oh my god I'm gonna John and ah and it's Matt it's like nothing yeah we're ready ready hi guys so today is going to be a very very long day I have my contract signing with GMA I am now officially part of artist center I'm so happy about that and we are also going to be leaning for a new show that I will be doing in a few more months and I have other things I have an event at night so I'm going to be doing my makeup for all of you and today I have amazing gifts from L'Oreal I am such a huge fan of their invaluable line in apparently they also have the foundation line which oh my god I'm going crazy about I love it because you know my skin tone is constantly changing because of me being exposed to the Sun going to the beach I'm very active so I think it's always important to have like the right shades with you and they have eight shades to choose from it's for the whole day definitely for people or for girls that are on the go and very busy and too busy to do their retouch so let's give it a try [Applause] okay so now we are going to start my foundation and I feel that I am gonna go with radiance and so I'm gonna test it out on my skin how it's gonna look nice brush and I'm just gonna yeah I'm not really the type to use foundation but I mean if it's like a long day especially when I'm working and you know you don't want to think about your skin so much and retouching and everything I do not mind doing a nice foundation oh my god it's so nice it's super it's super lightweight when you apply it it just blends with your skin and I love that you don't even have to force it on your face so much oh my god and then DeJohn look it's matte it's like nothing oh my god so I'm gonna try radiant beige just a little bit so I'm gradients and and radiant beige and I'm gonna put this on like certain areas not like oh welcome so kena is from art world and he's been part of heart world for like forever how long seven seven years and Tina recently went to school studied hair and now he is under jeka and he will be training under jeka and he will also be doing my hair and other people's hair so congrats and it's so light John nothing feel I know I would I love it oh my god John no no no we're ready we ready so if you can't do the marriage you know what you're gonna do this is the solution this is the solution so I didn't even have to put powder cause it's super matte it's not sticky I'm gonna do a little vanilla and what's nice is that even if you put again and again and it doesn't give you that there's enough beer sold Russia look I'm what I'm doing is I'm just putting it on top I know people never blend ki tamanna good I know it's really good I'm not joking and it's so mad oh you like filtered ok I'm going oh okay this one is radiant beige banana and the next would be radiant sand guys [Applause] okay so happen if I look at this image on I will carry on with my makeup for today I'm going to be using of course heavy odds by Albert corny Owen so this was a collaboration I did with Albert we have four different palettes we have amore Mademoiselle seniorita I love scenery that's my favorite I love it and we have trillion which is also really nice and racing so how would a queen be great how would a senior Ethan be how would a mine was Alby and how would a modder be yes this is from the Queen palette I'm going to get the Clio and I'm just gonna use it as a base then I'm gonna put a little highlight I'm gonna get one drawer from the Mademoiselle palette and they're just gonna put that just to start it off here what am I wearing first but uh before we continue we're going to check what we're wearing what do you have for us John today I have a full suit from Karolina it's nice you can never go wrong with a full suit this is a skirt you're gonna try to make it feel like a dress very fresh very pink and what's this that's dress I'm Martha my dad Martin both more than editing from grocery I love it that's very cute – it's a very nice trip this is from Marty cute Marie kits and this is from Marty capable enough alone 5 7 l gentleman yeah with the belt so we've got the basic which is a number one my L'Oreal my favorites my ultimate favorite and voluble lion the best and the next we leave up to Albert oh my god Albert's here my god we're done with the Loreal foundation and now we're going to talk about TV on oh my god the Thunder see Albert and we are going to be talking about Ted yawns I did the ready debase the skin and now we're going to do the eye shadow with over a cornea [Applause] obviously I need to ask you as a makeup artist you know moments in the angles and the whole foundation who do you like it just my skin finish you know yeah yeoreum telega better like we yeah very lately okay so what are we going to be using today I have your palettes with me yeah and I really put Clio another super nice yes I love that one okay so i have your four pallets with me mm-hmm okay so what will I wear I might wear an all-white or I might wear something very light being so let do freshman on the brush so that everyone can follow for everyday make so this is the pin aha Benavides this is amore amore not so easy to use okay now we're gonna do the base and we gonna make the base yeah but I'll be doing a little bit there so the base I'm gonna use I'm gonna use this worship we're gonna highlight the entire lid and also the on the brow bone so just to flatten everything first and to give nice glowing effect on the eyes because the color is actually I thought I don't mean your hologram shall I go No the Gamo guys how can you see there's a glow or amusing Leo this is her favorite I love Cleo I think it's nice because my skin tone is yellow it's like the nude of my skin like contour no there's a contour already it gives instant deep-set on the eyes oh my god who you is the one mmm these are the glitter liners of Taeyang so they have it in for shade Arjun Auto pearl and amber and then from here going up amber pearl Oh guys you amber diamond special a peachy but if you want to add a little bit sparkle I'm gonna teach you later baby but for now I'm gonna use this one on the Pearl the transparent fat everyone use it as a liner and just go like that or put on top or bottom or above the eyeliner is fine but for me today I'm going to do a little bit stretch out we're gonna put here at the back of my hand and then you have to use a concealer brush or any synthetic brush so you just have to drop a little bit technically you just have to remove the liquid and then after that you swipe it on the leaf especially in the middle part of the leaf see can you see that affects us in oh my god birds are the bomb okay let me fly using a man will do the books I like TV let's like nah man using sponge here when in the process the foundation touching I like it dice so I love y'all tomorrow no one but I don't play with my bad guys you know this is the fun part I'm gonna use this Mademoiselle Mary Tavian palette this one in that I'm gonna use this mom so you want people sometimes they feel like it's too shocking to use is actually slaves because for me they look for this season is all about eyes my eyes both eyes forward eyes everything but I say you know it is also the training in Instagram of people are not afraid to use I practice anymore and college I like it when my face okay and then to finish it to make it more define we gonna use a PR and drama guys I need Wendy see ya see doesn't mean that you want to have or achieve bigger eyes black is the only color that you can apply for a check I like that it's nice because if especially as agents our eyes are dark so it kind of makes your eyes pop yes so you can wear blue you know green purple or even gold but fortune eita eyes try as much as possible avoid pink color because being sometimes give the puffiness like on the eyes like today this is going to the grocery to buy her today 100 we don't want to go for the regular black yeah I'm I saw blue eyeliner for diversity perfect also dark so get at that again okay since you already have the enou extent of liner so we want to connect the crease and the liner together so next I'm gonna use I flow the outer corner meaning the crease part to give extra depth the captain Sarika tulip renewing perfectly coifed a humble pen to paper the first step is worship and then second step is Clio where you put the umpire crease contour it and then blend it upward to the tea light and then now on the outer part of the crease yes number three I'm gonna use eyeball lash line I used month they are for college so technically this profile a plunge another bitmap Taylor if you want to go out in the evening from this loop so I'm gonna add this from Quinn again skaara Thank You Albert sugar mama this one is shade through 14 and then my favorite Sephora on top okay does Moe propose everything we're gonna try to do it with this heavy on so what I love about this is the shade of the brown is perfect for people with really really dark hair and yeah let Elizabeth Taylor vibe which I love and these shades I purposely made for hard yes Empress this front part is the light one and then the other part with the register dark want to give the 3d effect of high brow and then the upper part we're gonna use these darker colors because we know why in this part of the face bounce like this direction there are some types of October you can I the same color so you need a darker color for me Oh guys can you see the difference between this one and that one I bro to get more natural hairs from on the front part there you go so are we done Oh blush on Allah bless our Moon I only use to do blush on its no mercy and so we're gonna use this one to be okay I like that this it blends with you know the whole bronze yes it's a big change hey guys so today I put my L'Oreal infallible foundation I am super loving it this is how it looks like in the morning and I can't wait to show you guys how it's gonna look like at night


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