39 Replies to “Final Fantasy XV: Master Assassin's Robes Attire (From Dream Egg)”

  1. Step 4 in the video is very important for the outfit to appear in FFXV. Here is the video showing how to do the fireworks sequence from the Moogle Chocobo Carnival: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNVyAAwgd5g

  2. Should I save my Dream Egg for something else (e.g. next festival) or is this robe the only thing I can get with the Dream Egg?

  3. That’s so fucking annoying, I can’t go in the moogle chocobo carnaval and now i can’t unlock them just cuz i didn’t play it in February. Bullshit.

  4. No missing ring finger. Not trying hard enough for the assassin's creed cosplay. Metal gear Solid 4 did their research on the first assassin's creed game for their crossover promotion with snake hiding his finger as a assassin.

  5. Omg, I can't find anywhere what each of these robes offer in terms of special perks and buffs etc. Including the medjay one you get for free, can anyone tell me?

  6. ok iam confused I think I messed up I had the dream egg right so I loaded the save I wanted it on but it didnt load so I went back to check on the chocobo carnival to see if I still had the egg then I see the message pop up saying assassination creed master outfit unlocked. From the dream egg so then I save on the carnival restarted my game load the save I wanted it on but its not there and no message popped up can you please assist me.

  7. Don't understand why this has any thumbs down. I literally followed everything now I have the AC outfit. Thank you

  8. My dream egg along with my other Moogle Chocobo Carnival stuff I earned disappeared : I realized this when I got back in game after the first time the carnival was out missing the 2nd time it was playable and played the assassins content to realize it was no longer in my inventory. I dont know why this happend but it was really disappointing. hopefully the assassins festival will return someday as well as the Carnival so i can earn them both.

  9. How do I bring the Altair outfit to the dlc? I don't know how I have it but can't use it in the assassins creed dlc

  10. So, the egg disappears when you have the outfits? I am not sure if I got it, I can't find it in my inventory but I have the outfits.

  11. I did all this and it didn't give me the robes yet I still have the dream egg. Am I doing something wrong?

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