FASHION TRENDS FALL-WINTER 2019-2020 & how to wear them ǀ Justine Leconte

FASHION TRENDS FALL-WINTER 2019-2020 & how to wear them ǀ Justine Leconte

HI everyone, it’s Justine and it is
that time of the year again this video is dedicated to fashion trends
everything that is coming this for winter season now it is a sort of
curated view of everything that we’ve seen on the runways internationally what
I think is actually wearable and how to integrate these trends into your actual
wardrobe or you could also just sit back enjoy the trend boards that I will share
with you in a minute have a look at the pretty images find some inspiration and
that works too I’m aware of the irony of filming a video about for winter when
it’s still 30 degrees Celsius out there probably even more in here with all the
lighting so right now I take a pool party over a chimney fire any time yet I
think that when this video goes out it will actually be full so just imagine
it’s cold out there let’s go first trend monochromatic outfits of any color just
not black or white that is a nice change isn’t it we are in for a colorful winter
you can play the trend in a bright color like a saturated pink red or orange or
you can play in more muted tones like camel wine or for a screen like three
photos on the right side of the world you get a stronger monochromatic effect
if you match not only the top and the bottom but also the accessories like
Jack missed it with the earrings push it with the hat or Stella McCartney with
these fancy sunglasses this trend is a little bit tricky maybe I agree if you
think that if you wear one color throughout you could think mmm this is
going to make me look like one huge candy
that would mean you went too far the reason why the outfits that I showed in
on this board actually work and look classy is because they are very long the
length in the silhouette they are boxy they’re absolutely not tight they’re a
bit we say flu in French which is the opposite of tailored they focus on
comfort rather than highlighting the body contours and I think that’s the
very important part in this trend if one color throughout feels like too much you
could do what Stella McCartney did her look every item is green but not the
same green the Pens are green blue the shoes are green brown and then the fact
that she is wearing green throughout doesn’t really strike or bother the eye
anymore the next trend is about power and about putting on our suits you know
this cliche of the woman in the 80s having to put on man suits and super
high heels in order to be taken seriously in the office
well now fortunately we are at a point beyond such a simplistic dichotomy and
suits for women in women’s wear are getting a lot more interesting here you
see suits that do not show cleavage or legs some of them were their suits with
flats they all look sharp but comfortable at Alta Zahra TB and Stella
McCartney you see the waist is belted like a reminder of the feminine body or
maybe also has some kind of protective accessory if you read 1984 by all well
you remember that chastity belt worn by Julia the main female character these
women look like they’re in charge of the destinies don’t they and Carrie
Underwood lady at balance yoga is running for president Carrie the
tailoring category seems in my opinion to be shifting towards more interaction
II either in the choice of models or in the clothes themselves and for the
clothes either it’s women’s wear tailor women’s wear that is menswear inspired
or it is becoming more gender-neutral overall I think it’s a healthy evolution
because it in franchises us from having the pressure of looking either like a
real woman or like a real man as if there was nothing in between and what
does a real woman mean anyway I gathered more examples for this trend just to
give you more options an oversized suit at Gucci ignore the spikes for now I’ll
be tackling that separately in a few minutes that’s a different trend
flowy wear the coat and the hats are accomplices like at Chanel or you style
a suit jacket with the dress and matching pants or with the dress and
opaque tights or the jacket itself turned into a dress like a McQueen
that’s more of an evening outfit though okay so what matters here is at the
shoulder level a tailored fitted shoulder and then going downwards in the
out it towards the fits you can do or design or wear any kind of design
details fit or shape you like it’s very free I’m looking forward to seeing how
high street brands website all this trend I have to say I’m highly
interested in that one trend number three long flowy coats this isn’t really
out to where garments are have any moments I’m seeing historical
inspirations everywhere maybe that’s because I mean middle-age inspiration
phase myself I don’t know possible even quite likely the coats are very long and
they flow around you drapey not stiff at all comfort first the Saline version
looks a bit like a cowboy at Max Mara Oscar de la Renta energy W understand
the lapels are XXL apart from the rock style coat at marine cell they’re all
meant to be wrapped on your chest for you to feel cozy the Chanel coat must
have belonged to the Little Red Riding Hood this girl looks like she just came
out of a fairy tale book lovely outfit a long coat with lapel suits an office
look whereas if you’re okay with having less structure less tailoring something
a bit less fitted a bit more flowy try to look for a Cape capes are extremely
versatile garments that I really really like personally I’m sure we will see
capes a lot more than usual in all the shops no matter which price level this
winter then in terms of fabrics there is as always in winter a lot of wool tweed
thick winter fabrics but what’s new ish and a nice change is that fleece is a
new fabric used in outerwear it used to be okay only for active wear no it’s
getting appropriate also for ready-to-wear and for office wardrobes
really our next trend is getting darker I called it Moody florals when you think
of Flo you probably see summer-like prints
light fabrics Airy dresses cute feminine well this season it’s dark even a bit
dangerous highly contrasted between the intense color of the flowers and the
deep black background it’s not so much Daisy you see it’s rather a rose with
barbed spikes they’re not trying to look cute the model adjoining out watanabe on
the right is wearing a wig with punches and makeup like a doll
yet even she doesn’t look cute she looks more like the evil doll if any doll
they’re all not showing much skin the color is either
it’s like crewneck or even stand up color like at Paco Rabanne
the prints are beautiful and extremely varied this season the fabric on the
Richard Quinn outfit seems velvety and super luxurious now if you like me and
you’re thinking I don’t really wear huge ball rolls all over it’s not me
I hear you look at that Prada dress that I just showed imagine that as a skirt
maybe a bit shorter if you don’t like that big length with a turtleneck black
physics sweater with long sleeves that will look incredibly chic it is getting
darker yet when X trend is pretty much announcing the end of the world it’s not
an optimistic trend it’s not really positive I’ll be honest
in a nutshell matrix meets Blade Runner send out the warrior princess and there
is a potential attack with gasps we’re seeing black leather metal rivets at Mac
Queen spikes on the masks and the torsos at Gucci the mavin say show was pretty
extreme it was in a cellar with laser lights Green Smoke the models were gas
masks to complete that metaphor basically she was depicting the
apocalypse the end of the world I watched the video of her show in the
documentary by Luigi Jean my first reaction was to shut down I thought this
is way too depressing too negative when I look at fashion I want to have good
dreams and this is just going to give me nightmares
but then it sunk in and I actually changed my mind yes it is important that
some designers show different perspectives do things differently and
question what we consider pretty or even functional that is what brony question
is for and so that’s why I ended up putting this photo on my board so while
this trend might not be the most wearable clearly forget the gas masks
for a minute and just look at the metal The Shining surfaces the heart materials
this is what it is about and in the end it is quite Punk isn’t it where is this
train coming from maybe it’s the feeling of fear following the Weinstein affair
maybe it’s the debate that is everywhere right now about the possible
consequences of climate change maybe the political instability in many parts of
the world right now there are several different reasons why
we might feel that we need to protect ourselves while keeping control at the
same time what do you think about this trend let’s move on to accessories the
next trend is about chains we’re not really moving on the because chains
would go very well with the outfits that we just discussed it’s mainly gold
silver or any other material that looks like gold or silver chains can be worn
as necklaces but also as body jewelry like at McQueen and money the small size
is the Sandow Home version not necklace it’s a curb chain where the loops are
flattened out but if you go bolder you can pick the GW Anderson version la
pulled up I think the necklace at Oscar de la Renta is called a robot chain in
English in case you want to look for that one you know where the rings are
just attached like this at 90 degree angle if you like statement jewelry
overall this one is a great year to do some shopping and we’re just surprised
not to see more chain bracelets because that would cause a mood in it like a
huge calf in chain I would Tori whether I would wear the necklace plus the
bracelet to also look for not silver or gold chains but more colorful ones in
colors from the rainbow so that you could even
technically match the color of your chain with the main colors in your
wardrobe they’re horrible trend and potential for lots of fun now I’d like
to mention some further trends which were actually already there last time
around but there are still going strong or even stronger than they were before
the power shoulders from last fall that started mainly at balance yoga and
Celeron if I’m correct now everyone makes power shoulders the
advantage is that they make you look taller and sportier a bit like an
inverted triangle body but in my case I already have broad shoulders so I would
look like a rugby player this trend is maybe not for every body type it’s up to
you to decide same thing with the utilitarian trend that I mentioned in my
previous trend video if the end of the world is coming
we need boiler suits with pockets to keep our tools and equipment and stuff
it makes sense really that this trend has continued conceptually until I need
to mention the 90s I talked about that in my video on pinterest trends for 2019
which i will link here in the corner and down below in the description if you
want to have a look I also talked about this in a video two years ago at that
time it was eighties revival and I said bet that after the eighties revival and
90s revival will come well we are in the middle of it no wonder that the Spice
Girls big picture to go on tour again it’s a home run
you see biker shorts platform birth issues grunge jackets scrunchies tattoo
chokers everything the 90s had to offer is back ladies and gentlemen
thumbs up if you enjoyed this video thank you very much now I’m curious to
know out of everything you’ve just seen which trend was your favourites if there
anything that you were expecting to see on the Border’s and that I did not
mention it’s funny because trends are not the same everywhere in the world or
not in the same proportions and there are people watching this video from
everywhere in the world so I’m very much looking forward to your comments other
than that I will link here and down below in the description a playlist with
all my previous trend videos if you want more inspiration
and more Trend boards because I do that twice a year this was the full winter
one I did the spring summer one and so on and so on since I started this
channel so there is a lot of inspiration in that playlist
for more fashion in general don’t forget to subscribe to this channel before you
go watch the next one and I will see you very soon in a new video
take care

100 Replies to “FASHION TRENDS FALL-WINTER 2019-2020 & how to wear them ǀ Justine Leconte”

  1. great video Justine! but I don't get how there are examples of the trends in every brand, how do all the designers know all the trends at the same time?

  2. We do not have to promote the negative and depressing. WE are the trend setters not the elite designers. Create the world you WANT, not what they try to promote. This dark design is not a new perspective it's to promote the end of the world and victim mentality (the government/elite will save you). REFUSE to go there.
    My favorite trend is the monochrome colors (however in different hues) like in the Stella McCostney outfit.

  3. Question and comment. First, let me say I always enjoy your content . I was surprised I didn’t see you mention snake print or animal print in general. My question is about the shoulder pads. Should a person with large breast stay away from that trend? Thanks a lot.

  4. My favorite trend is the suiting and belted jackets; monochrome schemes second, dark florals can be nice. I am not depressed so will not be wearing any depressing fashion! 😀

  5. Thank you for this video Justine! Me, I like to mix the statement/long coat with the monochromatic. For example, I would wear my ankle length army green coat with bold silver buttons over white pants and a white turtleneck, or a black long sleeve shirt and black pants and black ankle boots. To me that makes the look very practical, comfortable, and yet still noteworthy because the coat pops out visually.

    I love the chains too but would also have appreciated bracelets because those necklaces are beautiful but I rarely wear necklaces.

  6. Thank you for a great video! Pleasure to listen to and watch.
    Long coats would be my favorite trend. Chanel cape stole the show😌

  7. That long houndstooth coat was stunning. I love that coat. It is everything I would want in a coat. I like the continuing trend of modest clothing.

  8. Always a pleasure to watch your videos and learn. Love the trend of wild florals and accessories 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  9. I live in Florida. We don’t really have winter. Plus I’m short so too much fabric overwhelms me and makes me look like I’m playing dress up.

  10. I love the fashion trending update. It's fun to see what's on the runway, and then think about how I can make similar statements work in to my wardrobe – if I can be so daring at my age! 🙂 Actually, I think I get more fashion daring with age. Thank you so much for your videos.

  11. My favorite is the Chanel plaid all over however I can't find my wholesale is offering it 🙁 do you know anyone that's selling an outfit like that wholesale for my Boutique?

  12. Justine, I have been admiring your middle finger ring (left hand) for a while now. Can you share your source? Love all your videos!

  13. I love your analysis. So much more meaningful than looking at photos alone. And thanks for the bit of philosophy 😁

  14. I don't follow fashion much but I love seeing these videos for how you interpret the runway. I could never generalize or get the absraction of these shows. I always used to think "what weird clothes! Why would people watch this or who would wear this? " it's so cool top see this deconstructed! Thanks Justine.

    I'm from India and I'd likely have access to and want to follow the chain trend and use the dark floral trend in a top or a jacket. If the colors are right. 🙂

  15. I so enjoyed this video. Seeing all the creativity brings me joy! That said, for myself, most trends don’t make it to my closet. My wardrobe is fairly minimal and classic. I dress for my size, (petite), figure (hourglass) and coloring (cool winter). A runway trend that I might indulge in would be a less expensive piece of jewelry, hat, silk scarf, sunglasses. 🍁🍂🍁

  16. I don’t follow trends. My style is minimal, classic with a little edge. However, I always enjoy an interesting topic. Thanks Justine🖤

  17. I can't do a lot of suit jackets or anything with shoulder pads…it makes me look like a body builder, which isn't the look I want. The monochrome trend is interesting, though. I might see what I can do with that.

  18. These remind me of what people wore when I was in later primary and middle school (started 6th in 1986). There were lots of militaristic styles coupled with bright colors and fairy tale/new romantic things. I love 80s things but haven't worn them since then. It'll be nice to try updated adult versions of my middle school wardrobe 😀

  19. Hello Justine! I'm from Argentina and all those trends you mentioned are quite big here as well. I have my doubts about power shoulders, though. This year they weren't so popular here, but I'll save my comments for the next year because this country always ends up surprising me. Anyway, I must say I was expecting some mention of fluorescent colours. They were rather big this year (or at least I saw them quite often on Instagram), will they still be hot next winter?

  20. Thanks for another great video Justine! Love you, your channel, and your high quality content ♥️ Still super hot here in Texas, and where I live it barely gets below freezing in the winter. I would love to embrace the long coat trend, but I already own too many coats for this climate as it is 😂

  21. "what does a real woman mean anyway". You're cute Justine but if there is no such thing as a woman or a man…what are we doing empowering those curvy human beings that wear skirts and pants in equal amounts and have a more soft facial structure and if you still don't get it…. They don't have a buldge in "that area".

  22. Justine, I do not know fashion, but like to know the fashion trend and colors so I can pick or add a couple of pieces to by workwear, I see lilac a lot in magazines, also houndstooth pattern, have you noticed similar things in wearable fashion trends?

  23. So nice to see a long flowing black cape, as mine is from France, bought in 1977. It has buttons and a hood. This spring, my new dry-cleaner was very cautious about accepting it because I mentioned its age, and I was a bit amused as it is such a good sturdy wool. Still beautiful.
    i love all your posts and the fashion trend ones are great as you distill the information and save me time. I do think the sober outlook of the apocalyptic trend is important as both fashion and art need to be relevant.

  24. Trend #1: monochrome but not black or white
    a few minutes later: the theme is getting darker yet, announcing the end of the world

  25. Have just moved into spring here in Australia so it will be interesting to see how some of these trends are incorporated into styles for warmer weather

  26. Le fait est que: on trouve peu de belles coupes. J' aime l" idée de la couleur. Pas les rayures ou les carreaux. Les accessoires sont horribles. La ligne:" end of the world" est pour moi déjà dans les supermarchés et les boutiques depuis 20 ans, au moins: pantalons mal coupés , tailles basses à l' origine des bourrelets sur de nombreuses tailles, toutes générations confondues… oui, … il faut voir comment ces pantalons sont portés dans le monde réel…Bref, vêtements dans des tissus déprimants: qui ne sont pas lavables sans rétrécir même à 30 degrés…pas chauds en hiver, pas légers et aériens ou confortables, en été. Bref, quand on regarde les gens dans la rue, on a tous l' air de ressembler à des clowns ou des Pauvres ou des gens endimanchés, retour de première communion après la messe. Déguisés….À l'image des couleurs de vernis à ongles:" manga vulgaire " tout sauf raffinées. Non, vraiment , c' est bien du Grand n' importe quoi aujourd'hui…. La mode présentée n' a pas de recherche. On voit bien que les stylistes d' aujourd'hui ne travaillent pas assez, faute de temps, c' est La seule explication…Cela manque singulièrement de créativité….Pour Moi, La fin du monde est que la mode n' évolue plus. Dans le prêt à porter, cela fait longtemps que l' on a l' impression de ne plus avoir quelque chose de valable à se mettre. Ce…Quelle que soit la saison, il n' y a rien de transcendant vraiment. Je ne suis pas enthousiasmée par ce que je viens de voir, non, désolée 🤗

  27. I always seem to search out vintage pieces that I loved in my past , I made a dress years ago that was a dark floral that I wish I could find in a vintage shop . I kinda keep my favorite trend pieces and bring them out just for fun I have a belted leather blazer jacket that I love and a Big long cape . And some suits with padded shoulders . I’m older and I dress for the creativity . I do feel the spiky head outfits would scare me if I saw a lot of people walking down the street wearing them Thanks for sharing .

  28. I'm 5'1-2, and they make everything for people 5'8"+. If I put one of those big shoulder, 6' long coats, you would see a head walking around. I would be swallowed up by the florals as well.

  29. I bought a pattern to make a coat similar to one I had in the 80s. I wasn't going to put big shoulder pads in it, but I may have to rethink that decision. Hopefully, it will turn out well. Flowy red, lightweight wool with lining. Wish me luck!

  30. Love the lord your God with all your heart with all your soul with all your strength and with all your mind and love your neighbor as yourself Jesus said and that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God 👟❤️📖✝️

  31. I would love to hear you talk about the evolution of trends. I mean more specifically, how is it that all the designers come up with the same idea for the same season. Do they have a meeting and decide to all design monochromatic looks this winter? I'm familiar with the bottom up and top down flow of trends, but how do all the couture runways have the same core trends?

  32. I don't really follow trends but do like it when there's more availability of certain styles I like because of the trend, case in point, the dark floral prints. I love the dramatic look and so happy there will be more in store! To me the dark floral looks Japanese inspired which I've always loved. The only trend I didn't care for was the broad shoulders. It looks like I'll be my own walking mood board decked out in a vampy look, in dark florals, with chains and black leather. I didn't know this was on trend until this video, and over the past few weeks, was intuitively curating the perfect makeup look to compliment the mood; classic neutral eye and bold lips! Love it!! Love the trend and fashion week videos!

  33. Hey Justine! Great video! I really like flowy coats and capes! big shoulders! Utility pants! And even monochromatic in colors other than black or white (but I don't think I can let go of my monochromatic black!)! Oh, yes, and scrunchies!!! They are so much more comfortable than hair elastics! I've seen a version of the florals on black in stores in my area, and I really like them because the florals are daintier than the runway versions. Thanks for all the great info! ❤🌸

  34. Yay, fleece! Loving that one coz I' m always freeeezing in the Austrian winter. I already stocked up on these, curiously, not intending to follow a trendu bu0t out of practical reason (along with thermals haha)! Thpank you, Justine! Well done as always! Xoxo

  35. It’s nice to hear an analysis of the trends. I don’t always understand the trends and get frustrated when they filter down the high street stores and I am bombarded with them while just looking for classic cuts. Take for instants I have been noticing that the coats on the new arrivals are more flowy and less structured with drop shoulders and sometimes with just a belt to give it some shape at the waist and strolling through online sites I have been wondering where the structured coats are. But knowing now that this is the trend helps me be less frustrated with the stores.

  36. Monochromatic outfits, also chains. I stick to classics mostly but I like to know what trends are happening, thank you Justine!

  37. i don't like the 'dark' clothes with gas mask…
    chain jewelry…women in chains…

    who is designing this..pedophiles??

    this is what comes to my mind

  38. Thank you, how awesome to see and understand these trends. Being short I do not enjoy the 90's on the return LOL! End of days is so exciting and different I see why it is so welcomed. Thanks again ALWAYS HAPPY TO WATCH THESE VIDEOS FROM Justine! From THE TOP OF MISSISSIPPI!

  39. Capes. I made and wore a cape identical to the one you called "red riding hood" to my prom (1978). It was red with a white satin lining. I have a short black wool one to wear over evening dresses when a coat won't do. Unfortunately, that is not too often. As someone below mentioned, cloaks. What a wonderful and warm garment.

  40. To be honest, the nineties were not my favourite fashion period. I have been having better luck finding flattering shapes in the past five years. I am 70 years old and big trousers with cinched waists look terrible on me. I like the slim pant with tunic top in a swing style. If I were much younger, I’m sure I would feel differently.

  41. There appears to be a mutual statement against the consideration of unacceptable tolerance for violations. The woman is more than a body.

  42. I was anxious to see what you thought of all the flowing see thru garments! The entirely see thru blouses and skirts that left nothing to the imagination! I was disappointed that even Armani jumped on that band wagon!

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  44. Suits!! I have to wear it from time to time and it looks boring to me. Now, with this season trend, I got so many smart options!! That's great🌺

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