Five Ways to Find Your Signature Style or “Go To” Style Uniform

Five Ways to Find Your Signature Style or “Go To” Style Uniform

– Finding your go-to or signature style. (happy music) Hi, ladies! It’s Erin, and welcome back to my channel. For those of you that
might be new to my channel, hi, welcome. I do upload two new videos every week, every Wednesday and Friday mornings. So I hope you will hit
that Subscribe button so you get the notifications, and you don’t miss out on anything new. Okay, today I wanna talk about your go-to or signature style. Those two things are a
little bit different, but basically the same. And we’re talking about
the importance of it, what it is, how you find it, and I also wanted to
mention out of the gate that if you are finding
yourself struggling a little bit with your style, flailing, if you will, maybe you’ve had a life transition, maybe you’ve lost a lot of weight, maybe you’ve gained a lot of weight, maybe you’re pregnant, maybe
you just had your baby, and you’re not really
sure, you’re just lost. If you haven’t already watched
my style reboot series, I highly recommend that as a way to get your style back on track, to give you the road map to help you get your style back on track. I did them, eleven videos,
they’re all numbered, they’re in order, you should watch them in the order that they are numbered, and I really feel strongly
that that can help you, at least give you a plan. Second thing I wanted to
talk about, is the importance of a go-to or signature
style and what is it? Your go-to style is the outfit combination that you would turn to when
you are pressed for time, or not sure what to wear. And you know that you can walk
out the door feeling great, feeling confident, knowing that it fits and flatters your body,
knowing it makes you look good, knowing it makes you
look modern and youthful and sophisticated, all
the things that you want, and that it is also versatile, like it can go from running
errands during the day, to the dinner date you have that night, or a business lunch during the day, to a day with your husband
later that evening. So versatility with your go-to
look is also very important. So let’s talk about some
of the things that you need to think about when
identifying that go-to style. The first is your body type. (cheerful music) When somebody writes to me, and they say, “Erin, I cannot find
clothes that fit my body, I have a flat butt, I have a short torso, I have big boobs, I have
short legs, I have, you know, any medley or (speaks in foreign language) of specialty body type things,
then I always kind of say, you’re going to have to
have things tailored, because manufacturers,
designers, do not create clothing or garments for specialty body types, they just don’t. There
are some situations, like petites, you know,
there’s clothing lines for petites, tall, there are
clothing lines for tall women, but in most cases when you
have a specialty body type, you’re going to have to do
some tailoring to make it work. You also may need to have your go-to style be certain silhouettes. So, for example, if you
have a really round tummy, and then smaller legs, you
may want to wear tunic tops, or flowy-er tops with a jacket
over to kind of cinch in the middle or cheat the
waist, and then maybe a pair of skinny jeans to offset
the volume of the tunic. And that may be your uniform. So you may not be able to
deviate much from the uniform because of your body type. What I’m saying is, your
go-to style has to be based on your body type. What will
fit and flatter your body type? This could be endless videos
talking about body types and how to dress them, I have
done a zillion over the years. And I’m sure you can find them
if you type in the search box by the videos, also, if you
do have a tummy issue, you should watch my “20 Tips to
Help You Conceal Your Tummy” video, that one is a great
one, and I’ll put a link to that one below. I’ll also put a link to
that Style Reboot playlist so if you wanna go ahead and watch that, to kinda get things back on
track. That’ll be there too. So finding a go-to style
that definitely fits and flatters your specific body type. And again, if you’ve got
really broad shoulders, you’re gonna wanna wear something to soften the shoulders that
don’t exaggerate the shoulders, if you have really big
hips butt and thighs, and you wanna minimize
them, maybe you don’t, because that’s fine too,
but I’m just saying, if you do want to minimize them, you wanna have your uniform do something that will help you do that. So maybe it’s a boot
cut or straight leg jean instead of a skinny
jean. Or a wide leg jean instead of the skinny jean. And a blouse that hits to the hip length. You gotta figure out what that
is, what is going to best fit and flatter your body type. And if you’re not sure
what your body type is there’s this whole thing
where you can do math and you know take your
measurements and stuff, but the easiest thing to do,
is wear something really fitted or get naked and look in the
mirror and figure it out. If it all looks proportionate,
like your shoulders line up with your hips, your busts
kinda line up with your hips, and then your waist nips
in, that’s like hourglass. If your waist really nips
in. If your waist is more like mine, it’s kind of
straight up and down, and doesn’t nip in much, that’s
more of a rectangular shape. You know, if you’re carrying
your weight in the middle, that’s going to be a circle
shape or apple shape. You know if you’re bigger,
up here than you are below, that’s the inverted triangle shape and if it’s your hips butts
and legs that are bigger than your upper body, then that’s the traditional,
most common body type, the triangle or pear shape body. Once you know your body
type, once you know how to dress, you better
understand how to dress your body, then you can pick your go-to
or signature style based on your body type. When you’re picking that
signature or go-to style, it’s also important to
consider what your style is. (cheerful music) You don’t have to pigeon hole yourself, you don’t have to pick
a category and be like that’s me, I’m gonna stick to it, you can if you want to,
but you don’t have to. It’s important to understand,
like, you gotta roadmap in your brain. Do you know what I mean? Like the same way you might
write down your life goals, and you have a roadmap,
you have a five year plan or a ten-year plan. If
you don’t, you should! But your style is kinda the
same, so you wanna have an idea, a general idea of how you want to dress. It may change from day to
day, and it’s certainly going to evolve us because we
change as people dramatically. Our lifestyle changes, our age changes, maybe we change climates,
maybe we have babies, you know, whatever. So it’s
going to evolve and change, it doesn’t necessarily mean what was your signature
style ten years ago is going to be your signature style now, but I think it’s important
to identify it, now, when you are trying to
find what your go-to style is going to be. So whether that’s classic
clean lines, minimal details, or romantic, lots of lace and
ruffles and floral prints, or fashion forward, you’re a
risk taker, you like trends, you push the envelope,
or something like preppy, which is lots of polo shirts
and madras plaid and seersucker and ribbon belts, that kinda thing. Whatever your style type is,
maybe there’s a version of that that’s your very own unique
style, just having that in your head will help you so
much in identifying not just that go-to signature style,
but also how to dress on a day-to-day basis. So
it’s an important thing to understand anyway. (cheerful music) Another tool that can
help you in identifying that go-to style is to look in your closet and see what is it that
you have multiples of. So you know what I’m talking about, you have like six striped
shirts in your closet. Or, six black blazers in your
closet that you know like oh hey, my go-to style is a striped shirt, a black blazer, and skinny jeans and a cute pair of ballet flats. Maybe you have, you’re like me, and you’ve got like a
zillion white eyelet tops. Or, you’ve got, like a lot of turtlenecks and you’re like Diane Keaton, you’re always wearing a turtleneck. Those are the pieces you
should probably incorporate into that go-to look because that’s what you feel the best in, that’s
what you feel the prettiest in. That’s what you feel the most
comfortable and confident in. So, looking at those
pieces, the multiples, the ones that you have
a lot of in your closet, or you keep buying again
and again and again, that’s going to help you
so much in developing that signature go-to style. (cheerful music) The next thing I want to think
about is if you do wanna have a signature style, maybe you
have something that you wear all the time, like a pair
of statement earrings, that could be your signature, or Jackie O used to wear
the big oversized glasses, so maybe something like that
is your signature style. Or maybe you love chokers,
and that’s your signature. Maybe you love bodysuits
and that’s your signature. Maybe you always wear dresses
and that’s your signature, maybe it’s a huge top knot
like I’m sporting right now, that could be part of
your signature style. Just a little something that
you can always kinda throw in there that’s unique to you,
that becomes your signature. That’s kinda the fun, you
don’t have to do that, but I feel like that’s a fun
thing you can throw in there. I definitely have
signatures, but they vary, and I alternate between
some. So I would say, like the white blouse would be one, and then probably like a choker necklace, I love, I have several
that I love to wear, kind of on a regular daily basis, and then jackets, like I love jackets. Like I love to wear blazers,
I love to wear motor jackets, so I feel like that could
be considered my signature as well. (cheerful music) And the last thing to think
about, I say this all the time, when considering that go-to look, is does it make you happy? Do you feel cute in it?
Do you feel joyful in it? Do you feel confident in it?
Do you feel comfortable in it? It has to like, check all those boxes, and then, you’re gonna rock it. And so that’s the outfit,
and variations of that outfit that you turn to, that you
go to, on the, like I said, on those days where you
don’t have a lot of time to make that decision, you’re in a hurry, but you need to look good. Which, I think that happens to most of us at least once a week. So
I hope that helps you, just sort of think about
this a little bit more, in developing that a little bit more. It is sort of a general topic but I think it is a very specific goal,
and a specific target, and how you go about there, I
hope that those tips help you figure out a way, give you an easier way to go about figuring out what your go-to, signature style is. As
always, if you have questions, just comment below, let me
know what those questions are. Don’t forget about that
style reboot series if you haven’t already watched it all, I’ll put a link to that
below. I’ll put links to my signature style below
for you guys to take a look at. Some of the pieces that I
wear over and over and over and over again, I’ll
link those below as well. Thank you guys so much for watching! I hope that you will hit
that subscribe button below if you haven’t already
and also over on the blog, BUSBEESTYLE.COM, you can subscribe to my weekly newsletter
so you get those updates, and it’s a full recap of what’s going on on the website throughout the week, so it’s just an easy way to
keep tabs on, on everything. Thanks again, you guys, for watching! And I will see ya next time! Bye (cheerful music) (cheerful music)

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  60. I love you girl. I will be 58 this June. I have alwaz had an edge and a signature color or print. Its leopard,Red and pink. No matter what I am wearing I will also incorporate these items. When I get gifts it is sooo me. That's my fashion signature. I am like a camilion also.

  61. I need to tell you how helpful your channel has been for me. I lost 75lbs this year and completely revamped my style to what I have always wanted. Your advice and look books have been so helpful in my journey. Thank you for being so dedicated to your YT community.

  62. I LOVE everything you wear and you are my inspiration! I just have to adjust to my body type, but I get my outfit ideas from your videos 😊

  63. Thank you for this talk, very realistic. Sometimes I’m all body types lol it’s a menopause thing. Love you Erin 💕

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