Five Nights at Freddy’s: Ultimate Custom Night – Part 1

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Ultimate Custom Night – Part 1

Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier, and welcome to Ultimate Custom Night The official next game in the Five Nights at Freddy’s series, isn’t what you would’ve expected. This is a test, A test that anybody who’s stupid enough to call themselves “The King Of Five Nights at Freddy’s”, to SEE if they really are as good as I say that I am. And, uh, looking at this, I think that maybe I’m not gonna be. Because this is right now set to what is called “50/20 mode,” and just to give you a taste of what “50/20 mode” is like, I’m gonna – I’m gonna hit “GO!” I’ma hit “GO!” I haven’t done this before, but I am almost 100% positive that nothing good is gonna come out of this, because… I haven’t even played this at all, so, yeah. Let- Ohh [starts laughing] Oh no! AHHHHH NOOOOOO! That’s so many! Catch a fish?!?!? WHY DO I HAVE TO CATCH A FISH?!?!?! I don’t know- I don’t know anything about this! You know what? Screw it, I am not even gonna read it! We’re just- We’re gonna go We’re gonna go for it HEY! HEY I’M BACK! HEY GUYS! HEY HOW YA DOIN? I DON’T REMEMBER ANYTHING, How to do NOTHIN’, of NO sorts! SO UM So far so-
-[cheerful ad music blares]
-OH UHHH Skip!
-[robotic babbling] -Oh, see it aga-
-[Jumpscare] AYYYY Am I alive or dead? Am I alive or dead?
-[babble continues, character pants heavily] -I’M-AHH, OH HI
-[Nightmarionette scream] “Game Over” -And there you go. [Silence] ……. 17 seconds. I’m pretty sure that’s probably the best- the best time I’m gonna get for a long, long, long, time Yeah, uhuh, ahuh, uh-yup, mhm
-[game chimes] -Oh! Wow! “Take this item for your troubles.” Thank you! Wow! Thank you for that! Ok screw that… And screw this… So, we’re gonna work our way up to that. See, I don’t even know how these characters work. They are a little bit different than they were in the other games in this series. Fred here, Freddy, Fred-boy, Fred-MAN, Fred-BEAR Listen Fred, He doesn’t work the same way he did before. He approaches from the left hallway, and you gotta shut the door, before he’s gettin’ to you. And he moves faster when the building gets warmer. And that’s a whole other mechanic that you don’t even know about. Bonnie, is now sharing Pirate’s Cove with Foxy, but he doesn’t like to be looked at. Which is wonderful and probably why he ripped his face off. Chica doesn’t care if the music box is wound up, but she gets tired of the selection playing? Foxy is the same, but he puts himself in your office piece by piece- Toy Freddy sits in Parts and Services playing Five Nights with Mr.Hugs on- whaaa? Click on the cams on Toy Freddy’s monitor, then be sure that the appropriate- Hugs of whaaa? Prevent Mr.Hugs from jumpscaring him? Why would I care about that!? Why- why would I care about that? I have to not only look at my monitor, but I have to look at another character’s monitor? That’s so stupid! Ok anyway, thu- we’ve got a long way to go. But I’m gonna show you- I’m gonna show you in this episode here. We’re going to learn about everything. We’re gonna learn from start to finish,
top to bottom, we’re gonna learn absolutely everything that there is, to know about each and every one of these characters. We’re gonna get to KNOW ’em, on an individual level, and that’s gonna help us through this We’re gonna take this methodically Peacefully Goodilly It’s gonna be great. Make sense? Good. Great! Gotcha! Ok… And uh, before I get started, I-I do want to say that I had intended to play this game, uh, earlier, but obviously. Uh, with what happened to my niece Miranda, and uh, me flying back to see my family I wasn’t able to get to this like, family is obviously more important than playing a game. Uh… Then, even if I had been waiting for it to come out for a while, I-I-I wanted to make sure that I was with my family first and I just wanted to say “Thank You”, for, allowing me to have time with my family. I’m doing a lot better than I was. I- I don’t think I’ll be 100% for a while. Obviously, when you lose someone close to you, uhh, in your family, like… it’s- you’re gonna feel that for a while. But I am better now, and honestly, I want to make videos again. I feel good when I am making videos, and I feel like, it feels more normal when I’m doing it. So I’m gonna get back into this, and I just wanted to say thank you guys so much for letting me take time, And all the good will messages that you sent out to my family, especially Miranda’s dad, Mike. Uhh… It- It meant the world to them, And uh, you know it just, it means the world to me, and I just wanted you to know that. So! With all that being said, We’re going to get into this. So I’m gonna start out By… taking the first four characters- I think it’s like symbolic to go after, uh, the- [Giggles] The first original, uh, group here. I mean Golden Freddy technically was a part of that, In the first game, But I’m just gonna… Eh you know what, let’s bring Golden Freddy in here! So Golden Freddy occasionally appears in your office. Throw on the Freddy mask or pull up your monitor quick- okay. So, don’t look at Bonnie, Look at Foxy, Change the music, Keep track of Freddy, and don’t look at Golden Freddy. Then it’s just like the original! Right? What- What could be so bad? About that. Let’s do it! Alright I don’t remember all the controls. Are you gonna tell me the controls? You’re not gonna tell me the controls. How- Ok Foxy’s in the co-
-[Candy Cadet speaks quietly] [stunned silence] …….. -Hi You weren’t supposed to move. Fo- Foxy’s in the cove Euh -[honk] -Heheh, okay that makes me feel better. Alright let’s take a look at this bad boy. So it shouldn’t be so bad. Hey buddy! Hey buddy! Hey! Okay glo- whoa Wait, that’s a- Oh, that’s- ok, that’s That’s… Tha- That’s- What? Reset ventilation? Okay, that’s- -[Bonnie screams] -Woah! Woah! Woah! Hey! Woah! Woaahh! Sorry! Sorry! Did I do something bad? How do I- How do I get the doors? The doors don’t- The doors don’t seem to WORK, the doors don’t… doors… OH Noise? That’s- That’s a thing, that’s… K, I’m- -[Bonnie screams] -I’M SORRY! [ Goddammit! I’m sor- I should look at that But then, if I need- [SQUACK!] -Uh oh. Hey, woah- -[Foxy] “Yarg! How may I be of service to ya?” -Um d- um, um, uh, uhhh, umm Uh I’ll take the coins, please! I’d like that! That’s… g- good? What in the heckin’ hell… …did I do? -[Chica jumpscare scream]
-Hey! Oh! Hi! I’m sorry?! Okay?! Thank you! I forgot about the pots an’ pans bullshit over there. Alright, thank you for that. -[Chimes] -Hauh? DD Repel? ‘Prevent DD from appearing’ Well, thank you! Well thank you for that! That is- Thank you! Thank you so much! That is nice! Thank you! Again, I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to beat this, but I want to at least learn how these work- and why can’t I get my goddamn- Why can’t you show me- tell me what buttons to poosh? Why did you have to douche me with no buttons? Oh, I forgot Phone Guy, Phone Guy needs to be there. OK, Phone Guy! I forgot Phone Guy was a part of this. DUHH DUAHH DEAH DUAHHH -[Bonnie screams] -Ah! Shit! I did the thing Okay, there’s F coins here, I guess Oh, wait! The music! I need to change that, how do I- how do I change- the music! How do I- Wait I- HOW DO I- HOW DO I? Change, change! Ohh Alright, got that! Alright, you got that! K, you’re in there, don’t look at me So in th- in there’s- there’s- There’s COINS.. in the world And then you can… I remember you can spend-
-[ka-ching noise] -[Parrot squawks, phone starts ringing] -I got a d- -[Foxy] “Yarg!”
-Hi. -[Foxy] “What can I do for ya?” -How do I? Mute call, there we go. Uh Duh…, 10 F coins, okay- Alright, I dunno. Okay you’re fine but where’s where’s Fre- okay there’s Freddy! How do I close the doors? I don’t- I still don’t know- How to do the thing that you were talking about With closing the door- I need to get power How do ya- do the thi- I dun- how d- How do you… close… door Is it a button? Oh -[Candy Cadet, quietly] He pieced the remains together -Uh Wait- No- Uh- Uhh- Uh- Oh! So- Ah! These- These change those Ok, Freddy you’re a comin’ That’s… a good thing And then- Foxy- -[Bonnie screams]
-Aaah! Tit sprinkles! Ok. There’s gotta be like- HOH OH AHH It’s W, A, S, D Ok. So I got that let’s- let’s- We need the power gener- That’s a for goddamn certain Ok we need the power generator Oh we are not- We’re- we’re- Bad Ok. Bonnie’s over there that’s- that’s fine Ok. ‘Reset Ventilation’ Oh!…Thank you! -[phone rings] -UH OH! HOW DO- I- -[phone rings] -I don’t see a button UM UH How do I- AC? Oh shit
-[whoosh of electronics shutting off] -Oh [Silence] Uh oh [hushed] This is awkward… [Uncomfortable silence] (…) -[Freddy screams] -HEY! OH! [Mark makes weird noises as he imitates Freddy. The Toreador March plays.] Ok thank you Freddy Thank you for that. I like the way you massage me from my neck Ok, so I think I’m getting it So what I’m gonna do is- I didn’t win that one. That’s fine It’s fine that I DON’T win them It’s fine that I don’t win them What I WANT is the ability to LEAARRN about them make sense? I want to learn about them So what I’m gonna do now- There’s new mechanics, right? So I’m gonna put in all of the one’s from uh- Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 So one- you- I’m not gonna keep it at one I’m gonna- I’m gonna raise em’ BB- JJ was actually a secret- a secret character that I believe was in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, but I never actually saw So- I believe that was all from Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 any more? There was more- Mangle? Where’s Mangle? Mangle! Where’s Mangle? Oh no, there’s Mangle! Ok, one, two, three, four, five- Wadn’t d’here more than that?! Wadn’t d’here- Wadn’t there more than that? Am I going crazy here? Wadn’t there- Phone Guy you were still there Ok. Apparently, that was- Oh Golden Freddy, he was there too, okay That’s probably enough There was also the Endoskeleton, but I don’t believe that that’s here Oh ye- I know who I’m missing where’s- [Gasp] Where’s Freddy? Where’s Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Freddy? Alright we’re gonna put Freddy in there just because he’s not there from here Yeah where’s FREDBOY? Ok I’m gonna keep ’em all- We’re gonna do them all at three just to make it a little more… aggressive Ok, in summary, Toy Freddy He’s in Parts and Services. I gotta look at him and I gotta play a game inside a game Toy Bonnie. Fredbear mask, sneaks into your room- to fool him and make him go away, okay Ok, that’s fine Ok, same with Chica Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica are exactly the same: you use the Fred mask to get away from ’em Unlike other animatronics in the vents, once Mangle reaches the vent opening he will never leave use the vent snare to prevent her from making it that far Ok. That’s good BB will try to sneak in through the side vent. Close the side vent, wait until you hear a ‘thud’ If BB slips in he will temporarily disable your flashlight- That’s not so bad- Sneak in through the side, close the side vent, wait till you hear a ‘thud’ Disables door controls temporarily Chica climbs through the air vents- make su- maybe- gets- but may get stuck when trying to enter your office Use the vent snare to prevent her from reaching the opening He will attack you in- he will appear in your office poised to attack throw on your Freddy mask to make him leave again. Ok. Easy enough Keep the music box wound or he will come get you Toy F-and Golden Freddy, okay! That didn’t make any sense, but I zip- zap- zopped through it I’m gonna go for it So I gotta- What I gotta do is I gotta get the controls better because I don’t remember what the controls were The controls went by, they didn’t come back So, these are all the door controls- I put it on power It’s making noise, but that’s ok I- doh- THAT’S HANDY THAT’S REALLY HANDY That’s- THAT’S SO HANDY THAT’S REAL HANDY WHY WOULDN’T YOU GIVE THAT- THAT’S SO HANDY Oh, click a path to set an audio lure OH Oh -[Candy Cadet, quietly] “He promised them to never leave again.” -Who? Who said that? Who said they promise to never leave? Who said leave, but never promised? Oh- gotta keep that- Oh- gotta keep this- There we go- there we go- Really crank that yank -[Jumpscare scream]
-HA OH FUCKING- HO MY GOD -[Toy Freddy] It’s not my fault! I have these fat plastic fingers and can’t press the buttons! -OHHHH I forgot you were playing a game! OH- and what you got mad at me or were you scared? Were you just as scared as I was, or-? Wh- what was the deal with that? Ok, alright then. Fine Fine Freddy Toy Freddy [mockingly mimicking Toy Freddy’s voice]
I’ve got big doofy fingers and I’m just a big dumb idiot! I wish I was as cool and/or smart as youuu [normally] Ok, where’s Parts and Services? Mmkay YOU! OH- OH What? He’s right there! That’s so cool and terrible! That’s gonna be awful! I didn’t turn on the power! Gah that’s- Oh gah shit! Ok well I didn’t know about that Alright um Gotta wind the music box I guess You gonna- Is he coming down the left hallway or which- Which way is he coming? Which way? Which way is he coming from? Which way is he going? Mr. Hands is right there- -[DD] Uh Oh! ♫ How unfortunate! ♫
-[Mark stutters] -[DD] Uh Oh! ♫ How unfortunate! ♫ ♫ I know how much you like to fight, so I’ll add a new problem to your night! ♫ -WHHHHYYY!??!
-[parrot squawks] -Hua-ho! -[Foxy] Me bird likes you, so I’ll do ye a favour. -Okay thank you- can I… get a back to- soundproof- oh? That’s real nice, Did we- what did- how did- I- WHY DO I HAVE TH- OH- woh-OH- THAT’S NOT WHAT I WANTED! YOU’RE-A REAL SHAKY THERE! -[♫ tinny, cheery music box music ♫] -OH SHIT- AAH Doh-go-I’m DYING, I am DEAD Here I- -[Jumpscare scream] -Oh, hi, okay, yes -[Marionette] I recognize you! But I’m not afraid of you -Is that the voice of th- -[Marionette] Not anymore -Is that the voice of the puppet, you’re not afraid of me? Am I the purple guy, is this my hell, is this my personal hell that I’ve been put in forever because I’m in HELL? Is this my hell? I bet it’s my hell… AOH DD REPEL! I dunno what DD does, What does DD dooo What does DD doo Why is this at a nine!? Could you bACK DOWN?! You bitch Git- don’t be NINE Why would you do that? Alright, we’re gonna try that again I’m gonna try each of these twice I’m probably not gonna win but- Each time I get a little better at it I STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT THE OTHER BUTTONS DO! Ok, hang on That’s- Z is flashlight; Ok. That’s that door. I’m gonna set it to that, I’m gonna wind up the music box Uh… ok. We’re gonna look at you What am I looking for here? What am- What am I trying to help you do? Oh I see you Mr.Hands over there I don’t know what that’s going to do for me. Oh game over already? Then- Then wh- What am I- What do I do? I ju- how do I? There we go! I guess. I- did- how am I supposed to know? What do- why- Oh my god! Don’t. Just don’t do that! Just don’t do that! Ehuuugh Aye yai yai. Okay I got that door closed, but I don’t know what its going to do for me. There’s- Ahhh Fuck off! You shaky bastard! Okay yeah this is where yo- oh woah Okay so vents. Who or what or why is? -[Jumpscare] -WHAT DO I DO WITH YOU, HUH? -[Toy Freddy] That game was totally rigged! -This game is totally rigged. No I’m going to try that again God dammit what do you do? Click the cams on the Toy monitor then be sure that the appropriate door is closed to preven- OH! [laughs] Okay so I actually have to close doors in there I imagine this is the same controls as the ones out here. If its not then I don’t know what I’ll do Alright. You- wait no How do I? How d- Just tell me how to close the– OH! The green! Ah that makes seUUnse! That makes soince! That makes plenty of soonse! Gimmie that That makes the most sUnse I’ve ever heard Gimme those Ah, so there’s a reason to go through here But I imagine on 50/20 mode you’re never, ever, ever, ever going to have enough time to go through and do all this shhhhhhhit K, who’s here? Nobody? Alright Gotta be uh- no? No who’s? OH HOH HOH HOH HEY! Getting real vibratey! I appreciate that about you I really do preache that super hard but listen I don’t wanna uh Power AC? Oh hell yeah to the Power AC! Okay I gotta get used to the numbers for those Because I gotta lo- Woa- hey! -[Foxy] Yarg! How may be of service to ya?
-Could I have some power please? This horrible accent I have ever heard but it’s the best I ca- uh oh Shit- OH WAIT WOAH WOAH HEY WOAH! Alright that’s fine you be annoying But that’s- That’s totally fine right? I dunno what I just bought. I bought a D coin. Ohh that’s not good What are you doing? Are you still fine? Ok, you’re still fine You’re still fine, you blow my mind, hey Bastard Hey, hey hey, bastard Get the frick outta here Ok I don’t know where the other buttons are F? What was it- oh! Wha? Wait, [chuckle] wha-ha? Heh, wha? Heh, No way! Alright, okay four is power AC Heh wha? Ok. Get that back down to a sweet, savory temperature Reset the ventilation Ok, they’re not on the way yet, Ok, let’s get back to the power Whayawat? -[Foxy] Yar, who touch me bird? -Oh I touch yer bird alright Oh, I, I touch all over- Oh, D click? -[Music box] -AHhh AHHHHHHHHHHHHH -[Marionette] The others are like animals, but I am very aware -So what does that mean? The puppet’s talking to me? The puppet’s never talked to us before! Who are you? You’re a kid. There was some lore about that Somebody get MatPat on the horn Somebody get, somebody smarter than me. Ok, so I think I’m getting that but I need to know the goddamn keys But I’m learning it! I don’t wanna- I don’t, I’ve got this! My big brain, you see this big brain up here? Its got it all on lock So we’re gonna- no not you, yes you! You? Phantom, phantom, phantom, phantom. No, no No, no! Noooo! Afton, Springtrap. Afton, Springtrap Two different dudes Ok, so This is going to be Five Nights at Freddy’s Three He makes his way- ok. Springtrap makes his way towards the vent opening embedded in the wall in front of you When he is poised to attack, you will see his face looking down at you. Close the vent, send him away Phantom Mangle- you will see him on your monitor. Quickly close it or he’ll appear in your office and create an audio disturbance Phantom Freddy- Shine your flashlight on him to cause him to fade away If you don’t, he will jump scare you, giving it time for enemies in the vents to sneak into your office Heat causes him to appear faster When he appears in your monitor, quickly close it or change the cam to a- [burp] -void his jump scare Ok, so two people I need to avoid, one who I need to shine the flashlight on, and one who I need to just stop from getting to me So I’m gonna crank these guys up to five, and just to throw a wrench in the mix I’m gonna bring the Phone Guy back Just cause I feel like it I like the challenge All right let’s go for it I’m gonna get better at the controls because a lot of- part about this game is going to get better at the hotkeys because if I can’t get better at the hotkeys then I’m dead. Ah, S is the monitor! Oh! Go away! Come back another day! Come back another day All right, so the rest is just in the- ohh- is in the vent system So everybody else is just gonna-
-[Phone rings]
-Oh! Hey, shut up! How bout you shut up there, huh? How bout you shut up? So these coins are not supposed to Oh, the Marionette is not there, that’s just happening, cause it’s happening Oh, AHGH GO, GO AWAY! WOAH Come back another da- woah- come back another day Alright you, you assholes are gonna be a bit tricky You’re gonna be a bit tricky though -[DD] Uh-oh, ♫ how unfortunate. ♫ Uh-oh, ♫ how unfortunate ♫ ♫ I’m gonna do a sneaky thing, and throw a new contender in the ring ♫ -Who? What! What do you mean? Who? Who- how am I supposed to know? How am I- How am I supposed to know!? How am I supposed to know who you just threw in the ri- Who? Who did you throw? Who? OH! Hi What is that? Why is that happening? Who- I don’t remember why or how or- I don’t know you! Hey, hey! Ok, alright. Don’t look at- -[phone rings]
-Ah shit! Ok don’t look at you I guess is the- the- the- the- the story of the day now Ok so you are gonna be there. So I can close you off Ok. Uh. Uh Sure, Ok Oh, I see. Oh, ok. Alright So he, is it like a mouse over thing? Yeah! oh It’s either a looking- no it’s a mouseover thing! Oh so if you are in a dick position, oh you are gonna be such a douche! Oh, you are gonna be a bigger douche than anybody has ever been in my life! I’m never gonna be able to get away from you! Oh. Eugh You know… You’re an all-star Ok he’s gonna get- bird! -[Foxy] Me bird likes you
-I like your bird
-[Foxy] So I’ll do ye a favour Ah ye. Okay ye. Alright, I’ll take the power, ye Alright mister ye man! I don’t know how to get rid of this coin- Oh, hey! Can I coin? No? Ok you know what? Ah! BeGoNe ThOt! -[Phone rings]
-Ah! BeGoNe ThOt! Ok I can use S. There’s gotta be another- There’s gotta be another- huh- hotkey for like Ugh! There’s gotta be another hotkey for- for the uh mask. Right? Or is it only mouse? That might be only mouse They might be a douche- Okay he’s gonna get snared Right? Oh, hey You go- OH- Hey stop that! Stop! Stop! Go away! He’s gonna get- Right? He’s gonna get snared right? No no no no… Is he gonna get… How!? Wait, what? Wait. I- woah hey wait No? Ok Alright you’re gonna be there but I’m gonna be like- WOAH I SAW THAT! I saw that! I saw that! Ok, so snare no work on you for some reason? I don’t know why, but that’s dumb, and you’re dumb! You’re dumb, I’m not dumb I’m the opposite of dumb. You’re, you are dumb, I’m no dumb Dumb is not what I am Smart, I’m smart Smart, smart is what I am actually if you think about it Ok, it doesn’t seem- ah! I’ve- hi, hello! It doesn’t seem that bad Silent ventilation, what is that for? Like just to reduce noise? But then I’m gonna run out of power! Oh wait, no wait the night is- oh it’s already five AM!? Oh shit! Alright, ok alright It’s already five AM, I’m gonna beat this-ah!- you go. Begone Bird! -[Foxy] Yarg, you win some, you lose some [Jumpscare]
-AH, WHAT, NO! What!? -[Foxy] Yarg, you play with fire, and sometimes ye get burned BUT I DIDN’T KNOW THAT! BUT I WAS GONNA WIN! ughhh! All right fine then Oh yay, I get coins All right, fine. Ok, oh he was at a ten? Oh, that was a ten, that wasn’t so bad But that’s gonna be a problem if he is covering up my screen like that Ok so that was Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, now we are going to move on to Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 Which is a lot of peoples- some peoples favorite So all the nightmare characters, and then we are going to bring in… yeah that’ll do, that’ll do! We’re gonna bring you guys up to 5 5, 5, 5, 5 and 5 Nightmare Freddy- When Freddies begin to accumulate in your office, shine your flashlight on them before Freddy appears Buy his plush from the prize counter when he appears in the hallway to avoid his jump scare He can’t be stopped by the office door Well that’s just a sack of shit, ain’t it? Nightmare Fredbear- He’s invisible to the cameras and can only be seen when he reaches your left doorway Close the door in his face to send him back into the darkness. He’s only invisible to cameras, he reaches the right doorway, close the door. Jack’o Chica- When the office heats up, she will appear in both halls at the same time. Close both doors to make her vanish. This won’t work if the office is 100 degrees or more. Well shit! Nightmare Mangle- Purchase his plush toy from the prize counter. He shows up in the right hall. Ok so he is the exact same as Bonnie. Ok great. Great. I know about that one. When he is slumped over in your office do not shine your light on him. When he is sitting up however, you must use your flashlight. Ok, alright, I’ll remember that. Here we go. We’re learning! We are learning. Learning is super fun and important, and I love to learn! Ok he is not- I can’t shine my flashlight- uah. Okay so I can’t see these guys on the hallway, right? But I have to buy plushies to surv- ah! Hey Okay, shine, don’t shine. Okay. Oof, but I can’t shine on that guy or else he’ll kill me. Cause that’s bad. Okay I need 10 to be able to get through those… ah. No? Okay. That’s pretty close! I don’t- I don’t appreciate that! Okay no ones at my door. I need more coins! I need more coins. STOP!! Hey. Stop, stop! He’s not standing up yet so I think I’m okay. -[DD] Uh-oh! ♫ How unfortunate. ♫ Uh-oh! ♫ How unfortunate. ♫ -You’re acting like I had a-
-[DD] ♫ I’m gonna do a sneaky thing, and throw a new contender in the ring. ♫ Huh! Who are you… who? WHO? Oh I don’t, no I’m not doing that again. I’m not gonna- fool with me. Fool on you, get fooled. Fool on me, ain’t gonna fool me again. You think I’m a fool huh? Think I’m fool? You think I’m fool- I’ve got 10 coins, got everything I need! -[Jumpscare]
-WHY? But you weren’t in the waayy! I had 10 coins. Okay, alright. Thank you. Why? Why were you there? Ugh, so I would’ve died anyway cause I wouldn’t have even realised the Marionette was in there so. Huh huh huh, okay whatever. Lets try this again. Lets get those coins baby, lets get those coins. Get those coins, get those coins Ah it’s okay they can simmer for a bit A watched pot never boils and you assholes, if I watch you I’m gon strangle you So it’s kinda like the same thing Alright, ooh hey, no, no no no Okay Alright, so I dunno Wh- Oh was I supposed to look in the cameras for those guys? That might’ve been cameras for those guys Yeah that might’ve been cameras for those guys -[Jumpscare]
-Wh- AH NO, NO NO NO -[Nightmare BB] Come closer… Help me count my teeth! -I don’t wanna count your teeth Ai, wow, okay So, but the audio cue was there for that guy The Nightmare plushie- I just wasn’t paying attention to uh Dude McTeeth man I gotta- I gotta do that with the- the keyboard, I cannot do- if I’m doing mouse If i’m doing mouse for that one There’s no way that I’m gonna survive I need to get used to getting the camera up without the mouse Okay, don’t see them there Ah! Stop that No, did it again, okay Oh, oh- uh! Gonna buy the Bonnie plushie! There we go okay So I got that, right? Do I need to do anything about it or is it going to be that way? Is it just gonna be good? I dunno He- it- uh it said he can’t- it said he can’t uugh It said he can’t be stopped by the door so I’m just assuming that That’s legit and not just a joke Most of what I do in life is just a god damn jooo- oh! Okay, simple as that! Quick, quick, quick to the draw Alright Ho! Hey! Wo ho ho hooo! I caught you there baby! Okay, I caught you- So you can’t be flappy- too flappy wappy about The whole situation with Uh, the camera, cause otherwise you’re just going to be caught in a bad situation Yeeah, okay, alright Alright so note to self don’t be so flappy wappy about life -[Candy Cadet speak quietly]
-What’d’you say? Who’s- Was that you? Candy bot? Candy? Candy? Candy? All day? Every day? Why are there two coves? I don’t get why there’s two stages Why’s there need to be two sta- -[Parrot squawks]
-Nah I’m not pressing you I’m never pressing you again, you’re- you You’re benefits weren’t even that good anyway So screw you I mean maybe if I was desperate and I needed like a temperature drop you might be good for that, but I’m not gonna trust you I’m not gonna trust you at all I dunno if there’s like a timer for coins- uh oh Well I’m assuming that my plushie worked Cause uh He was there and now he’s not there so, ya know, that’s how that works out Guess I’m gonna buy you-
-Bwaaah! Alright easy as that. Okay you- Augh G-, I’m not doing the freaking keyboard short cut, I have to Augh There, you. I was about to say somethin’s not right here Sometin’s not right Somethin somethin not right! Somethin. Cannot put my finger upon it but somethin. Somethin ain’t right My brain is just- whoa. I thought I- Coulda sworn I- *Boop* Could’ve Eugh I though I saw something I’m still not using the short cut Still not doing it There. Use that. God my brain is just so much slower about it I’m so used to just like flicking my camera and just slamming it down as fast as I can that’s what I’m used to I did I again, God dammit that’s just- Oh! Hey! Okay, so I’ve already bought you I bought you Not doing it! Screw you! Go to hell! Die! Die for all I care! Okay, getting better, okay I dunno if there’s any benefit to keep continuing to collect these coins but I’m doing it so Screw you if you think that’s stupid Let me live my life I am in the middle of a very stressful situation and if you try to get in the way of what I’m doing then it’s going to be- end very badly for you So just let me live my life Aaaah! Go away Hey! What? I did it! Well ding dong bing bong! Aaaaoooaugh yay yay! Ahooo yeahaa! Alright man that felt good, oh man Hoo, man they’re- That made me feel good, that made me feel good! That made me feel goo- Thank you! Thank you Rockstar Freddy Thank you. Thank you for that Okay! First one I won yeah See I’m getting better at it Alright we’re gonna go foooor We’re gonna go foooor More of ya Cause we’re gonna throw in some Cause a lot of you guys are from Pizzeria Simulator. That, that’s a lot (laughing) that’s a lot that I would have to deal with so I’m gonna. Here, we are gonna have Old Man Consequences, You, You, You You, Not You. Trash and the Gang, what would they do. I love you guys, but wheaeaeaeaea, what will you do to me? What are you gona do to me? I think I’m gonna add Scrap Baby, and then Molten Freddy, just because it looks similar. And then uh, we’re gonna have a FUNTIME with all of you later. Okay. “Old Man Consequences: Use C to catch a fish in his minigame, otherwise he’ll lock your monitor up for a short time” ” Purchase her plush toy” Okay, so she’s plush toy. “Approaches from the hallways, gotta listen. Shut the appropriate door.” “Check his curtain to see when the show’s set to begin, then be sure to watch his camera the exact time to postpone his show, otherwise that is when your game will end.” What? Alright. “Difficult to see on the vent radar He will make his way towards your office. Listen for a sound cue of squeaking metal then close the vent.” Okay. “Appear opposite side of your office desk. She will move. Use a controlled shock.” How do I do, why is the co-, I don’t know the controlled shock. “Molten Freddy: Climbs in the vents, but can avoid the vent snare. Listen for his voice then shut the vent door when he gets through.” Alright lets do this! I, I, I’m about as ready as I’m gonna be. I have no idea how to beat these guys, but I just, ok, alright, herewego heey, how you doin? Ok so You’re there….that’s great that’s so good. What am I looking for again? Coins? Yeah. Well. Those are gone Oh! Hey okay.. I don’t know when.. the show is gonna start or how I’m supposed to know that I don’t know anything actually I don’t know what I’m doing Oh! See. Got it! Oh hi, ohh, ahh, okay Don’t Move Do I-? uhhh am I just not supposed to- *flustered Markimoo* Alright whatever I have no idea Dammit i’m missing coins. Ok, i got enough! No move! Don’t you move. Don’t you uaahh! [Dee Dee] ♫Uh Oh! How Unfortunate. Uh oh! How Unfortunate♫ [Dee Dee] ♫I’m Gonna Do A Sneaky Thing♫ [Dee Dee] ♫And Throw A New Contender In The Ring♫ 3 AM. Okay. Alright. Well…AHHH BOY Who? OHOOOI….you moved! *how dare* I didn’t kNOW youu [Scrap Baby whispering] Time for your Controlled Shock. Thank Youuu!……for that *sniffle closeup* This is gonna be a bitch, ain’t it? *pretty much Mark* Having to- Having scrap (?) douche (??) there *ded* is just to make everything (inaudible) make my life impossible everything that I’ve ever wanted to do
awful show time 1 AM. 1 AM okay alright. Well I’ll be sure to be there I will be you will see me there I will be there
and you will be all like man you really were there
Wow-how-how-eee all right I don’t know when I am happens actually so I’m just I’m just
gonna look at you – look at you just in case it turns over sooner than- oh, that’s not
good. Okay look over.. okay bai Showtime 1 AM it- I feel like now go
away your back okay listen look I don’t know when one am gonna happen but
it better happen now there we go I delayed you hey GET SHOCKED!!! Okay,
are we good? We Gucci? We gucci gang? Alright we’re Gucci right what’s your new time – 2?! you dicksie! all right I need a coin I need okay don’t move okay I think I care you think
I care ask me if I care I don’t care I care a little bit oh I think that’s the
right one okay you moved hey you moved you moved AH! wait no it’s show time baby
no it’s not wait no it’s not Oh what is that okay show time soon
oh hey you’re gone okay all right well that’s Showtime Showtime baby three two
one bingo Bongo no 4? 4?! you said – two! did I not see two right? Did I see… ‘Kay, I think I’m
forgetting some people aren’t I am I forgetting some people there was I feel
like I feel like there was more people here… feel like there was supposed to be more people here. People- (screeching metal) boy I didn’t I didn’t know what to do I just closed everything and thankfully
that worked so alright… okay oh hey oh God, is he… is he… he’s comin’… (Molten Freddy laughs) okay what am I – I am missing something aren’t
I I’m absolutely missing something I know that I’m missing something I know a
hundred percent I feel like I’m missing something
is 4 am at 2:30 or is that okay not 2:30 so it’s gotta be like I can’t do math in
my head right now so I have no idea (Circus Baby jumpscare) AH!!! Oh, no!! Oh, yes! THE PLUSHIE! (screams in frustration)…. TIT! okay I forgot the plushies… (sips from water bottle) I forgot the plushies… okay, alright… that’s fine we uh, we did okay we
didn’t win that one but that’s fine okay so I’m gonna do we’re gonna do one more
and I’m gonna go for the whole shmorgageborg here at the bottom level
of you assholes okay so we got Trash and the Gang who do
God knows what Helpy…when you see him sitting in office click on him quickly
otherwise he will get in your face with an air horn, agitating sound-sensitive animatronics, Happy frog moves through the air ducts making your way
you saw do you allure to keep her in place using me into the heater. Hippo
makes his way towards you- your office using the air ducts audio lure- heater to push him back the air ducts audio lure to hold him in place or heater back. Okay, so
these guys are mostly the same audio lure or heater to keep them at bay. Orville
elephant makes its way towards your office air ducts. Is not fooled by audio
lure can be pushed back with heater. Okay. Occasionally activate and ask for fast
coins. You can alternately use the heater to cause him to malfunction. Great. When
he appears in your office search the cameras to find his guitar. Click the guitar to send him- I gotta search- GAHH! When he- ugh, AHH! I- uh. Check the left and right
hallways when the- double click the wet floor sign to place it on the same side
as Rockstar chicas she won’t enter [giggle] What? When you see his Parrot click on it and rock
star fox he may offer you some help it comes with risk however. Uh, okay I know that.
Keep noise down- cymbals will crashing faster and faster. Uh,
he’s just there to promote his new restaurant. Close the ad. Funtime Chica, she will just
appear at random to distract you there’s no way to avoid her. Is she gonna shake her hips at me? I don’t know what she’s gonna do. Afton he will attack once per night making a lot
of noise and causing the lights to flicker before attacking. Close right vent door to block him. He becomes active from noise and heat. He’s too far away from
the music box to be soothed by it, but the global music box can calm him down. AH! I’m just gonna keep it at one. Cause I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. Good god you assho- oh hey! Hey! Hey man. How are you doing how you
doing? How you doin? You doin good? You doin good? Yeah, I bet you’re doin good. You’re doin good. Okay, so apparently everybody’s gonna be- Everybody’s gonna
be in like- Everybody’s either gonna be in the vent system or- Ugh. Oh, no.. [nervous laughter] Oh, no. I- wha- AH! OH, WOAH! I- God dammit. [Afton] I always come back. [Mark mocking Afton] I always come back Okay, alright so that’s just I gotta close the
right vent when he does that. Okay, so I need Faz coins that’s obvious. I need to-
when some guy appears I need to get his guitar. Hi. Okay that’s new. Great. Are you
still there? Oh, hey! That’s just- all right well that’s- never seen that
before. Okay can I- Thank you, okay. I’m just gonna
look at the duct system. ‘Cause I don’t even know how this- I don’t even know how that
works. I don’t even know how the duct system even comes close to working. Like
he said I could push him back with the heater but not all of them. Dude, I have no
idea. Okay, alright thank you for that. your input is invaluable and then now
they’re not there. Now they’re not there. Why are they not there? I don’t know why they’re
not there. Huh, okay. Alright at least the night is short. So far, so good. They
don’t all come at once. They- don’t know. I mean this is just level one, so level one
of these douches probably- Oh Hello. Oh. Oh that’s- Oh.
That’s not good. Oh that’s.. that’s not good. Oh. Oh. Uh, oh. He’s not- he’s fine. Everything’s fine. Everything’s fine. Okay. Everything’s fine. Okay, this guy’s- That guy’s going that way. Oh, someone’s not happy. Wait, is there- AH! AH! Eugh. Ah, get away. I’ve got my.. sign. Okay, he’s a thumpy thump? Is that good?Bad?
What’s happening? He’s upset he’s not happy.
Oh. Oof, oof. I think that’s oof damage. Oof, oof, oof, oof. I think it’s honestly- wha- I don’t remember what to do with you! I don’t remember! I gotta get your guitar. Guitar, that’s right. I gotta find it. I’ll find it. I’ll find it boo don’t worry about it I gotta
find your guitar. I know you’re just so upset. If you’re- if you’re freaking
blocking his guitar right now I am so sorry. AH! Hey, I’m sorry! [Rockstar Bonnie] ♫Why so blue? You know I’ll be true. And now, I’ll make slivers out of you♫ You’ll… you’ll what? You’ll what me? What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do to me? You’re a level one! I don’t know. I think the balloon was blocking
your- This is tough, this is tough, this is tough. Okay let’s try this again. So, I gotta be more on the lookout for that. I- I gotta I got to get in the habit of flipping around, uh, much. More frequently than I was. [No. 1 Crate] Psst, I have something to tell you. BAH! AH! AH, Ah. AH. I don’t know what that was. I hate that. Ah. Okay, click on a path that said- Ooooh. DD: How unfortunate! Uh oh! How Unfortunate! DD: I’m gonna do a sneaky thing! And throw a new contender in the ring! You suck so bad. You suck so bad. You
could suck so bad. Why? Why would you do that? God dammit. Which, who and why? Who
and why. Who- who am I dealing with, why am I dealing with them, and what do you have
to say for yourself? Which is probably nothing. You have nothing- ah. It’s fine, that’s
okay. That’s okay. Oh, that’s not good. How do I- how do I get rid of that? I don’t
know. Okay, alright. Wha- that was a double. Why would you do that? Stop. DON’T DO IT!! DON’T! STOP!! UGH! Oh boy. Oh, oh. Oh, no. Oh, no. Okay. That got rid of- Wha- Okay. You’ve been like shockingly good. I mean they are level
one. I’m fully aware that they are all level one, and that’s not ideal and I
shouldn’t be proud of what I’m – I shouldn’t be proud but, uh, you know I am. okay we’re gonna cool it down yeah okay you be there you do whatever you want –
ah no no go away I don’t want you. Maybe I don’t
think you were supposed to be active before and then suddenly you were and
you gave me the choice to fail and I di- I hate you I hate you I hate you. I’m
gonna win this one I think I thunkle’ I thunkle’. I thunkle’ thunk. Okay we’re good. We’re good. Hey! Yes, I did it! Oh, wahoo. I did it. Okay, but my high score has not been beaten because they were all at level one okay now that
I did all of that now that he did all of that now that he did all of that there’s
also challenges I didn’t mention that there are challenges here oh that’s a
nice basic challenge that’s that’s pretty nice that’s pretty good it’s
pretty good but I’m saving these because I’m still learning. I am still learning.
I’m still I’m still goddamn learning, so we’re gonna do them all at level one and
if I can beat them all at level one that means in my brain is held the useless
knowledge of this game. Make sense? cool all right here we go I don’t even
care we’re going here we go you’re in Alright, here we do this. Okay, you’re in there. I gotta remember about chica in
the kitchen. Okay, you’re there. Oh, I gotta remember you here. Okay, that- that’s
closed good. Okay coins. Good, good. Hey, it was cl- watch you. Okay got you. You’re in
my way, but that’s fine. You’re still there I have to wind the music box. Well. Oh, okay.
You’re there got a look at you. You’re here got a look at foxy in the thing- AH!WHY?!?! Oh, did I accidentally change the music when you Oh, I accidentally changed- okay so if
you’re not unhappy I can’t change the music I just leave you be so that’s good
okay great so we’re gonna turn- I didn’t turn
the power generator on too, so that’s how that was on my bad that was a big ol my
bad. I’m gonna put that there I’m gonna just like there’s so many of you but that’s
okay that’s a’okay Hey look hey I’m sorry you were naked I
didn’t mean to do that for- uh, oh I didn’t mean to look at you when you were
nakey. That is not why I came in there okay who do we have here you get out of
here all right I remember Balloon Boy on the ground over there
so look I’m sorry why do you gotta be like this you’re acting like I’m doing
this on purpose huh really really really AM NOT I don’t want to see okay your
show times at 2:00 a.m. I will rue oh that’s a problem not a problem I can’t
deal with just a problem I don’t want to deal with okay you have not changed a
bit you have not a okay. You’re fi- You’re fine you have not changed you’re good okay you got
someone coming down the middle there all right who will the hell Oh God
okay who you’ve not changed there’s gonna be a bitch 1s duct close an
audio lure over there then put that down look for coins this is at 2:00 a.m.
you’re fine you, no go away, you. Foxy’s there look at foxy I’m looking at you
you close that that’s good all right looking at foxy we’ll come
back at 2 a.m. 2 a.m. 2 a.m. is the time 2 am looking at these guys that
guy this guy those guys looking at all these guys looking at you reset go to duct. looks good go here go away okay looky here
you’re 2 a.m. Foxy’s in the cove look at foxy over there got it
I don’t see nobody all right still good love get the coins I love
that get this close that look over here I don’t see nobody Bonnie’s in the
cove don’t look at Bonnie okay come back to 2 a.m. 2 a.m. 2 a.m. I’ve got it you
got it we got it look at you okay Fox is in the cove got
it looked at that these guys good [Circus baby] Want to see the scooping room? No! Don’t see anybody ah
catch got it okay yes oh you’re back okay that’s good okay you’re fine damn
douche I’m a douche I’m a DOUCHE oh shit I don’t hear Ah, change music okay you’re not
changed I need coins AH!! Close it! F! F! HEY!! UGH!!! I panicked. I panicked. Okay, here we go. Okay, here we go. One s but audio lure whatever Rick
put here or show times at three okay that’s good get coins s sign okay he’s
in the cove got it got it you here there and boom I got it okay
look here nothing okay Foxy’s in the cove look at foxy come back at three the
time is three don’t forget it three wind that muzo boxo. Look look I don’t see
nothing there ain’t nothin for nobody give me some goddamn coins thank you
shine look reset alright heats still good you ah that was a risk I shouldn’t
have done that without knowing I put away Bonnie’s over there now don’t look
I will not put you down I’ll put you up how the frick- ugh. There’s- literally you’re just
gonna make it harder. You’re just gonna make it harder for me You’re gonna make it harder. You’re gonna make it harder for me. You’re gonna make it harder. It’s gonna be harder for me. one more try one more try one more one
more one more one more one more one more one
more one more one more one more one more one more
doct I saw Bonnie on the desk we’re gonna put an audio alert there event
here watch on show 1 a.m. you bet your patootie I’ll be there wouldn’t miss it
for the goddamn war or old don’t everybody I knew by knew that bonnie was
gonna be there shine on you that’s ok you know what you know what
cuz ok ah titty sprink my ass oh you get down you get down that’s always what it
does like defaults to making the marionette harder camera you get there
what time’s show 3 a.m. oh it’s plenty Oh time I saw you peeking over there
okay Bonnie’s in the thing don’t look at Bonnie don’t Bonnie look dead bone oh oh
oh hi your guitar I don’t know where the Frick that would be why do you think I
would know where your god dammit I did it again
did it again you know I wish I didn’t do it again but I’m dead one more one get that show times at once
macaron the smacky do right at one don’t look at bono okay Fox owes back okay
look at Fox oh he’s real pretty ones coming up but it’s not here yet
don’t look I didn’t set the audio Laura sold but–at put this down
that’s good put that up get more coins one am almost real I remembered what
that was geez I’m so gay now one I am yet I need more boxes too late too late
got it look at the show at Liddy that a little it it I’m looking at you and
you’re looking at me god I hit the flashlight only thought I’d about my
mask I might have maybe done did good Lear what time’s the show tool that’s a
good time for a show was that door of a little Billy don’t let the bedbugs bite
don’t bed my bug bite all right cool you bet your thought I’ll be there you know
I’m gonna be oh look you do that Oh looks like Bono’s in the and the other
room over there me no need to look at bono why would I look I’m not gonna look
I almost looked about I was like now don’t look this stupid do you stupid if
you look oh wait no now I’m gonna look because it’s Fox oh they’re not bono I
need more coins a lot more coins I need to win the Muzo box got it
anybody here you go away okay all right golly gosh oh I don’t have enough coins
I wa I’m trying I’m really trying I need coins there we go got it okay and Bonnie
there we go okay we’re good okay I’m not looking at you
deduct is okay okay okay we’re good we’re good okay so Bono’s in the place 2
a.m. is when I need to be in their face you’re there still good okay we’re good
Fox those in the place okay good okay almost time for show this is no no too
early I guess go now that’s not good Oh Oh, three, when was it three? Oh, hi, okay-
you- uh- no, that’s not what I- Oh god, i’m panicking, again. Okay, three, I gotta be there. Bono’s in the place- uh… that’s not good. you’re still there, you’re there. OOOH- THAT WAS A CLOSE ONE. You haven’t moved- I don’t think, anyway. Oh, that’s- that’s faster… AHHH- F [Sigh of relief] f… Okay, you’re fine- Three! Ahh! No, not three yet, it was 3:50, that’s when it will be three, Okay. [unintelligable] Put the heater on. Oof people back- [Staticy scraping noises start] AHHH, I don’t know what that is AHHH, I don’t know, I don’t wanna look! I’m not gonna look! [Mask being put on] I don’t wanna look! I’m looking here! I gotta look at the show! [Telephone ring] Ah! Uh, Frick you, uh Z Okay, you’re fine- No, uh, oh god, dude, SHUT UP! SHUT UP! [Clanking continues] SHUT UP! x2 [Clanking continues] SHUT UP! x3 [Clanking continues] [Mark Screams] SHUT UP! x4 [Clanking continues] Oh, I’m dead, i’m dead, i’m so- [Baby screams, causing Mark to as well] [Mark] I didn’t check… [Baby] Want to see the scooping room? [Mark makes a weird groan] This is hard. It’s hard… But it’s not impossible! Oh, god damn. Oh, guitar, guitar, guitar,
guitar, and I need the- I need more coins I need more coins, I need more coins. Oh my god, I need more coins! Gimme coins, gimme coins! and, buy! [Mark screams] Okay, go away. NOOO, I forgot about the music box! [In a weird voice] How could I forget about the musical box? [Marionette screams] Ow, my face [Marionette] Seeing you powerless is like- [Chimes] [Mark] It’s like, “Bling!” Seeing you powerless is like, “Blong!” Okay, Mangle’s coming down. Or- nightmare mangle or whatever you want to call that. Show’s at three. Got a coin, Mangle bought, Okay got it, alright. Get away x3 Get away now [Parrot screech] Get away, I don’t care. Oh There we go, okay Anybody coming in? Okay I see that. [intelligable surprised noises] Woah, woah. I might’ve been early on the uh… [Animatronic laughter] Might’ve been early on that… [Doors shutting and opening] Okay. Show is at three. I got time [Animatronic whispering] Oh boy, here we go. Time for a thing. [Clanking starts up again] you thank you that’s exactly what I
wanted okay so that three just coming up it’s coming up coming up soon went up
sooner than I’d like Roxy yeah boy a foxy wait bought those three whole three ones
three I don’t know in threes Oh what the heater uh AC on AC on what
do you gotta look at you and three two one look looking huh with my eyes okay
oh hey okay I got a look at foxy Fox is getting pissed that’s okay he’s still
good there you go away get bunnies in the other room oh my god oh don’t do that
when’s the other time you look at foxy new time is four okay so not long from
now keep doing that thing where I don’t look at the I don’t look at the side
always I get distracted hey Joe wibbly-wobbly do get plenty of coins
plenty of coins okay all right I can do this I forgot it was that one I forgot
it was at one o’clock I forgot it was it one I forgot oh that sounds like a bad
okay do you dare I need more coins but I need
a okay you’re fine that’s fine Oh tip my ass I recognize you but I’m
not afraid of you bonnie’s in place oh shit where’d you go
oh wow he moved okay that’s okay oh whoa whoa whoa what the flipping okay
it’s no different right there’s no way it’s it’s not different for some reason
I’m just in a different place I’m gonna completely ignore that fact we’re just
gonna like totally skate on by 2:00 a.m. that’s fine by me perfectly normal
perfectly normal okay great Wow I’m so happy about that didn’t look
at you that’s all shit you right there right
there right there right there right there
get off my head and did you go there and you go here looking at you and you okay
all right that’s fine this is all fine I don’t like that I like to puff it my
gosh see okay I don’t like to do it all of this all this is bad
oh it is bad I have enough coins oh here comes here comes big old fuck boy it
comes fuck boy my own piece oh all right you flashlight okay I can do both of
those at the same who’s gonna buy going to buy I was going
I was on my way to the store to buy I was on my way to buy you didn’t let me
buy I was gonna buy need to be a little faster you know and they said you were
fun giant eager I didn’t know that it was going to be that kind of a fun you
know so bad maybe not so bad okay you’re coming out of the way that’s fine you do
your thing you’re welcome good thing I had so many goddamn coins oh your guitar
okay I’m really looking for this goddamn guitar it’s not there where’s where the can it be in anything any of the cameras
that work could it be an event 6 a.m. so I got to end the game looking at him
whoa I gotta end the game with him ah Frick
I’m such an idiot goddamnit again cuz I wasn’t know that’s
a stupid fucking oh they died anyway because I wasn’t
able to look at it I just get like these jumbo loops okay I get looped up in
jumbles I don’t know why whoa that’s weird
okay okay well this might be a shit yeah I can buy that okay we’re okay you’re
coming down whoa easy there sonny jim at 5:00 a.m. but it’s getting
real dicey cuz this guy’s so yeah he’s very unhappy with me yeah he’s oh hey
whoa okay you’re stuck I guess which is kind of cool
oh I forgot god dammit of all the I was 10 seconds away
god damn it it’s ten seconds away I mean I probably would have been fine if I
hadn’t because I again like I panicked for some reason I panicked and I
couldn’t I couldn’t figure it out but that’s fine I got close it’s just like
there’s so many things you forget one and then you get jumbled but I think I
got this at least you know it’s it’s just the one mode like it’s really not
all that bad with one I can imagine this being a
goddamn nightmare with twenty I don’t even know how anyone would do this with
twenty but I’m gonna do my best right now on one I’m gonna concentrate on that
I’m not gonna worry about twenty I’m gonna worry about one oh wait oh oh I
know with that let me go ah that was real close oh boy that was way too close
5 a.m. for that that’s coming real soon let’s unassuming that’s this five am
yeah okay oh shit okay get the mangle one quickly thank you the foxy look at
foxy you’re there but these ones don’t fit the music box let’s look at the vent
system okay I’m just gonna close that it’s not ideal but you know better than
the alternative like so out do he favor I didn’t click on that okay soundproof
please I guess they’re blocking on that that’s good okay good good so that’s
good there got the plushy for that guy shush shush
shush shush shush didn’t even know oh god fuck me fuck me fuck you and then
fuck me point three I didn’t even know my mouse
was over you my mask was up god damn a dick god damn a dick that god damn a
fuck a duck a dick fucking damn a duck a dick god damn I
had duh ah I had that that was like in the bag that was in the v bag the only
bag that was around it was in it out on it around it in the bag god fucking damn
it god fucking damn it god fucking damn it Derner the gun fucking a gun
god fucking damn that it was a fucking oh come on fuck me if the show is it
6:00 p.m. you have to end the game looking at him god Oh shit god dammit okay I guess that’s how
we’re gonna end this anti climactically even when I win you don’t let me feel
good about it I ran out of power god of course you could do let me win in the
most infuriating possible way god I don’t need your pity
I don’t need your lucky pity win goddamn yeah now is ultimate custom night one
2051 mode fifty of 1:1 level 150 is what that was it wasn’t that bad it’s just uh it’s just keeping things in your mind
the only reason I’m upset at all is not because it’s not because the game is bad
I’m not saying the game is bad at all of the games too hard bitch it’s 50 what
mutters not that bad right here in my mouth it’s not that bad
but the reason I’m upset is because I said that I eat the beginning of this
recording I was like I would have to beat 51 no no not this episode because I
was planning to live stream the rest of this I’m going to be live-streaming the
majority is to get through the challenges because it’s gonna take so
long look like like 20 different videos going 51 52 53 54 all the way up to 50
20 so I’m gonna be live-streaming this with you guys I’ll let you guys know
when I’m gonna be able to do that but that is I’m getting good at making
excuses it’s fine the games fine I’m fine
it’s fun in a way it’s infuriating but it is fun so I just wanted to say thank
you everybody so much for watching and putting up with my rage and
my screams and just thank you guys so much for being there for me and also I
wanted to mention a personal thank you to Scott Cawthon himself he when I made
the video announcing what happened to my niece he made a really nice post and he
didn’t have to and that’s what threw me off so much I sent him an email but I
don’t know if he uses the same email anymore by sent him an email just
thanking him because he he sent out a message that was just like the game this
games coming out obviously and he wanted to put it out there that you guys you
know hopefully you guys wouldn’t Lim barred me with a request to play this
game while I was you know away with family and I just wanted to say thank
you to Scott for that because you know he didn’t have to do that you really
didn’t have to do that but you did and that speaks a lot to like I don’t know
it speaks to your character and and it’s such something that I really appreciated
and I know it would have happened anyway and I know you know you making that
message it wouldn’t remove the world but it did sway some people and you know it
gave me a little bit more space in terms of focusing on you know just spending
time with my family so thank you Scott and thank you guys so much like I said
beginning this video thank you for giving me time on this and yeah I will
be live streaming this in the future and in the very near future probably like
tomorrow I will be live-streaming a tour later tonight or whenever I feel like
spending some time with you guys and it’ll be a very relaxed thing we could
take our time with this because if I try to push myself like I did in this video
I will get upset and then I won’t be able to keep going so we’re good to take
it nice and easy I’ll let you guys know I’ll create an event for it and we’ll
have a lot of fun so thank you everybody so much for watching if you want to play
this for yourself it is free so go get it off a steam it’s totally free and
just thanks for watching let me know we thought down the comments below if you
found any secrets let me know down in the comments as well because I’m sure
there are secrets and thanks again and as always I will see you in the next
video Buh-Byee!

100 Replies to “Five Nights at Freddy’s: Ultimate Custom Night – Part 1”

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