FFXIV: Far Eastern Officer's Attire

FFXIV: Far Eastern Officer's Attire

hello and welcome back to another video for Final Fantasy 14 with me me Oni this is the second video from today's mulk Station update for the 30th of July 2019 this is the far eastern officers outfit exclusive to male characters which will cost you 11 pounds 16 pence in the UK 13 euros 50 or 18 United States Dollars this is what you get for your hard-earned money then and this is a fully diable gangster detective looking outfit presumably styled after historically accurate far east and clothing designs that I am not aware of as is usually the case with these sets you have this smart looking hat which to me looks like a trilby and this long stylish coat that's just one step away from being a trench coat blue tension to detail is pretty nice throughout I love the leather cuffs on this jacket with their unique pattern the white pinned undershirt with ribbons stretching downwards from the collar looks pretty great and to wrap it up we have this nice pair of legs that cut off just before the ankle with small buttons on the bottom presumably for be turn ups the main fabric itself doesn't really have any inlaid design which is a bit of a shame these black boots are fairly generic but answer to set quite nicely but there's lots of those already in the game it's an alright looking set and here are some dye previews I especially like how much of the outfit dies in one go the fabric on the jacket and hat is nearly 100% with the undershirt remaining white whatever color you chose the boots have a section of leather either side of each boot that dies but the remainder of the leather stays black regardless of what your choice is it's definitely something I think I've seen in an anime somewhere or something and just screams gangster or private investigator for some reason to me in comparison to the female attire it's not quite as detailed there's a lack of advanced stitch work or anything like that that is present in the female attire and whilst I still think this is a nice set I'm not sure it's anything radically new for male characters that we couldn't really piece together without Bessette existing the manga echo tire in my opinion is far more stylish from the shop and when you wanting to spend real money and if I played a male character as a main I think I would personally think twice about the value I hold in this set compared to others I've away hopefully this preview helped your consumer decisions thank you all kindly for watching and I will of course see you all next time you

19 Replies to “FFXIV: Far Eastern Officer's Attire”

  1. love the outfit. would go great for machinists. As a ninja main, i can't really see myself using this glamour.

  2. tips hat Miqo’te~

    (In all seriousness, nice outfit, just poking fun at the near-trench coat and trilby combo :D)

  3. The yellow dye just screamed Jim Carry's The Mask, to me, haha. Just add a full green mask, and there you go!

  4. dye the set purple, put a big medallion on front and use a flashy hat and you get yourself a nice pimp glamour. Question is: do we even have something like a medallion on the neck slot?

  5. Finally, glamour that looks good on males only! I was neglecting my Male character to indulge in my Viera Gun Breaker alt. Time to show the men some love!

  6. I think a lot of possibilities can come for this set for glamour mix ups. Otherwise it looks nice on it's own.

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