Finding a Halloween Costume for my Husband

Finding a Halloween Costume for my Husband

morning guys long time no log I feel like I’ve been traveling and doing all those kind of videos for my main channel but I haven’t vlogged in forever so hi it’s nice to talk to you I’m over Taylor what is it did we hurt her more pumpkins we it’s almost Halloween it’s the middle of October so we are filming our annual Halloween pumpkin carving so that’s gonna be happening over on Taylor’s channel so make sure to go check that out I’ll link her down below I am working on some editing I’ve been working on these travel videos for I cannot wait for them to go out I think I have at least four more videos that are coming out on my Japan channel so if you’re not subscribed there go subscribe and get ready for those because it’s almost Halloween I’ve got lots of stuff I need to do today my husband asked me to find a Halloween costumes for us so that is my task I’m gonna try and find Halloween costumes online and pray that they arrive at our house on time Oh Halloween cosplay I was a cosplay here there we go done DIY that so easily oh yeah I guess I should type in like men’s oh he drink a good vampire what I really wanted to do was I wanted him to be Tuxedo Mask and I was gonna be Sailor Moon but I couldn’t find any tuxedo mouse costumes so I have to DIY it and I don’t this one is like a that’s an option I can see him liking that what a shoe to be an Italian loafer why are these so is that it but though they are for men’s club but if you look in English mmm so like costume oh that’s better oh my god Smitty it’s a shirt whoa that’s a cost yeah ultimate a low cost you that’s so cool no way I want to be that it’s $700 but that’s so sweet boring boring let’s type in sexy cost you Melia we know he’s done oh yeah there’s like a beam oh my god wires nipples so perfect they don’t even look real it’s only 7 bucks done sold what is that oh this different one is a purple Bana landing strip what is that what is it called Doris it’s swim wear it’s a bathing suit [Music] we mean that’s it we’re gonna bath you [Music] stick up with sexy sexy okay cost you know this seems promising Oh some of you wear this I was in university it’s cute it’s late what kindergarten kids dress up like hey that’s my costume from last year oh yeah was that the carrot were you the banana no that was Mikayla mucosal banana you were they carrot what was i her pepper yeah I shouldn’t get him that muscle shirt so he’s not actually naked and then very good this is perfect for him remember Power Rangers Oh second time we got it but I like this ex oh oh oh it’s just a cave it’s not the full thing if that was a full one this is cute geez everyone’s always out though I see too many just really cute is that possible yeah your version oh my god all right I’m gonna save but I actually bought it for a surprise see you guys let’s see on Halloween this is what we’re having for lunch these are seaweed drops they’re so good and this is kind of like a coleslaw and these are like onion crackers they’re completely raw they’re just like pressed seeds and onions they’re really tasty green smoothie and a brown rice own EBT before I forget I gotta mentioned you guys that there’s only I think two or three more days left that my skin care is on sale so if you would like to get that I’ll link it down below if you miss that video it’s basically a five-step Korean skincare program really really simple products that are good for anybody they’re very moisturizing but they also work for oily skin how do you like the moisturizer yeah I gave Taylor one of the moisturizer that’s included in the side it’s so freakin good you guys will like it I’m pretty sure so yeah a couple days left on that so I’ll get down below if you’re interested in buying it our pumpkins arrived oh yeah they’re quite nice such a nice color they’re both the same size hits are perfect I’ve never seen such a pretty pumpkin both our color size everything so my friend Christina made this amazing what I eat in a day with these really yummy looking recipes I’m making one of them right now peanut butter apple pizzas and then you can like top them with whatever you like I’m gonna use just got some blueberries to done don’t those look good put cranberries blueberries and pumpkin seeds on them you’re a frog web no such a good snot we just made this we just made this Halloween masterpiece if you would like to make your own Halloween best if you check out Taylor’s channel down below okay we just spent the majority of the day editing so I didn’t film any of that but now we’re going out to get shabu-shabu some Veggie shabu-shabu getting hungry we’re at the shabu-shabu restaurant now they brought out our see if we got a soy milk base and then this one’s a soy sauce brah I can’t wait they have all-you-can-eat vegetables for just over 2,000 yen there’s so much stuff to choose from all these different vegetables and they have Yuba my favorite it’s like a like the skin that forms on top of soy milk like this this is what I was trying to explain it’s like the skin that forms oh I know looks kind of gross but it’s really good I promise this is a cute little set of vegetables they brought out that lettuce I always find it so weird when people cook bloodless but I’m gonna try it today Taylor just ordered everything on the menu literally so we got lots of vegetables coming tofu mochi this is the Yuba all different kinds of mushrooms [Music] was so good we aim so much did you miss us you just want good that’s all you care about all right guys I’m gonna say good night here I smell really gross much I wish every restaurant my hair like absorbed all the smells of the restaurant so I can have a shower anything I mentioned in this video I will link it down below remember it’s a couple days left to get the skin care box if you are trying to get it and I will see you guys soon for another video thanks watching [Music]

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  1. The "Halloween Masterpiece" looks like the movie Casper after the ghost went into the machine in the movie. HAHA the blob of ghost with his eyes sliding down his face. I know someone else has to know exactly what I mean by that. HAHAHA

  2. I don't feel well today. I work with children. (toddler age) and I'm 6 months pregnant… kinda a mix of miserable & emotional all in one.. I'm just a blah at the moment but Some how watching Sharla and Taylor getting together brights my day. Thanks Sharla, Taylor and little Rosie too! 💜

  3. That's cool that your husband will dress up. The only time I've ever been able to talk mine into doing costumes for Halloween was the year we went to Mickey's Halloween party at Disney World, and even then he wouldn't let me share any pictures. The Ghibli costumes would be cute for you guys, but I would think Tuxedo Mask wouldn't be too hard to DIY if you still want to. If all you bought was a cape, a top hat, and a white mask I think people would get it if he wore it with black clothes. Plus maybe he would let you film him with the mask on. I know we all keep hoping someday it will happen.

  4. Forever my favorite part

    Sharla:So I would have to diy and I don't really feel like it

    Taylor:Do you need some help?

    Sharla:Nah I'm good thanks

  5. Does anyone know which restaurants in Tokyo do a vegetarian/vegan shabu shabu? I am traveling to Japan this November-December and I would love to go to a shabu shabu restaurant!

  6. I just want to see the reaction when you unveil the thong. I bet he runs screaming. That Totoro looks oddly appealing.

  7. I love videos with the two of you. Can't wait to see what you guys decide on wearing for Halloween! 🎃 We don't really dress up anymore, and this year we'll be too tired frm a long day of drs for my husband. 🙁 We def could be professional patients though! Lol

  8. Off topic, but is it possible to do a vegan conbini hall or something? My school is right in between a Lawson and a Seven Eleven, and I do like trying to eat vegan at times, but I know its nearly impossible in Japan, unless you get the apple slices or something. Not hating on the apple slices, but its a challenge!

  9. The fluffy totoro dress was so cute!!! I received my wishtrend box a couple days ago and now I give it a try. I don't know if it's me but I need 3 or more drops from the serum. I think it absorbs very quickly so it' s hard for me to spread. But I loooove the jello texture vitamin E mask and the rich moist cream! 😀 ♥

  10. Where did you get the seaweed wraps? And where is the shabu shabu place? All this food looks so goooood ahhh, I want to get them myself

  11. You guys remind me of Internet escapades with my best friend and i use to have. Thanks for nostalgia and good feels.

    Also everyone seems to fall into "that part" of Amazon eventually.

  12. that food looked so good 😍 would you ever do a video on your favourite veggie/vegan/veggie friendly restaurants in Tokyo? like a little guide or something?

  13. I love the Korean skin care box! have had it for a week now and I am in love!!! my face was freaking out beforehand D:

  14. omg the tofu and mochi in soy milk broth sounds sooo good omg; you should do a video on what you put in your shabu shabu!!!

  15. OMG what restaurant is that? I have to come to Tokyo for a medical procedure soon and eating some delicious veggies would make it all better! 😀

  16. how did you order the shabu shabu in Japanese? I didn't get to try shabu shabu the last time I went to Japan & I wasn't vegan then so I've always been wondering how I can order it now that I'm vegan T^T It looks soooo good

  17. Rosie is performing The Puppy Dance (all dogs do it for kind and wonderful dog-parents when they come home).

  18. Pumpkin carving came from the beheaded children who were sacrificed by being tied to the outside of a house to ward off bad demons 😀 The more you know!

  19. Can you tell me the name of the Shabu Shabu restaurant?
    Vegan in Japan here and would really love to know where this issss >_<

  20. I like to know why the perverted and sexual words in Japanese are all phonetically based on English?!?!?!
    And are all the idiot males working as costume models white?!?!?!

  21. Literally didnt see that it was Taylor by your side in the thumbnail, I got really excited thinking we would get to see your husband hahahah

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