Fashion Fabrics Club Online Order Haul + Review | SEWING REPORT

Fashion Fabrics Club Online Order Haul + Review | SEWING REPORT

14 Replies to “Fashion Fabrics Club Online Order Haul + Review | SEWING REPORT”

  1. I love Fashion Fabrics…have never had a bad experience. Fabric I've ordered in my opinion is very good quality. I have not sewn in a few years and am so glad they are still in business because I've starting sewing again.

  2. OMG! I just ordered from them. I did not see anything for free shipping. I got $20 off because I ordered more than $100 worth of product. Also, the shipping was $19.99, so I guess you can say that I did get "free shipping".

  3. I really like this fabric source. It is the ONLY one I have ordered from more than once. Even if my fabric isn't exactly what I expected, I have not been disappointed so far. Buying fabric online is a tricky endeavor for sure. 🙂

  4. Hi Stephanie, I found really good quality fabric at and the price is good too! Only now I washed&dried it and now ironing it. Is there a good way to get the seems to match up again? TIA

  5. I shop them ALL the time. I’ve only ever gotten one thing from them that was kinda meh. I like their denim sales a lot, their prices are the best bit 🤣🤣

  6. As soon as you mentioned the 'matching thread' for that beautiful yellow boucle fabric, I knew they would send you white thread. I think it will work, but as you said, you would have expected yellow thread. What do you think you will make with the fabric?

  7. THANK YOU for informing us on another online fabric store, if they do ship to Europe I will try them for sure and will soon be checking out yr friend's site (Emily). tks again.

  8. I purchase lots of fabrics from Fashion Fabrics & am always happy with their fabrics as well…you mention that you don't dry clean, well I have been using Woolite's Dry Cleaner Secret Sheets (for the dryer), and I'm very happy with them…they do a really good job & I can dry clean 3 garments for a little over one dollar…all of my pants & specialty shirts now get dry cleaned & don't get that "washed out" look………..

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