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  1. Who’s Been A HUGE Fan of As/Is Before 2019!???

    I’m trying to hit 4k!any help is appreciated

  2. Wait, why are the gold studs “out of style” for the first guy, but “on trend” for the last woman? They’re the same trend! 😂😂

  3. Wait, why are the gold studs “out of style” for the first guy, but “on trend” for the last woman? They’re the same trend! 😂😂

  4. I do not buy designer or luxury items typically I like to only go for second hand and make it my own thing but I do make an exception for a shoes specifically boots because I live in North Dakota and ride motorcycle so having a good boot is essential recently I bought my first pair of Harley Davidson boots because they were on sale I've had them for maybe a year-and-a-half and let me say they have not lasted me as long as any boot I have ever gotten from a thrift store they are already wearing out within six months the zipper broke and I can't believe it I'm already wearing down to the nails inside of the sole of the boot so obviously there was a reason they were on sale and I am just very disappointed in the quality but like I said I like to make things my own so I might just replaces zippers and resole boots because the leather is good the grommets are good and the metal detailing and buckles on the boots are very nice heavy quality metal and if I can fix the flaws they could last me for a very very very long time I only paid a hundred bucks for them and they are my every day shoe so all in all it's not bad but considering I have had some $7 SODA brand boots I got from a thrift store for 10 plus years and they still basically look the same as when I bought them I'm just a little disappointed LOL now also I have to take into consideration the Harley Davidson boots are knee high so it's not unexpected for the zipper to break it's just that the zipper part you grab broke off and then the teeth started splitting everytime I zipped up the side of the boot which I should have noticed when I bought them that the actual zipper in the boot is plastic not metal but I was just so excited because I found such a good deal in the store I was just blinded by the rush if a good price I guess 🤣… the soda brand boots are also knee high and the zippers also split sometimes but I broke those ones by zipping a piece of the back panel into the teeth by accident but they don't give me nearly as much trouble as the Harley Davidson boots which split every single time for no reason LOL

    I also want to add I know a Harley-Davidson isn't technically posh or designer but it's what I like okay lol, I'm not into high heels or super fancy fashion shoes I have high arches and they just don't work with those okay 😅 I have to have a shoe that I can have my arch supports in or else I am in severe amounts of pain the next day to the point where I can't walk without feeling like I'm standing on knives so if anyone has good suggestions on boots specifically plain black knee-high combat boots no heel I'm all ears lol …😁

  5. I always get suprised by how expensive some stuffs are in US. Cos most of the non branded stuffs (like clothes and shoes) were like 3-5 times the price than they are in Asia. (Probably because most of the manufacturings are in asia, but still suprised by how the price can shoot up so much)

  6. It’s Pechuga, he’s a vintage fashion dealer, he is not really a stylist, so he must be excellent at it, it’s literally his job to spot fakes.

  7. I feel like I've learned a lot from watching Amber Sholl here on youtube. She has a lot of designer and dupe shoes from brands and I am pretty sure she has the last pair in fakes as well and as soon as I saw them I knew they were fake lol

  8. The jimmy choo shoes are not out of style. CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN just put out a whole collection with this type of style for both men and women. Even the louboutin Happyrui shoes are still in pre-order.

  9. First guy – roasted to the core ☄️☄️
    Second guy- a light roast ♨️
    Third girl- medium roast🔥
    Fourth girl – 🤗

  10. I thought she said the Manolo Pumps were real, but they wrote it out as fake 6:50, 9:29. If so, he got them all right.

  11. Why would ANYONE ever re-sole a shoe if it wasn’t real. Like if it was a dupe just buy the dupe again. When he said “yea they look like they’ve been re-soled” and she said “yea” I sat there going “OF COURSE THEY ARE REAL!” Lol

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  13. Every year, I take part of my tax refund and go to Saks to buy myself a pair of designer shoes. It's my splurge on myself, and I think I deserve it! With one exception, the quality of every pair I've purchased has been excellent. In fact, I bought a pair of Louboutin espadrilles 15 years ago for $250 and I still wear them every summer. They need to be resoled, but otherwise they look great!

  14. My strategy bout life : buy and invest in a few authentic designer pieces and use it for life, till I need to buy another one..

  15. I'm so confused. Are they lying on purpose or is the guy trying to find out for them if they got cheated? Was he right about them being fakes? What's going on???

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