tries for me

  6. Maybe make another video without “your buddy” that apparently screws up every video by grabbing the outfits before you when trying to make a video! Doesn’t seem like too good a buddy to me lol. But good info over all

  7. There is an Easter egg secret at the amusement park. Going towards the Ferris wheel there is a nuka cola small space ship ride and if you climb up it using the bench or one of the lights to climb on the fence there is skeleton sat in one of the rockets holding a camera up too it’s face taking a “selfie” also if you then jump to the roof next to the ride there is another skeleton with some pre war money and a letter, I looked around and saw that nobody else had found it or made a video on it as of a few days ago but I thought it was pretty cool and you should check it out if you pass by.

  8. i guess you have to be a certain level to access the astronaut suit, busted my hump killing super mutants and scorpions, when i got to the door it said i had no access to it, miga morta futna!!!!!!

  9. Has anyone noticed?The first outfit location, cult thing is a reference to a popular TV show called riverdale and the weird statues with the cow skulls represent the Goblin King.

  10. Dude just get to the outfit if your gonna do lore then make a differant vid on it. We don't need to know every detail. Also the greaser outfit isn't really an easter egg.

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