Fibreglassing: The Second Coat – Canoecraft Workshop Series

Fibreglassing: The Second Coat – Canoecraft Workshop Series

So the purpose of this, as we said
before, isn’t to build up it’s just to level up to the weave of the cloth. So what we’ll be doing is putting the epoxy on, spreading it around, packing it in with the
squeegee, and then scraping it off all nice and neat watching that we don’t get tracks in it. If we had a less-than-perfect squeegeeing here it wouldn’t matter that
much because we’re going to bury that with a third coat. But on the inside after we put that second one on, that’s where we stop. So this is a good place to practice getting a nice even texture so we know
we can make it look good once we get inside. So this can go on pretty thick. You also want to do above the stem. So once it sets up we can sand this end of the stem down and it will feel a whole lot better than it does now. When you work up to the centre line, here and also when we started to brush, work over the center line. That’s going to give us a little
bit more down the middle and if you just work up to your side the guy on the other side’s gonna do the same and we’re going to miss something. The place to look – you get your head down so you’re looking down the boat. If you wanna have a look here you’re going see that I
missed a spot there, missed a spot here, one here… So you see the difference. As you do this every once in awhile go down, look along and you can find out where you are. So now that we’ve got it packed in there – you know, I’ll do this little swab, we’ll go over and scrape if off even. As you get down to the bottom do like a J stroke because if you have a bunch on here it’s just going
to drip off So you notice I’m putting a fair bit of pressure. I’m also up fairly high.

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