Fashion Expert Fact Checks Belle from Beauty and the Beast's Costumes | Glamour

Fashion Expert Fact Checks Belle from Beauty and the Beast's Costumes | Glamour

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  1. The artist art style kinda looks like one of those flash-dress up games type ones. i think if they hired someone who has more experience with anatomy and how clothes interact with the human body, the overall video will be more enjoyable :^)

    (also they use the same base for ever drawing which makes it kinda boringg)

  2. Disney princess designs are in almost no way intended to be historically accurate. They’re meant to be fantastical and campy with subtle hints of history. These videos are about as logical as taking drag queen fashion and analyzing how it’s not accurate to everyday women’s wear.
    She says it perfectly at 6:33.

  3. …. ugh. I don't think the mid to late 18th century is her specialty. The fuchu is not a modesty piece!!

  4. Fashion “historian”: a corset was worn over the chemise.

    Erm no, they would of been called stays. They were not called corsets until the 19th century.

  5. What your historian got wrong is what kind of woman Belle is. She is a woman who isn't like the others, it's even stated in the first song of the movie, so her fashion would reflect that. She doesn't focus on how she looks, so of course she would dress differently.

  6. She keeps sounding like she's gonna continue and then gets cut off and it's bothering me a little :/

  7. Honestly, this is where the live action remake did an excellent job of being time period accurate to Belle's blue village dress. The yellow dress, not so much, but the blue dress on Emma Watson is practically perfect!

  8. April calahan!! I was just thinking "why does her voice sound SO familiar??" It's because I listen to the podcast she cohosts 😂

  9. Belle wasn’t part of the aristocracy though- she was a peasant-so maybe it makes sense that her clothing wasn’t representative of the wealthy, upper class?

  10. Oh no! Disney, a company that wants to make money and tell stories is a little inaccurate with there fashion. There job to sell merchandise, not please Fashion geeks.

  11. Everyone who lives in the town: It's so quiet here now when that girl with the blue dress left

    Belle comes back

    Everyone in town: Oh no she's back-

    Belle: ThErE mUsT bE mOrE tHaN ThIs PrOvInCiAl LiFe UgH tHiS iS ToO bOrInG !!!1111!!!!1

  12. Belle didn't exactly have the most trendy gown laying around. It should be taken into consideration that any garment worn would have been at least a decade old because that is the fashion available to the memories of those hooking her up in the dress or in general.

  13. It's quite funny when you watch the behind the scenes and realize that some character designers actually drew the first conceptual art in a more accurate fashion.

  14. Also, Belle's slogan was "I'm totally not most girls" which mean she usually does not wear what you expect a girl at her age and time would.

    BUT…… I totally get the whole point of the video

  15. This film also hosts a talking candle a clock, and a prince that has been turned into a beast,
    Not to mention the enchanted rose!
    I don’t think accuracy to historical real life was high on Disney’s priority list when they made Beauty and the beast,

    It’s fantasy
    Interesting video tho

    She clearly knows what she’s talking about.

    Nothing in Disney is accurate…. it’s just The genius that is Disney!

  16. The other girls in the movie looks like how she said the fashion was. But I think that the idea of bell was that she was different. I mean, she was a poor and a nerd, she didn’t care about fashion. She was beautiful without it

  17. I don't think one look represents an entire 18th century. Imagine if they said early 2000's wearing pants underneath a skirt represents the entire 21st century.

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