Favourite Girls’ School Uniform: Raffles Edition | ChicPeek Ep 9 (School Style)

Favourite Girls’ School Uniform: Raffles Edition | ChicPeek Ep 9 (School Style)

I just want to ask you: what’s your favourite
girls’ school uniform? What girls’ school uniform?
Yeah yeah yeah Errrrrrrrm…..I think this is a trap! Huh? A trap?! I’ve never really paid attention to the uniforms… You don’t look at girls?!
I do…but I don’t pay attention to the uniforms! Yeah, why not?
K I’ll say RGS. RGS! Are you just saying that because I’m
wearing the RGS uniform?? Maybe…
Yeah RG… RG?
Yeah, it’s quite nice. How about CHIJ?
Hey, that’s my old school, ok! Oh really?? Oh actually it’s nice! It’s nice,
it’s nice! Very PC ah…
So what is it that you like about the RGS uniform?
Ah…neat. Girls wearing it are stunning…
“Girls wearing it are stunning”…are you trying to pick me up?!
Neat?! Yes.
So if I wore it like really messy, would that make a difference?
Erm…then it’s not the uniform. I like Cedar Girls’.
I think I’ll say Cedar Girls’. Cedar Girls’.
I’ll say Cedar as well. Cedar as well…do you have a girlfriend from
Cedar? No. Well my sister is from Cedar, so…
Your sister’s from Cedar — I will not go there at all!
I like the colour; the blue and silver colour… I like the colour. I don’t know…their skirts are not… Oh as in the pleats? Yeah, it’s not pleated. So do you like that the skirt is tighter than
say the RGS uniform? Erm….
So you like it without pleats because it’s tighter? I don’t know! No comments! Bascially the uniforms don’t have a lot of variation…so this is kind of a very difficult
thing to say… The variations are so small
that you’re not going to have a very conclusive answer, right…and people usually find something
that’s more familiar more attractive…more appealing, basically, so like for us, our
uniform’s probably like quite good-looking because like we wear it all the time.
St Nic’s, I think. St Nic’s! Why, why St Nic’s? Erm it just looks…I don’t know. Looks more
attractive. More fashionable…I don’t know — what?! I don’t know how to describe it! Because it’s a nice blue. It’s a nice blue?! That’s a new one! Remember to subscribe to my channel. Let me know what you think in the comment box below. You can also hit me up on Twitter, on Facebook and on Instagram. See you next time!

99 Replies to “Favourite Girls’ School Uniform: Raffles Edition | ChicPeek Ep 9 (School Style)”

  1. Hahaha it's been awhile since I heard singlish. More hahaha, the only girl interviewed gives the intellectual answer.

  2. You should just go to some neighbourhood school like Geylang Methodist! (The place that made me who I am)

    People from neighbourhood school tend to think very different from all these elite or sub-elite schools.

  3. damn stupid RJC girl, it's a stupid question, just answer it! trying to act smart but not showing a single sense of common logic.

  4. Sexualising girls' school uniforms is degrading and inappropriate, especially towards these 17/18 yo students. Also just because they didn't give the exciting answers you wanted doesn't mean they aren't being honest. Kudos to the boys who behaved appropriately like how gentlemen should.

  5. woodgrove sec uniform are unique and nice…maybe the next video shouldn't just focus on certain level of people…wider the range might spark something interesting..

  6. It's a Trap?
    Go google what a Trap (re girl) is. It would be eye opening.
    @Jade: I hope he wasn't referring to you being a trap… .

  7. Education aims to be egalitarian, so that everyone can enjoy a fair allocation of it regardless of physical looks and prejudice based on stereotypes. Sexualizing uniforms on the other hand creates that exact prejudice which denies fair treatment to half the school population. That is not fair.

    Such prejudice also constricts the freedoms of students who wear those uniforms, who are now denied the liberty of basing their identity on what they do, not how they look. That is not liberal.

  8. wa lao dun do this..why would school uniform be designed to look good. if it look good are you going to say other uniforms are ugly and you want to be dirty with people who wear the nice ones?

  9. Do the younger teens really vamp there uniforms up, at my high school the headmistress would measure the length of the girls skirts they got the strap if the had hitched them up, kiligworth high newcastel on Tyne, cerium 1975

  10. Majority said Cedar Girls' Secondary School uniform is nice, but if it is their favourite, how can they say our skirt is SILVER?!!!!!! WHEN IT"S OBVIOUSLY GREY AND BLUE!! THAT GUY HAS NO EYES EVEN THOUGH HE IS IN RI

  11. The guy: 'Errr i think this is a trap'😏
    Jade : 'huh ?!… A trap?!'😦
    Me: confused 😧… but still laughhhπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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