Fashion Expert Fact Checks Snow White's Costumes | Glamour

Fashion Expert Fact Checks Snow White's Costumes | Glamour

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  1. Seriously recommending you get a new artist to draw the (exact) styles, it’s hard to imagine when the images look elementary 🙁

  2. am I the only one who knows those queen during the hood and hair part are Kathryn Howard (first pic) And Anne Boleyn (second pic) and were both wives of Henry VIII?

  3. You´re almost only showing examples for english and spanish fashion while german fashion in this timeperiod was quite different. Look at the famous picture of Anne of Cleeves or for example paintings of the german artist Christoph Amberger. The headdresses in Germany were everything but frenchhoods and farthinggales were also not common in 16th century germany.

  4. Beforehand, I do know that it isn’t really historically accurate. It’s more reflective of the era that this movie came out during. But it’s still fun to watch.

  5. A series on the Disney Princes would be interesting. Prince Florian, Snow White's teenage husband, is my favorite character in all of Disney canon. I am likely alone there, but still!

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