Fallout 76 [Outfit Locations] #7 – Location of Miner Hat and Miner Uniform #Fallout76

Fallout 76 [Outfit Locations] #7 – Location of Miner Hat and Miner Uniform #Fallout76

Hey, what up Z clan and everybody else, how you doing? Welcome to my a hundred percent to find outfits video. So I’ve double-checked this with a couple of characters I’m with this guy a couple of times for three days now and it turns out in Kerwood Mine you can find a full set of the mining costumes So you just walk in this? Small little house and pick it up, right? so eventually you’ll just appear in this location once you teleport here east or Yeah, once you teleport here and let’s take a look at the outfit. It’s actually pretty cool. I like the Hat though Nice huh and by the way when you turn on your light it glows from your head and not from your Pip-boy. Yeah, so if we go into a dark location For example, as you can see it kind of glows like this, not bad, huh? I mean it’s sort of cool I still prefer to have my combat helmet I still haven’t found the a hundred percent guaranteed location for this but if you’re curious I found it in an inn over here in Grafton on one of the desks, but it was a Randomized location. I found different sort of hats over there. Sometimes I don’t find anything on that spot. So I’m still looking where to find there’s a This combat helmet for a hundred percent guarantee to you guys will be able to go and pick it up with ease now I hope you enjoyed the video and if you did don’t forget leave that like for the video that really helps a lot if You would like for more videos such as this one. Feel free to subscribe and If you’d like to help the channel grow, please do retweet this video or a share it somewhere on Facebook whichever comes but obviously that’s optional. The other thing is I’d like to invite you to our discord I kind of decided to switch my discord upside down and make it more fallout 76 Orientated, right. So I have some audio chats for people to create team plays so we can play together I have chats for giveaways since this guy is a lucky finder I find legendaries pretty a lot of Legendary’s and you know due to the weight limit issue, I Can’t keep them. All like for example yesterday I had to throw away nuclear…? Sorry, my bad a legendary missile launcher, which gives additional? 20% damage Since the community right now for Fallout 76 in discord is small Nobody had wanted to pick it up and that rocket launcher was weighting a lot (40+) weight so I had to get rid of it dropped it in a noob location as I always do and As you can see my build my current lucky lucky build. I mean, he’s got only three strengths in the reality I have +1 from one of the food that I ate and This guy is struggling to carry stuff. So yeah over there I do notify When I’m streaming when I’m not streaming when I’m uploading videos when I’m uploading videos where we talk we got memes chat audio chats for team play some general fallout chat rooms pull out a picture chat room where you can share your photos and fallout videos where you can share also your videos that you create and upload or you just want to share it if your youtuber or You just want to share so I’m trying to build that discord in the most convenient way So your feedback is very important for me So if you see there is a better way how to make that discord look better or be organized better Please to let me know because due to my lack of time. I don’t always have that possibility to fully Implement the things that I want to implement and we’ll put it this way due to the lack of time but with your feedback That’s gonna be superb and I hope this time I did not forget to show the location at the very start its care what mine? That’s where you find the full set of the miner uniform and the Hat Alright folks, so I’ll see you later You have a good morning day and night, wherever you guys are located at and I’ll see you on the next video Bye and if you and if you subscribed welcome to Z clan

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