Favourite Girls’ School Uniform: ACS Edition | ChicPeek Ep 10 (School Style)

Favourite Girls’ School Uniform: ACS Edition | ChicPeek Ep 10 (School Style)

What’s your favourite girls’ school uniform?
Erm…MG MG. Why MG?
I don’t know, just the colours and erm… It’s sexy? Do you like the Sailor Moon vibe
or… Yeah, sort of…
Do you have a girlfriend? Yeah.
Is she from MGS? Nope.
Oh dear. Where’s she from? She’s from Crescent.
Do you like her school uniform? Not at all.
Oh dear!
It’s horrible.
Horrible! Haha.. For me, MGS…
MGS. What do you like about the MGS uniform?
The…what is it…sailor neck. Oh so the Sailor Moon thing, huh?
I like the SCGS uniform. SCGS uniform? So what about the SCGS uniform?
Erm…the colour. The colour? Do you like that it’s sleeveless?
Do you think it adds to…
Yeah, that it’s sleeveless. I think it’s sexy. SC not bad ah. SCGS. What about the SC uniform?
Quite tight. I like that! It’s a very honest answer. What
do you like about the convent school uniform? Tighter ah.
So what do you like about the CHIJ uniform? Good choice, by the way.
Oh the dark blue matches the white well. Ok…
And…and the skirt is short. And it’s not like SCGS you know. You know it’s like a singlet…
Yeah? You’re not into that… Sorry, SCGS.
Isn’t more skin better? No? Yeah, yeah…but not here. Down here.
Do you all have girlfriends? No…
(Sound of guys’ laughter from behind.) I guess you’ve a lot of guy friends! Do you have a girlfriend?
Hahahahahahaha! I didn’t realise that was a funny question!
Do you have a girlfriend?
No. Do you have a girlfriend?
Nope. No.
But you guys look at girls, right? Yeah…
Sometimes? We have female friends from this school as
well. Oh ok. Yeah…we’re not that bad. I didn’t say that!
We’re not lonely!
That day I saw one damn chio one.
Oh really? Yah.
And then did you do anything when you saw the ‘damn chio on’? Sian ah. ‘Sian ah’?
Then you saw her then you let her get away? Cannot ah. Bo pian la.
‘Bo pian’? He can only see. Cannot do anything one.
Now, the very important question ah. Skirt length. Do you prefer the skirt length to
be longer or shorter? Shorter.
Shorter. Shorter. Shorter.
Shorter. Everyone — shorter?! I’m pretty sure I speak on behalf of all guys.
Shorter lah. Well done!
Depends…if it’s longer then it will look like a maxi dress, if it’s short then it’s
sort of…
Well you’re very fashionable! Common knowledge? That’s not what I heard in RI…
They fake one. They fake one.
They fake one. They confirm fake one.
In RI I asked them and they said, ‘Mmm..normal length. Neater. Knee length’.
Bullsh*t. Do you think you have more chance with the
ladies as compared to an RI boy? Like if you saw your ‘damn chio’ girl, and you and an
RI boy went to approach her, do you think you’d have a better chance?
I don’t know leh…I don’t think uniform matters. Actually I don’t really care about the uniform.
Talk to the person, that’s more important. The stereotypes are just stereotypes. But
like it’s not really fixed to everyone. Yah lah. The RI guy smooth then I also lan
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100 Replies to “Favourite Girls’ School Uniform: ACS Edition | ChicPeek Ep 10 (School Style)”

  1. I was from CHIJ for six years. Other than the fact that this pinafore was two sizes too big, and that I made the primary school mistake of putting my wallet into my pocket while filming which made the entire pinafore weigh down on one side, causing it to be worn crooked, perhaps you could shed some specifics on how it was not worn 'properly'? I am seriously confounded.

  2. I wore the TKGS uniform for four years, and I think it has a similar cut to the SC one (except we had an additional layer under). I agree that it depends on the supplier and personal body shape! =)

  3. I want to! Although as the RJC girl said in the other video – there isn't much differentiation between the boys' uniforms. Kind of true – all shirt and trousers with only colour and badge to differentiate them!

  4. Honestly, I don't like girls wearing really short skirts.. I find it too revealing. And it keeps me thinking, isn't it MORE difficult to cover yourself while sitting and what not with short skirts? Just my opinion…

  5. 'Do you have a girlfriend?' *laugh hysterically.ย  LOL, my goodness, students from elite schools are the most beta guys in Singapore, aren't they? If it wasn't for their brain and intelligent, they will probably died alone heh.

  6. haha live the awkward nerds being interviewed super funny! this was so much better of an interview than the ri interview

  7. I'm a crescent girl and take absolute offence at the first guy. HOW DARE YOU MAKE FUN OF OUR HALF-RIPE BANANANESS?? HUH?? The minions wear yellow and blue too and they are a multi-million dollar industry on their own with all their toys and stuff. SO SUCK IT.

  8. maybe u should go to some top girls schools and ask about favorite boys school uniform ๐Ÿ™‚ (I'm really curious about that ๐Ÿ˜‚)

  9. Hemelhempstead schools have great uniforms, and the girls take a pride in looking smart,well done hemel schools, parents /carers,

  10. omg im from a convent school and i dont know how i feel about this HAHAHAHA no offence aybe you should try interviewing girl schools instead! come to sjc haha

  11. As an ACSian, these guys are disgusting and an embarrassment. Is this the "ACSian gentleman" that this school wants to cultivate? Only look at girls uniform?! If this is the standard for gentlemen, staring at girls uniform, something is seriously wrong with the world. And just slamming another school with "fake lah" is just plain childish. I know that ACS and RI have a rivalry but you don't need to insult them when being interviewed. Must you really think that girls uniforms are supposed to make them look sexy? If so there is something really wrong with the "ACSian gentleman"

  12. He said weโ€™re not lonely, ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I cant relate, i have not friends btw where is this?

  13. I know this was posted 6 years ago but I really hope that you know how uncomfortable this makes girls my age feel. I wear my uniform to go to school, not to attract boys. I don't wear my uniform for boys to ogle at, for boys to comment "quite tight" or "sexy". A school girl's uniform has no place in being sexualised and Jade, I hope you know what you've done in further shining unwanted attention upon schoolgirls in Singapore.

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