Fashion Advice for Men : How to Dress for a Cocktail Party – Men

Fashion Advice for Men : How to Dress for a Cocktail Party – Men

Hello I’m Bruce Marshall designer and Emmy
award nominated costume designer here to talk to you today about dressing for a cocktail
party. As you can see a cocktail outfit or ensemble as we want to call it is something
that you want to wear with a little bit of flash because again it’s a cocktail party
and even though cocktail parties tend to happen early and don’t run past nine o’clock in the
evening you want to be prepared so basically it is a little flash, you’ve got a two piece
thing working, right, but then you set it off with a little semi formal shirt that is
kind of tuxedo inspired and then you are pretty much ready to meet and greet and drink with
the ladies and have the conversation and keep things going smoothly and if the evening gets
a little chillier you are already covered with your jacket and that’s what a cocktail
party is about. To meet, mingle and make things happen and remember a cocktail party is not
just for drinking it’s a good place to socialize and to also make business contacts and it
is always good to have your handy dandy business card holder say right inside your breast pocket
so you can pull out your card and give it to any future employees or anybody that you
need to meet. It’s a good thing.

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  1. Everyone please stay focused. This video is about fashion and cocktail parties, adult and mature affairs. How does race and insenstive comments come into play here is beyond me. Just because someone starts a flame, doesn't mean you need to ignite it further.

  2. i've seen all his how to dress vids….he does make sense and the ladies dont mind u dressing up either lol

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