First Date Outfit Challenge (How To Dress) | PAQ Ep #5 | A Show About Streetwear

First Date Outfit Challenge (How To Dress) | PAQ Ep #5 | A Show About Streetwear

– PAQ. – PAQ presents – Dress to impress – So in this episode,
we’re challenging ourselves to each style an outfit to go on a date – People at our age go on dates But the question that always comes up is, what do we wear? – You gotta look keep, as
if you going to your nan’s house You wanna look presentable,
but you don’t wanna look too over the top. – Clearly, Danny has never been on a date, not close to a date. – Nat, our friend, is gonna come down and date all four of us. What a lucky girl. – She’s been brought as an unbiased judge, so she can properly judge us on outfits. On just all the aspects
of the date really. – Some of us like going on dates. Actually I don’t think any
of us like going on dates. Now we’re gonna go find our fits we’re gonna go plan our dates. Should be fun, you guys ready? – The crepe check right now. Isn’t really saying much. So about to go turn this shit up Yes it’s looking pretty live. There’s things you could
wear to a potential date, I mean, depending on your style. (peaceful music) – This one, this shit bangs, just a
simple Tommy Hilfiger jumper You can never have too many waist coats. This waist coat is amazing. Got this in a charity shop
for like a pound I think. So we checked out Ejder,
had some quite nice stuff. But about to go check another spot now. Now I’m seeing some nice kicks. Fucking with it, if its dating I’d only really go box fresh. – I’ve got these sick trousers. But they’re waist 44 so I
wear them with suspenders. But they’re fucking huge man, they’re fucking dench bro. You can fit like two
families in there man. I’m gonna go with the safest option. Just wear the Vans. Let’s see what I can do with these. Just left Sneakersnstuff. Got my kicks. (peaceful music) (bump) – I’m making this collage. I hope that she can see it
as a cool friendly gesture. If she turns it in my
face and says it’s creepy or whatever, then obviously
to each their own. calm init (peaceful music) – Just arrived at Victoria Park. Waiting for Nat to arrive. I’m feeling nervous, I ain’t gonna lie. – [Cameraman] That’s for you, mate. – That is for me. Christ. – Hiya. – Hiya. – Nice to meet you. – You too. – He was wearing like a
mustardy coloured AMI jumper. And like a pair of
battered old Doc Martens. Didn’t expect to be on a pedalo He got stung by a wasp. – A wasp just kind of flew into my hair and as I tried to get it out, it stung me. – I kind of panicked more than he did. He took it like a real G. I think I kind of get where
Danny was going with his look, but all in all it just
really didn’t do it for me. I’m really sorry babe, but
you look like you kind of just walked off the set of That 70s Show. – We’re at Rowans Bowl. The reason why I picked
bowling was because I thought it’d just be pretty chill. Have some fun, have a laugh. Go inside, wait for Nat. Play some fucking bowling. You look nice today. – You look nice too. We’re wearing the same crepe though I saw the track top and I
thought, yeah it was okay. I saw the jeans and I
felt like you can’t really go wrong with a black pair of jeans. And then I saw the Vans and realised, we both had the same pair of Vans on. It took a while to kind of pick up, but I feel like after he won bowling, which I unfortunately lost that he kind of had some confidence. – As soon as you feel it come by here, release, go straight. – Okay. Just like that, yeah? – Yeah just like that. – I won basketball. He kept on doing nice
little things as well, like making sure I got
to go first and what not. It was cute. It was actually like really fun. I really had a good time. Thank you for bowling. I liked it, it was fun. – Thank you for coming and
enjoying yourself I guess. You see, I’m mad awkward, this is cameras, just allow me. – I found one of my old shirts that I used to wear when I was at school or something and it
still fit me which was sick. And it had a collar, so I cut it all off, so it gave me this little
high collar no collar. You know what I’m trying to say. – [Both] Hi. – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you too. – So Shaq, yeah I loved Shaq’s look. He was smart and he
didn’t really overdo it. He was wearing a pair of
Axel Arigato trainers, which we like fresh out the box. – I made you something. – Oh my gosh, no way. – Yeah man. – Look at that. Gold star. That’s really cute, thank you. I thought going to a gallery
was a really good idea. I don’t know, it’s a good place to really get to know someone’s sentimental side. – That is really sad, can’t even lie. That actually touched me a little bit. – Painting, collage thing,
definitely got brownie points. They could have finished
the top of her head though. Do you know what I mean? – That’s such a par – It was good conversation, there weren’t any awkward moments. It was a good vibe and he definitely got extra points for that painting. – Look at the effort I’ve gone to If she turns up in like
head to toe tracksuit, I’m gonna look like an absolute milk man. – We’re matching it looks like. – Yeah I know, I’m not gonna lie, it’s kind of natural
sources just come out. – Aw thank you. – No worries. – That’s nice. – Take a seat. – Thank you. You like your bling today,
I’m feeling the sequins on the top there and the chain. There’s a lot going on. Oh my god, Elias, that
supreme custom chain was so bad, like what were you thinking? Honestly, he looked like he just came out of a Run DMC music video. (laughing) This guy. Oh my god, they sell rabbit. Potted (mumbles) rabbit. – I’ve only had like the Chineese rabbit. You know the crispy duck? Oh no rah, im bare dumb (laughing) – I feel so bad that he
had to spend so much money and neither of us left feeling
satisfied with the meal. – [Nat] Are you okay? – Yeah no no no, I’m good I’m good. – The rest of his outfit
actually was really nice. He looked quite smart and I feel like that was good because we did
go to a fancy restaurant. He also got these Converse
neighbourhood collab trainers. He definitely got a bonus point for those. I been on all the dates now. So I’m gonna text them
all one after the other, so they get their scores at the same time. I hope they’re not angry
with me about their results. – I wanna hear how you guys dates went. – It was awkward. It wasn’t too bad to be fair. – We played some shooting
game and her gun broke. So I was like, oh I’ll give you my gun. – Aw top boy. – What a gentleman. You know when you hand the ting the strap. (laughing) – I made like a little collage painting about her with like a poem written in it. – Come on let me hear the poem then. – It’s on my phone. – Let’s see what bars you got. – Beauty like the night sky. Her luminous eyes remind
me of the moon light. The diamonds in her ears
remind me of the stars. Her hair flows down majestically like raindrops of the Amazon. Her lips smooth like a still lake. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful, except in the night sky. (applause) – Aw. Anyway boys, that all sounds great, but I’m intrigued to see who’s
been rated the shittest dater and who’s been rated the best. Let’s just wait. I would be bad if I don’t at
least come first or second. – At least come first. – First or second. – Oh hold on hold on, here we go. Hi Danny, thanks for taking
me on a date to Victoria Park. I’ve never been in a pedalo
before so it was nice. I hope you’re okay after
being stung by a wasp. I score you six for the outfit, as is a bit too smart for the occasion
seven for the overall date. Overall 13, really nice to meet you. – That’s alright. – I can feel the message coming
from a distance like yeah, it’s about to go ping. Hey Dex, thanks for bowling yesterday. I had a great time
beating you at basketball. (laughing) She had a laughing emoji as well. The conversation took
a while to start flowing, but I really enjoyed it towards the end. You scored a 8.5 for the
date and I liked your outfit choice I scored you a 7.5, total score 16. That’s not that bad. That’s not that bad. – Hold on what did you get for the date? – Oh sit, dawg. – Do’t worry about that Hi Shaq, I had a great
time at the gallery. It was a great choice as it
allowed us to really talk and get to know each other. You also get a bonus for the painting. I score you a 9.5 for
the date and an eight for the overall outfit of choice. Overall 17.5. – That’s hot, man fuck. – I ain’t chatting to her again fam. – Nah fuck that. – I lost fam, what? – There you go, let’s do this. – I don’t even wanna read it. Hey Elias, thank you for the date. We had a lot of laughs but I
thought you had overdone it with the restaurant
choice as we barely ate any of the food and the
bill was very expensive. You scored a 7.5 for the date
and an eight for the outfit. You looked smart but the bling
might have been too much. Overall 15.5. This is the last time
I wine and dine a ting. Never again, ever. You know what, just be yourself. Don’t take a girl to a posh restaurant where you both can’t understand the menu. Take her to Nandos, done. – Is that tears in your eyes? (laughing) – Tears, tears in my eyes? Nah I’m good, I’m good. So this was dressed to
actually underdress to impress. See you guys on the next episode.

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    Also why didnt they show Danny getting ready in the beginning?

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