FASHION TRENDS Spring/Summer 2019 + How to Wear Them ǀ Justine Leconte

FASHION TRENDS Spring/Summer 2019 + How to Wear Them ǀ Justine Leconte

Hi everyone. It’s Justine. If you have been following this channel for
a while, you know that I make trend videos like this twice a year: one for Spring/Summer
and one for Fall/Winter. My goal is to inspire you by reviewing what
we have seen on the runways – but in a structured manner, otherwise the quantity of shows every
season is overwhelming… And for each trend that I present, I will
also suggest how to interpret that trend in real life, in practice. To make all this easy to take in, I built
visual trend boards. They will be made available on my website
as soon as this video goes live. OK, now let’s start with the first trend,
which is a color. 1. Yellow. Yellow is a very optimistic color, it’s
the color of youth, it is very dynamic & it demands attention. Here are some examples: at Max Mara, every
garment AND the shoes are matching each other. An extremely powerful look. At Givenchy, this beautiful drapey dress is
yellow but the feet aren’t. Then the 3 remaining ones are only partially
yellow, just to give you different options: Dries van Noten is superimposing a see-through,
textured fabric over a monochromatic print: very refined. Jacquemus tinted the color by adding some
white to it, making it less “loud”. And Oscar de la Renta combined statement trousers
with a tunic where yellow is not the dominant color, it’s only an accent. If you think that you have already seen some
yellow around you this year, you are right. Yellow is already on the photos of your favorite
Instagram fashionistas, in small touches: a handbag, a pair of heels or a light-weight
cashmere sweater. So if an entire yellow outfit is too much
for you, but you enjoy the color, working with accessories is your solution. 2. Utilitarian attire. You know the blue overalls people wear when
they repair their cars, with a zipper here and pockets everywhere? That’s the inspiration. And here is the result. Stella McCartney remained close to the inspiration,
but white already makes it more chic, doesn’t it? And I bet it’s incredibly comfortable. Sacai went for the military look and made
thick cargo pockets (cargo pockets are outside, have a flat closure & they can be either folded
flat or voluminous when you put something in there). Dries van Noten made the silhouette more feminine
through tailoring and a fitted waist, but keeping the pockets. Givenchy and Fendi belted the waist. Now keeping the same inspiration, I will show
you examples that are much more wearable than this. Dries van Noten again: here he only kept a
color and 1 pocket, but now mixed with other fabrics & with more traditional pants. Fendi was that brown coat with integrated
pockets on the outside: now they used a classic jacket and only kept the utilitarian mood
for the belt, the accessory. Hermès’ version of utility pants is shortened
& in a muted beige tone OR still an overall but in a more youthful cut. Isabel Marant used a silky fabric which drapes
more elegantly and the entire garment falls in a more flowy manner. So you see that inspiration can be played
full-look OR rather as part of an outfit OR even simply in the design details, like these
cargo pockets. Expect these pockets to be everywhere at mass-market
stores, this summer. 3. Crochet & craft. Crochet is a technique that seems a bit dated,
but in fact it can be re-interpreted endlessly. And you can also get ajouré effects with
embroidery, so this board is a mix of techniques. If you are looking for inspiration in crochet,
look no further than Missoni, in Italy: they are specialized on crochet so they had to
appear on this board. Altuzarra used it as an upper layer: I’m
sure that Esmeralda wore this dress when dancing in front of Notre-Dame, in Paris. At Dior, it is a contrast of hard and soft,
but matching in terms of color. At Vuitton, it is adding texture to the outfit:
I think this is mesh and not crochet. And last but not least: McQueen’s embroideries,
beautiful. Notice the voluminous hips: the dress has
more structure than what it looks like at first sight. – The easiest way to wear crochet is as a
layer over your outfit: actually, you could even buy just the crochet dress and wear over
pants and tops which you already own. 4. Lace but partially. Real lace is hand-made and extremely expensive. Most of the lace you see nowadays in shops
is machine-made and its basis is a knitted net. The quality is lower BUT you get stretchy
lace, with which you have more options in terms of design. Erdem is a quite romantic brand so of course
they would do a long and light angel dress like this. But at other houses, lace is only used partially:
in panels at Alexander Wang. As an asymmetric train on one side at Sacai. Tom Ford did a classic combination: lace top
under a stiffer, heavy blazer – we’ve seen that before. And Victoria Beckham used lace in patchwork. I feel like Alexander Wang got famous, when
he started out and was hyped, for turning night gowns and lace spaghetti tops into ready-to-wear,
into something you can wear outside of the bedroom. Though he seems to have moved away from that
style. 5. Bleached denim. Denim is there every season. But every season, we see new ways of playing
with it, very creative. The first one on this board is a typical Isabel
Marant silhouette with long naked legs and big boots. Here the back of the jacket is the front of
the dress. Chanel paired normal jeans with color-matching
lace, nothing wild. Balmain paired distressed jeans with a top
that’s heavily embellished and has super-wide shoulders: if you thought the Balenciaga shoulders
were big, well, here is Balmain. Chloé did something interesting: the shirt
looks like denim, or at least it has the same stitching as a denim shirt: but the more you
look down, the more you realize that the pants are not denim, they are rather velvet or something
like that. And now I wonder if the shirt was denim at
all… Lemaire created a beautiful fabric through
dyeing it: the lighting surely helps but the surface is fantastic. So: more denim, new denim, denim everywhere
– actually, it’s not “NEW”, it’s only “DIFFERENT”. 6. Biker shorts. You might love them, you might hate them…
but biker shorts are here. Fendi & Stella McCartney played it VERY body-conscious. I don’t know about you but I would feel
naked… Jacquemus made it shorter and textured, maybe
more flattering for the thighs. And then Cavalli and Chanel covered the bum
a bit more, at least at the back. At Chanel and other houses, biker shorts were
often worn under a skirt or a dress – in which case it is of course very comfortable. Most fashionistas I have seen online actually
pair biker shorts with a long blazer – long enough to cover the hips and the crotch. Did you enjoy this review? If yes, thumbs up! Thank you. What is your favorite look from this video? Is there a trend where you say “yes, I would
wear that, it fits my style”? This season’s fashion looks more wearable
and less over-the-top, do you agree? If this video ended too quickly and you haven’t
had enough inspiration, have a look at the video I made a few weeks ago, about the trends
people are following on Pinterest. It’s less runway style and more practical. But you will recognize some trends that I
just mentioned. I will link that Pinterest video here in the
corner and down below in the description. I will see you on Sunday, if you are subscribes
to this channel. And until then, take care, bye!

100 Replies to “FASHION TRENDS Spring/Summer 2019 + How to Wear Them ǀ Justine Leconte”

  1. My favorite look is McQueen’s embroidered but fitted torso black dress. My absolute favorite.
    Justine, what are your thoughts of post Coco Chanel? Sometimes I feel a bit traumatized by the newer stuff. Chanel to me has always been reliable when Coco was around but it’s becoming my least favorite for some reason now. I feel like Coco flattered women’s body in an extremely flattering manner. Since her passing, there’s something very unflattering about some of the cuts and fabrics. They don’t seem to make clothing for multiple silhouettes anymore. Not sure if that makes sense. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  2. What about neon colors? I see them everywhere.
    I am a youtuber if you are interested check out my channel.

  3. Can you give suggestions for adding something trendy to basic wardrobe. I don't want to invest in trendy clothes because of the waste. Once the clothes go out of fashion you don't wear them and end up donating them. I live on a budget so it would be helpful to know certain items to wear without having to buy from cheaply made clothes from mass producers. And no bike shorts.

  4. Still not this year… I wish that late 1930s/40s heavy taylored ultra structured military-inspired suit style for women would be back on trend. It is so flattering, focuses on geometry instead of curves and though structured still shows the waist and the figure. Something like Greta Garbo would have worn, ultra feminine yet obviously masculin inspired style.

  5. Hi Justine! I like all these trends and would wear them! Biker shorts maybe not but all the rest I would. I don’t dress up much any more as I own my own motel and usually dress casual. I only dress up for church on Sundays and special occasions. Oh, I checked out your jewelry collection, the pieces are very pretty. Do you do anything in sterling or white gold? That would be nice. Okay Justine, take care! ❤️💜💚

  6. Hmmm, I can’t say I’m feeling any of the trends this season. But it’s still interesting to know what they are, and you – as always – did an amazing job, Justine!

  7. Just wondering if you've ever mentioned how the fashion houses come up with the trends they present at their shows. Do they discuss this together like in a meeting before they design? Like how did they all come to the decision to show biker shorts this season? Or lace?

  8. Yes!!! I hated biker shorts until I saw how Chanel was styling them. I don’t like the biker shorts and blazer look but paired with an interesting (and quite short) dress they look really classy

  9. I like all of the trends except for biker shorts and cargo pockets. I probably won’t wear all of the trends I like anyway, but a pale yellow dress/ cardigan, a denim jacket and something lacy (skirt?) can certainly be worked into a wardrobe. Thanks for doing a video on them!

  10. The crochet, the denim and the lace are very weareble. The cargo pockets are not my thing and I'm not a bright color kind of person so the yellow will appear just on accessories for me. I loved the video! Very informative and useful as usual. Maybe you can talk about haircut and hair color trends for 2019 in another video?

  11. "boilersuit" is the UK name for those overalls you wear to fix your car (i thought 'my dress problems are solved forever!' the first time i wore them – until i tried to go to the toilet hahahaha)

  12. professional cyclists' shorts are fashion? they know they're designed to be pissed in right? they have a spongy crotch? not my wear! Often 'haute' fashion just seems like a satirical prank played on the public by designers, that's why like a lot of people i'm not into it, whereas you're a nice person and very genuine, nothing like 'fashion' as me and (other paranoid people!) see it!

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  14. I’m a fan of the utility belt. Yes too quickly. I appreciate your work. I have been able to way up my fashion game, even on a budget. I get complements now! Thank you 💕

  15. I had never had anything yellow before 1 month ago. I now have and often wear a beautiful oversize linen yellow dress, with a bit of aniseed undetone, very illuminating , suits my complexion. I love it !

  16. I hate anything cargo oriented, but love a play of textures and volume. And I am very much a fan of YELLOW…have a number of pieces I wear regularly…and now I can relax as it shows I am up to date LOL. Thanks Justine!

  17. tx once again, this time from my dog, one year old today (a rescue peke named Kiwii) she is not a fashion accessory; on the contrary. Best wishes as ever with all your endeavours — a lovely perhaps silly film that cheered me up with the most beautiful woman in the world Catherine Deneuve, free on YouTube The April Fools.

  18. Wow, I wish I'd kept all my clothes from the mid to late 80's because that is exactly what I'm seeing regurgitated here, Including the yellow. I hated cycle shorts the first time round.

  19. I've found these videos to be very instructive for my professional and personal life. I work as a Housing specialist in family DV shelter. The majority of my clients come from poor backgrounds and don't really understand how clothing can send a strong positive message. I've been able to use websites like Pinterest and tutorial videos to show them how to make a strong, positive statement on a tight budget. I've also found them to be very helpful in creating my own sense of style. I am a guy who does not believe in the gender constrictions of male and female clothing. I've developed a style that incorporates feminine takes on traditionally male clothing such as a women's pants suit jackets etc. I have been so successful that I regularly get compliments on my sense of style

  20. I've been wearing yellow as an accent colour for about 10 years now, so happy I can easily find clothes now 🙂

  21. Hi Justine I would love to make a suggestion that I feel won't reach other places. Every year I see big companies provide for and cater towards the American seasons (could be the European seasons atm too I'm not sure) and they all say things like this
    "Get ready for spring/summer"
    "The new trends for the hotter months to come"
    However we are in autumn here in Australia about to head into winter soon.
    Advertisements everywhere do this all over the place. We do not go into summer here until December 1st.
    Just letting you know that a lot of your audience (of course not all) will not be going into summer right now. Much love

  22. Biker shorts are a joke. When even the models look weird in them, total fail. Arghh!!! No outfit looks finished with them – please. stop. this. nowwwwww.

  23. I really liked the blue denim jeans with a blue lace fitted top. But I’m slowly moving away from all black, as I retire in 2 years

  24. Models are supposed to be thin so that the clothes are the focus, right? Well, I couldn't see the clothes because I am worried that most of those girls have an ED 🙁

    No critique towards Justine though!

  25. I like the pockets. I especially like the crocheted overlays, might even consider that in a scarf. BTW — there are machines that can spin fiber, machines that can weave or knit fabrics, machines that can embroider, but so far no machine that really crochets (So all you crocheters out there — you're particularly special).

  26. arbitrarily more to add: I hope you have more viewers; I am a huge fan and notified people from Canada to Brasil. There are not a lot of people with vlogs who are dedicated to helping people and you are one of them: for that many many thanks. Yellow as a a colour seems sometimes difficult; but it's spring and I think eminently adaptable for this optimistic time of year. A lovely man asked me out for dinner; 'you're hilarious, will you have dinner with me and my dog?" I immediately tried to make myself look better; but he's known me for months; how silly am I? He also has a perspicatious memory; I love the style of Audrey Hepburn because she profoundly reminds me of my mum. This guy is a musician and sent me Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck playing Moon River; I would never have found that masterpiece in its genre on my own. At worst; a very good friend. Tx again for your wonderful vdieos!

  27. It would be hard for me to feel comfortable in any of these looks. My area has its own “Fashion”. I live in Montana. The cowboy look is strong in this part of the country. I like it because it’s unaffected and original but I don’t wear it because it’s just not me. I would call my style classy but modest.

  28. I'm not able to wear any shade of yellow but I love it. Will definitely take your advice and find yellow accessories. 😁🌻

  29. Oh my goodness; am probably revealing my age but I can recall 50+ years ago wearing some of these styles. i.e.: Boiler suits (we called them jumpsuits that came in a range of styles and fabrics), lace blouses and dresses, netted apparel (we called fishnet) ETC. Thanks so much for the over view or should I say deja vu … ☺.

  30. I really enjoy the crochet look but in my idea over a crop top over a basic tank. Lace is nice anytime I think! Yellow is not my color so I have to say no to that but I am backing up the denim all the way! Thanks for this video, love it!

  31. I love the yellow trend but am finding it hard to find a yellow that suits my complexion. I'd love a full yellow outfit though, I love powerful outfits! The crochet style I find really cool but it's not for me. This season I find myself very untrendy, with nudes, black and pale blues combined with reds. I do own a pair of bleached 'mom jeans' which I just pair with a high neck white boxy tee and heels. The utilitarian trend is something I'd totally rock if I had any budget left for this season!:D The blazer with skirt and orange utility belt is my favourite outfit from the video. It's so chique! The biker shorts are not my cup of tea although I might consider them in a thicker, more textured material. All in all, another great video, Justine. Thank you!

  32. Just saw that Eames, an American furniture design firm started in the fifties, has released a newer version of their classic elephant in a color never offered before, yellow.
    Thx, Justine, now I understand why!😋

  33. The only piece I could see myself wearing is the navy silk utilitarian boiler suit. That piece is gorgeous and wearable. Loved the video.

  34. I'm on board with everything except fot the bike shorts. I aready did bike shorts once when they were in style years ago, that's enough for me!😂😂😂

  35. I love the Oscar de la Renta yellow and white! Oh, and the 2nd van Notan (tri-color outfit)! I am very fair and don't like yellow against my face. So wearing a pant or using it as an accent or accessory works better for me.

  36. I hate yellow so i wont wear it but im a crocheter/knitter/bobbin lacemaker so i might make some items. Im getting a bit bored of denim tbh so ill skip that too but love cargo pants with huge pockets!

  37. The featured outfits all seemed too young or for someone very slim. It would be good to see a video on how to tone down runway trends for daily wear by body size and age range. Yes, anyone can wear anything, but there are better and worse ways of doing that. Would love to see your ideas for doing that.

  38. Mustard yellow and light denim are 200% my style 😍 I'd love maybe a pastel yellow accessory like a bag; I love to look at the colour but wearing it as a garment really doesn't suit my colouring.

  39. biker shorts, utilitarian and pockets X'D omg thank you! finally, sounds great x looking forward to being very relaxed in 2019
    i love your videos – you are so intelligent and an excellent film maker

  40. No way can I wear these outfits…too small for me…haha….and .too young…but interesting and I do like the yellow and mustard colors.

  41. Yellow 🙂 A whole dress or an eye-catching blouse. Pockets on an item with a more feminine vibe, like the J Marsaut (sp) outfit or the black D van North sleeveless jacket 🙂 I always love lace

  42. I love the Chanel outfit at 7.23 and the yellow outfit of Oscar de la Renta at 1.31. Btw, I have orange hair. Can I wear yellow? Or is that too much.

  43. I must be Fashion Blind or Fashion Handicap…. I cant see "the inspiration" Justine was talking about the yellow thing… 🙁

  44. In order of appearance, From left to right…
    Sun – 2, 3.
    Bush craft – 4, 5.
    The garage – 1, 4.

    Cigarette party – 1, 2.
    Match one – 2, 4, 5.
    D-Stitch 90 – 3, 4.
    Run Sport – 4.
    these are the one's that feel most practicle and fun to me..
    Haha… if I was a woman or dressing one.
    The names are something my sister and I, used to do when we were children.
    We would imagine where the person in the picture is going/doing and give it a name.

    To all, be well !

  45. Hiii, this is a bit off topic — but I wonder if you could do a video on how to style a vest? More towards smart casual/ elegant look 😊 Thank you Justine, I love your videos 💞💖❤️

  46. I loved the mention of the colour yellow; just read The Last Collection, a fictional account of the fashion war between Chanel and Schiapparelli (too many consonants and rapid typing). it was a very interesting book and well researched; I recommend it. but the author brought values to different colours. In that context, yellow was the colour of eternity; monarchy; but also fear and self protection. An interesting view point. What I also found interesting is that during this pre-war period the great designers were women. Post WWII to the present they are largely men. Something to think about; buy Justine Leconte designs!

  47. I like the Chanel long coat with loose trousers. I don’t like to see women in pantsuits. In my opinion, they would look better in a dress or skirt and jacket.
    If I had to choose a pant suit, I would pick one with somewhat draped trousers, with a blazer with a curve at the center hem, and a generous collar, in light gray
    or a dark bronzed olive, and a silk scarf tied in a large bow, under or inside the collar, which might be a choirboy style.

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