FASHION TRENDS Fall 2018 – Winter 2019 & how to wear them ǀ Justine Leconte

FASHION TRENDS Fall 2018 – Winter 2019 & how to wear them ǀ Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it’s Justine. New season, new fashion trends video! If you are new to my channel, welcome. I do this kind of video twice a year, every
spring and every fall. It shows the trends that I see coming for
the season, based on everything that has been shown on all those runways. It doesn’t mean that the looks are wearable
just as they are, so I also weigh in with tips on how to make the trends more real-life
compatible, let’s say. I hope that my trend boards will inspire you
and that you will find things that you want to try out that fit you and your style. Let’s go! Every season there is clearly a revival vibe
somewhere. This season it’s clearly the eighties. When I think of the eighties, I see loud colors,
padded shoulders, velvet and shiny fabrics at night. The eighties woman had an inverted triangle
torso on super-long legs. Well this time, I feel the revival is a bit
more nuanced and darker, gloomier. You can see wide shoulders, which has been
a constant thing at Balenciaga in the last seasons. But now, it’s also at Givenchy, Marc Jacobs,
more and more at Saint Laurent. It seems like the Balenciaga effect is spreading
across all the different fashion cities. While Saint Laurent stays true to the style
of their house, with lurex threads and jaquards, Balmain is using combined materials to create
something that probably wouldn’t have been possible, technically, 30 years ago. Balenciaga went further: See those hips? There the garment has been molded onto the
body and then covered with fabric. It’s a very new method. Very interesting. The shoulder pads could be lighter, to make
the whole look a bit more office-wearable. But in fact, a wide-shoulder silhouette like
this can really be executed in different styles: in outerwear, jackets, tops, dresses… It’s really quite versatile. Now question to you. When you see this board, do you think it feels
modern and reinvented, or it just looks eighties? Second trend: shades of brown. Brown is a neutral. You can use it just like navy blue or black
to really ground a look. And when you combine different shades of brown
with some deep reds and yellows, you can get a beautiful color palette! Chanel went muted, with a very earthy brown…
but then added some shiny fabric underneath, just because it fits so well in that eighties
vibe. Chloé picked a collar that could absolutely
be worn in the movie “American Hustle”… Actually, if you’re looking for reference
information for that trend, the movie American Hustle is filled with earthy scenes, and great
color schemes where the clothing is matching the wallpaper, to create a harmony. It’s brilliant. Back to the trend board. Fendi went all-in and put the double-F logo,
brown on brown, everywhere. Jacquemus added colorful accents in a more
subtle manner. My favorite looks are the Tod’s looks, these
two. They stayed in one consistent color palette
and made the textures vary. The way Tod’s did it is A-league because it
means that you’re matching every single piece in the outfit to that mood, so it’s not easy
to start with. But an easier way of doing it is the way Jacquemus
did it. You get one central garment that is brown,
and then you add accents of colors with the accessories and the rest around it. For instance, you take brown pants in a brown
that fits your skin tone, your undertone, and then add a patterned top and matching
accessories which you already own. So you only get one new piece, and the rest
is already in your closet. Brown is a color that can exist in warm and
cool versions, so it can really work for everyone. The next trend is not layering; it’s overlayering. Layering is something you would naturally
do in winter. (I know I would, because I’m always cold). But here, this season, it’s more than that. Accent on “more”. It feels like we need to protect ourselves
against something. Is it subconscious? What happened to trigger this need for more
layers? It is everywhere, on all runways. I could have found twenty more examples to
put on this board. I think the Balenciaga look has at least 6
layers… if I am counting this right. But even at houses like Lemaire or Tory Burch,
which are usually more… I’d say more classic… you see these cocoons
of protection. Notice the detail at Maison Margiela… These sleeves are knitted into a woven jacket. This is high craftsmanship. At Vuitton, you see the most wearable option,
I think: this turtleneck with a top or a dress on top of it, which has super thin spaghetti-like
straps. There are plenty of options to make this combination
work, and make it more or less lightweight, like the turtleneck underneath could be light-knit,
instead of this thicker thing. It could be a skin-toned. flowy, silky blouse, closed here with a ribbon,
or it could be a transparent shirt, since the top covers you already anyways. The next trend would be sophisticated knitwear. I personally love knitwear, and I think it’s
a pity when the runways show only cable-knit and jersey, because there are so many more
ways to knit a yarn into something creative. So this season, I am super happy with what
I am seeing. All the examples on this board are special
developments, designed by the houses and then knitted exactly as they want. There’s nothing standard here. Etro is traditionally an expert in this kind
of fabric, and this look is so them, but still creative and new. The Sacai look is new for me. You can tell that there is some ethnic inspiration,
but the result seems modern and unique – which means that it’s good creative work. It’s getting inspiration somewhere, and then
turning it into something new, which is your own interpretation of it. Dior and Prada are completely wearable. I do enjoy the way Prada took a classic knit
pattern and added a super-contemporary logo to it. Prada always tends to mix genres and work
on the perception that we have of what good taste and bad taste are. The look by Christopher Kane is probably embellished
by hand, and it also feels very special. A key accessory this season would be a mid-calf
boot. Originally I called this trend the cowboy
trend, but then I changed my mind, and you will see why. We see some boots that have that center split,
like cowboy boots, in materials with top-stitched patterns on top, like on cowboy boots. Isabel Marant is the queen of that. She consistently shows designs like that on
the feet of the models in her collections. So this winter will clearly be hers. But then the boots are white, or they are
in materials that are not meant for the outdoors. Some are even slouchy and draped around the
leg, really. So they are too delicate to be called cowboy
boots. My favorite one is the Fendi one, which you
see also from the side. The heel is fabulous. Statement jewelry, now more than ever. Massive jewelry, especially when it’s colorful,
or when it’s using gemstones, can’t help but attract the eye. It is also great to set bold accents in a
more regular, standard outfit, even if you wouldn’t describe your style as bold. Here are some options. Imagine these smaller and you’ll get what
the fantasy jewelry brands will offer this year. Jewelry is a product category where whatever
comes out in fine jewelry and on runways gets copied by cheaper brands, in more wearable
ways. I also feel like gemstones are getting used
more and more, much more than in previous years, in all sorts of colors. So that will be fun. There are also two trends from last fall which
are still very, very present this year. Red as a dominant color is still broadly used. I wonder if the movie “The Handmaid’s
Tale”, with the red cloak, had an impact on the designers’ minds. It did leave a mark in my mind for sure. Originally it was a book, and a great one,
in case you haven’t read it. And then plaid patterns, a classical motif
for winter, keep being reinvented in original ways. We’re playing with the size, the colors,
and the textures. If you have clothes that fit in to those categories,
keep them, wear them again. Did these trend boards inspire you? If yes, thumbs up! Thank you so much. If you want to hear and learn more about fashion,
subscribe to this channel: I upload new videos every week, and I try to bring a designer’s
perspective on YouTube. I will also link further videos in the description
for you on trends, previous videos that I’ve done on that, and also fashion history topics. I will see you next week in a new video, and
until then, take care. Bye!

100 Replies to “FASHION TRENDS Fall 2018 – Winter 2019 & how to wear them ǀ Justine Leconte”

  1. I'm so happy you mentioned Handmaid's Tale in this video. You inspire loads of people, including me, with your advises regarding style and sustainable/slow fashion. So spreading awareness regarding another topic(s) and also encouraging your followers to read is extra plus. Thank you!

  2. The most beautiful 80s clothes were Workers for Freedom. It's impossible to find vintage pieces, they're all in private collections.

  3. John Maclean says trends are for the anxious. I can full heartedly recommend looking him up here on YouTube. His film about skin tones are superb.

  4. I'd rather see more images of the latest trends in street styles. It's difficult to relate to runway designs; nothing much to do with the average woman style!

  5. Agreed; love the white Fendi boot. Also, I agree the red (even though it’s not the blood red of The Handmaid’s Tale) is still around for the same reason that several designers are dark, which is the era we are living in (my never humble opinion).

  6. Brown is literally doo doo. Love the 80's revival; the wildness of it, the shoulders. (Shoulders are great for balancing out one's ass for one thing!) 😉 My favorite individual look was Dior's sweater look with the red tartan wrap skirt and peace sign sweater. 👌 Does it say Christmas on the hem?

  7. Can you do a video about skin tones and neutrals? I love the brown look, and have for many years, but I'd love to know if I'm wearing the right shades.

  8. Hi Justine, I love your videos. However, since I live in a different hemisphere (I'm from New Zealand) I always feel like I'm ahead of your trend reports. Right now I am watching New York Fashion week looking for inspiration for the spring season that has just begun. I would love it if you could do a report reviewing all of the fashion weeks for each season. So, you could produce a video about Spring/Summer 18/19 soon for example. Again, I love your channel. I've learned so much. Thank you for bringing this to us.

  9. looks 80's……one of my neutrals is brown( not black). cream & dk. charcoal grey. i do not do navy. then I add pops of color.

  10. Just saw a girl yesterday walking in Paris who made me say out loud, wow, 80s are really coming back. She was wearing a very padded shoulder crazy dark green and dark blue jungle motive knit, a light blue velvet knee length skirt, patterned black tights and velvet dark blue block heel mid-calf-ish boots. Complete with puffy curls. Looked a bit too on trend in every aspect but otherwise totally gorgeous

  11. I've definitely had an obsession with browns in the past month or so and I'm so happy to see them everywhere. I love your videos, they are so well put together.<3

  12. I don’t follow trends. Not only are they a fad but also not economical. I also do not want to look at the pictures years from now and ask myself why I wore those hideous pieces. Hence, I prefer classic, timeless, clean and chic colors and designs which are also of good quality.

  13. I love the over layering!!!I think there is something so mysterious about covering to a certain extant. It is an art to get the feminine silhouette correct under all the draping.

  14. I cannot wear brown at all, it makes me look terrible.
    Sadly 🙁
    And shoulder pads for my body shape is terrible ; I’m very much hour glass already , making my shoulder bigger will make me look like a football player ! Not a very attractive look for women I believe…

  15. No not feeling old 80’s… but feels like a welcome revolt against cheap unflattering muffin top too tight clothes. The masculine jacket layering trend may be a #me too vibe. End product..deep usable pockets are back! Squee~

  16. This is super informative giving me a new perspective on fashion. Although I do feel way out dated. Im not sure where to start.

  17. I’m not a fan of over layering I think it’s a step in the direction fashion is going right now. Excess in design and fabric is something I see in a lot of high end ads.

  18. Hello Justine! Great video, thanks for the inspiration! When it comes to the trend board shots, could you please use 3-4 larger photos in the collage? Maybe it's just me getting old but I found it hard to concentrate visually on the smaller photos.

  19. Brown, yeai, i love Brown . Shoulderpads is a no for me. I am petite and my shoulder are broad enough.. Tfs, i really like how you brought This! Merci!

  20. Hello Justine, I love your v-neck t-shirt in this video and exactly what I have been looking to buy. Can you please share where you found your t-shirt? If it is your own t-shirt you designed, can you please let everyone know where to buy one? Merci Beaucoup!

  21. I absolutely love brown, I hope ready-to-wear embraces it. Thank you for these videos, I feel so knowledgeable when I pass the info on to others, lol.

  22. Have you read this article? I’d be curious to know what you think.

  23. my body shape is inverted triangle and i always dress to balance my bottom half, it is amazing that you analyze the trends in such detail, but still, i dont like inverted triangle…

  24. :/ I’ve been dreading browns coming back…I LOVED browns in high school, but I’m not ready for it to come back…not too excited about 80’s style😩 love layers👏🏼 looove knitwear! Mid calf boot ok, but I finally invested in booties so I may not be wearing those this year…massive jewelry so pretty and fun! Barely wear red…plaid is good:) fun video!

  25. As a plus size woman, I actually think the Christopher Kane look is my favorite knitwear look because of the unbroken vertical line. Statement jewelry is excellent if you’re plus size because it pulls attention to the face. The wide shoulders also pull the eye upward and can help balance wide hips. In the 80s group, I prefer the Balenciaga, because its structured, pulled together tailoring helps create the appearance of a waistline. Brown, I love because can be very slimming. I’m glad the peplum didn’t come back. I’ve heard rumblings of a New York designer trying to bring back the prairie dress and as someone who lived through the 70s and 80s, the prairie dress must die. Off topic, but my grandmother always said that if you want to save money, shop in expensive stores. Can you do a video on how that works?

  26. Hi Justine loved the fall/winter fashion you brought here esp the brown. Brown may seem like a boring color but I think it takes us so much closer to the nature has a very grounding effect. What is the spring summer color 2019? It is spring here in Australia. I need some inspiration please. Much love to you ❤❤

  27. hi justine, here in the au our seasons are swapped, what are your thoughts on the effect of fashion seasons in regards to us? for example, should we look to this season fall winter collection for inspiration for our spring summer or look back to the spring summer collection of earlier this year. i know some fsshion brands, fast fashion in particular, would release items in australia much later after releasing it to the world. i realised this through fate, travelling from singapore to australia, and seeing the same few pieces on the sales rack and on the new arrivals rack on 5heir respctive countries

  28. Just purchased two plaid boxy looking thin coats in TJ Max. I’m a 5’3 petite will need to wear with all black or neutral and heeled boots but it looks great! Love the colors one is burnt yellow with brown/black no buttons no neck just like a throw but stiff for jacket. The other one is white/black plaids with thin mauve lines throughout the neck is beautiful! I’m happy for winter. That is in crazy S. California winters if there’s any? Lol!

  29. The big shoulder trend was a thing in the 1930s, as well; it was seen as a way to make the waist appear smaller. I'm not sure this trend has been "reinvented" so much as it has been "refined" this time around. In the 80s, the big shoulder trend was paired with boxy, menswear-inspired styles as the 80s saw an influx of women in the professional world who wanted to be more competitive in their male-dominated fields and dressed accordingly. This time, I saw a lot more shaping, more waist definition, etc. The intent was not to look masculine, but to imply power and femininity together. I can get on board with that. ^_^ I won't wear the trend-I have large breasts, so anything adding mass to my already-heavy upper body is a no-go- but I look forward to seeing how this new iteration of the trend develops.

    Regarding the layerd looks: my first thought was that, with Commes de Garcons becoming part of the public consciousness again earlier this year, many of the layered looks were inspired by the avant-garde designers in Japanese fashion. Given the current political climates in the world, the self-protection aspect of such lavish, excessive layering is understandable. However, I can only see the layering as a natural progression of the fun, avant-garde layered looks you had noted in your spring trends review.

  30. Those boots are just not going to work for me. I have the shortest ankles and the biggest calves. I'm going to look 3 inches shorter even if I wear a heeled boot.

  31. I love this…. I laughed out loud when you mentioned the over-layering…. what is happening to our collective subconscious hahaha….love this summary, so useful! <3

  32. Hi Justine! When I see the ´80s trend in the runways, I don’t feel like they have been reinvented much…I remember those trends very well and I do not see much of a difference lol 😂🙄Oh and I cannot over layer unfortunetly I’m always so hot hahahaha

  33. i love the over-layering trend. but it's pretty expensive in practise /sobs
    keeps you warm, cozy, basically invisible and protects your bones in case of slipping on ice.

  34. Enjoy your reviews and wish I could enjoy trends but…Not doing it. Not for me. I hated that boxy look in actual 80's! Bright neon. Baggy. Saggy. On my shape is not good. No, as usual sticking to my classic pinup girl styles. Most shoulder I shall sport will be Lauren Bacall, Rita Haywood but they still nipped waist in 1940's. Once again my hourglass already out?! Lol ah well and my cool tone skin and brown? Hmmm cowboy boots is nice. 🙂 thank you for video.

  35. I’m really stingy with subscribing to people but wow I love your takes on fashion. Probably the best YouTuber I’ve seen on the topic!! ❤️❤️

  36. I guess I'm not that trendy. I knitted a sweater once that turned out similar to one in those pictures. I didn't fit at all and it got diposed of!! 😂

  37. We are seeing tons of pinstripes in the boutique world right now….and not in a good way LOL. I love the trends you covered!

  38. I’m no longer exited by trends. Trends are just something to chase after to fill up your empty life with the promise of happiness when acquired. An empty promise.

  39. Everything is so big! I walked around the mall for hours yesterday, unable to find anything for my 5'1, size 2, hourglass frame. 🙁 We need to bring fashion from the '50s back!

  40. I hate brown clothes and accessories! I hate most browns that is. It’s extremely rare that brow excites me to the extent I want to wear it. Brown is on a spectrum which means some shard ad textures of this colour are capable of redeeming themselves. I’d have to see some of them to really illustrate what I mean.

  41. I think Lisa Eldridge has a lot to do with the gemstones trend, she has them since long ago and since some months she is selling rings and earrings 🙂

  42. I was like oh this looks like a boring video but then she started talking and everything she said was clean, made sense, and i even learned a few things! I'm now a fan. thank you!

  43. Could you do a video just on how to wear brown? I love that colour but always struggle to integrate it into my closet. I've been known to put brown and black together (yikes!). Help!

  44. 1. 80s revisited: No. I already have wide shoulders I give structure to jackets that have none, I don't need help!
    2. Browns no: There's a shade of brown that I like, but my goodness the kind of browns in seeing… it all looks so old… And reminds me of thrift stores.. At least people won't have to break the bank to wear this trend, they're all in the thrift stores from the actual 80s.
    3. Layers, No. I don't even layer in winter, my natural inclination is to wear a top then a coat and I'm done, those layers are too busy
    4. Sophisticated knitwear: mmm I'm interested, but most of the examples I don't like, will wait and see how other designers interprete this.
    5. Cowboy boots (EDIT midcalf boots)no. I've never liked them, the only shoe trend I ever like aren't even trends, combat boots and slim ankle boots with straight block heels… EDIT urrgh never! Before I watched your video I'd been seeing the boots in some outfit pictures and I though they were terrible… Especially if it's not the same colour as the trousers… Just cuts off people's length and body proportions
    6. Statement jewelry: interested, without watching your video first, I've seen huge earrings in store and they've been piquing my interest.
    7. Red, Yes, I'm working on one of the accent colours in my wardrobe to be red, excited to see good pieces!

    I thought it was a bit far fetched to say I never follow trends…. But I just realised I don't, the only trend I follow is when the trend is something classic that becomes hot topic… Like the colour red trend. Or plaid…

  45. The so-called 80’s fashion was really just a throwback to the 1940's. Nothing is now truly "new". All fashion is cyclical and so easy to predict as we move forward. Looking back these past 100 years, I personally love the 1930’s fashion as it produced the most becoming looks for all women. As I see it, the real trend is in how we approach fashion psychologically. People up to about the mid century always dressed impeccably and with elegance and good taste. These past 50 years have seen a sharp decline in these areas. Our casual lifestyle has spawned a generation of people that walk out in public looking like utter slobs. Who would have ever thought that ripped and torn hillbilly clothes would be considered fashionable? That's how my parents, who grew up during the Great Depression, dressed but only because they were desperately poor and couldn't afford to buy thread to patch up the holes in their clothes. Have we become so bored and disenchanted with fashion that we resort to such desperate measures? What's next on the horizon for the unthinking, gullible masses? Clothes with dirt stains and grub on them? God help us.

  46. I just love your voice and accent (I know, I know- it's only an accent to me.. I'm sure to you… I'm the one with the accent xo)

  47. Hello Justine, I was wondering if you had already made a video on how to choose and select statement necklaces? I really struggle to learn how to accessorize my outfits and I also struggle buying jewelry which isnt gold, or gems…it sounds posh but I just don't like when it looks a bit plasticy…bref je suis pas fan des bijoux fantaisie qui ont l'air cheap…thanks for your help!

  48. I love the brown. I bought a rust colored sleeveless blouse to wear with olive colored capris, and a flowy caftan with flower print with brown green and cream. Such a stretch from the runway, but a real life outfit I have worn a few times recently.

  49. Bonjour Justine… Could you make a video on formal shoes for women in winter, autumn, Summer and spring?

  50. The layered style looks like someone tries to look like the chair in my bedroom, where I leave all my cloth 😂

  51. No thanks to the shoulder pads. Anything that does not follow the natural lines of the body is just a fad and nothing I will spend my money on. Although I certainly did it when I was in my 20's in the 80's. Looks hideous though.

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