Fallout 76 Atom Shop Today – Stalker Outfit, Bandana and Goggles Cool Paints and MORE!

Fallout 76 Atom Shop Today – Stalker Outfit, Bandana and Goggles Cool Paints and MORE!

hey what up Z clan and everybody else welcome to my fallout 76 Adams shop today video and today I'm gonna do something different from what I do in the previews all those videos that I've been doing for the couple of months basically today I did not know what some of the item shop I didn't look at it and I want sort of to catch my my own personal first first impression you know and I think it's a good idea to bring to the series so let me know if you think it's a good idea as well in the comments down below and also I'll share a little story at the end of the video happened to me today so stay put for that and let's not waste in time and jump right into the edge so so I don't so you believe me now I haven't looked at it and here you're gonna have to trust me on my way anyway let's go to the atom show together and what do we have let's nuke it's free ha ha nice that is cool red rocket pains let's take a look at it well it's a dump it boy ok paint for pip-boy for 360 like sorry but I don't know I'm not getting it it's sort of a little bit expensive unless if they will give us some cool outfit later on because I don't know all right so we got a week to claim let's nuke emote emote emote ha ha ok cool I think that's the emo that we do alright so then we got the fire fighter excavator paints ok I don't know I mean it's all right 800 seems like a decent price for power armors I mean we all used to 1k plus prices for power armors and here we got it for 800 personally personally what I would do as you can see we have the badge over here it says it's new weight its limit my bad okay yeah so you will you have seven days to claim it otherwise and we'll be gone from the atom shop but once again practice shows that even though when Bethesda mentions that this outfit leave for good the atom shop will not come back well that that is I don't think that is true because the sniper outfit it was supposedly supposed to be gone I already mentioned this in the previous videos but it's it was given to us again so it might be a possibility that skins that we miss may come back okay let's continue now that is cool look at that oh man wait that goes oh it's a bundle dude that is a bundle with the crafting station oh my god whoa whoa so the power station required oh man that is so freaking cool that's not cool okay I guess alright that is normal now that's cool and that's cool oh yeah I should go I'm not even man I want to get this myself now heat up aha so it's a bundle got it got it uh-huh so okay gotcha hot to rot paints hot to rot station so okay cool what else hotter rod paint for the pip-boy wait but that's a ain't this a part of the thing I mean this should be in the bundle see what else you need painter and power armor station okay station okay it doesn't give a pip-boy that's weird I mean it's the hot term rod bundle you know what I'm actually gonna get it fire axe paint okay I'm not gonna get it fireman paint now I don't use thank you all me that looks freaky nice oh hell you kind of are wait it's a new I kind of waited for it to go with the discount bad Z just spend more Adams you could have saved some first responders paint alright that's cool for the shotgun I like that but I will wait and red hot oh man all right you know what let's give this thing to although I don't have a power armor oh wait I do have one but it's a crappy one fine let's take oh me oh me I want to try that out Finn me God I'm daddy oh that is so cool and actually only yesterday I was speaking about cool outfits please deliver some cool outfits okay that's not it outfit succeed oh oh there it is let's get it oh by the way you know what I forgot to take a look at I forgot to take a look if it gives anything else with it because sometimes it does hold on a second let's get back to that thing right here ah come on appeal so here are my oh by the way let's also scroll scroll through this thing because sometimes it doesn't some some things don't go on to the what do you call it into the featured list so let's take a look if there is anything else okay well pretty much just just that's the only thing but I'll just double check again just to make sure all right we're good scans okay we're good can't buy items it's weird I did well they gave us this thing so we're cool okay okay oh yeah the amount let's take take a look how the new amount also lives all right and repair cuts all right so I completed an event low okay uh BAM oh man that looks nice that looks freaking nice oh yes sir oh and the bag looks really cool with this actually I think the black cowboy had will look way better let's get the white the cowboy I mean the black cowboy cap even maybe the 76 Tucker let's try it out are you serious oh you gotta be freakin kidding me did I accidentally get rid of it crap well I still know where to find it so we're good wait or do I have it oh my god put it yep you know I gotta get rid of stuff this is too cheap although someone has bought for me at the bumper jacket that I got from the date thing so we're good okay you know what I'll do that later all right so the black cowboy BAM yeah the black cowboy definitely looks better and I think the skull bandana will look just the perfect one Danna which I also know where to find and I do have a playlist for a hundred percent to find outfit video so if you are looking for some specific outfits but you don't know where you get them one of them so one of my videos might even gonna help you out oh man that that is cool that is cool and by the way I still have the other bandana from the Adams shop we a header wait let's try the skull mask as well whoo stalker bandana dude it wasn't written man think then stalker goggles oh dude I need to pay more attention to what I'm buying outfits nice okay I like it hold on hold on mmm so let's take a look at the full set Bam Bam oh oh yes sir oh man I love this G oh man I love it I freaking love it and the cowboy hat looks freakin amazing with it the glasses though I think that the better thing would be would be these glasses right here hell yeah these ones I don't know what do you guys I as the other pandan no no don't the new one is way better all right all right I think that looks nice but still cowboy hat cat is way better I'm a cowboy Oh steals alright cuz I won't do dough roll I thumbs up alright so there we go and now we should be able oh hey what the hell oh there we go Oh looking good looking good man oh yeah what's up wait how do you you must excuse me I have never used power armor so I don't even know how it works where is it okay there we go do I just put it like that I mean I have a crappy one craft all right there we go oh no wait update what is it oh wait that's a mod paint war raider paint less Virginia by the way this one I bought by mistake and Bethesda was so nice to give me a full refund for that Oh so you can still do it on this one as well interesting oh wait oh man I'm sorry as I said dude as I said I don't hey well what am i doing oh my god I need to get used to this thing for raid or paintball man standard pain hotter sender pain hotter spender paint huh sir actually I take that back it looks really nice doing it they're gonna be my first time entering the power arm I'm lying I've been inside a power armor and during beta that's it and I want to give the exo one oh nice I love it I loved it yes sir damn turn on the flashlight yeah wait let's check out all the pauses oh that is cool in the Lotus power armor man that is cool oh nice I love it I love it love it love it love it love it all right what else I didn't forget anything did I oh wait the Pip Boy let's just take a look I mean you never know oh wait I can't do it inside the power armor huh let's get the hell out of here correct oh wait wait wait I thing you've got a go here Pip Boy oh so you do get it check this up okay so you get it in the bundle as well cool oh dude wait let's go somewhere words there's more light yeah all right there we go let's take a look at it oh not bad although the black book oh who is that sneaking in my store hey welcome are you done so yeah the paint is good wait did I do oh wait I just exited my power but man that is cool I love it I really do that is super cool all right folks you know the drill thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed it and you have a good morning day and night whatever you guys like in it and I'll see you on the next video by the way if you subscribe welcome to Z client and if you want to help my channel grow we used to consider sharing this somewhere in the media such as Facebook or Twitter I gotta go deal with that dude see ya see ya later you

24 Replies to “Fallout 76 Atom Shop Today – Stalker Outfit, Bandana and Goggles Cool Paints and MORE!”

  1. Is the Stalker Outfit in different colors? In the thumbnail it's grey/brown but in the screenshots it has a shade of blue

  2. Nobody really cares about pip-boy skins. All i care about are Outfits, Under armors and weapon skins.

  3. Thanks for showing off these new skins, I really wanted to see what the Stalker Skin looked like before I maybe bought it, although it is pretty heavy duty and doesn't look very quiet to sneak around in I still like the look of it ๐Ÿ‘

  4. If they're bringing back old Power Armor paints, I hope they eventually bring back the Blackbird X-01 paint at some point.

  5. Z i need your help i want to take my all items from my character and took them to the other character can you help me with this?

  6. What a beautiful love letter the fire breathers and the responders. Plus flamer paint which is my main weapon. I wonder if this week's legendary will be also be a flamer? Welp looks like I'll be buying everything in the shop this week.

  7. Hi i like the hot rod bundle but once again its the price Bethesda stop being greedy like the video mate

  8. What excavator paint should I get? Iโ€™m thinking arktos but is there any better ones coming out?

  9. can we just buy a backpack ? i been at it for 3 weeks no one will ask for a revibe …for the tadpole task revibe player

  10. I got the hot rod power armor paint job when it was out last time but I really want the power armor station

  11. Z clan! Please vote: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9dC4uS_5tuESlDODAdypQQ/community?lb=Ugw02FQqRx_VXQAxsaV4AaABCQ Oh no!! I forgot to tell the story and show XO1 ๐Ÿ™ Sorry about that crazy day and very tired ๐Ÿ™
    I was thinking of keeping my first impression on the Shop! Meaning I will not look at what is on the Atom Shop and Start recording on the second I decide to view the shop. Basically, in this way, I can't prepare and know what is on the Shop and you get to see my First Impression.

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