Fiyonklu Örgü Bebek Yeleği (1-2 Yaş)

Fiyonklu Örgü Bebek Yeleği (1-2 Yaş)

Hello everyone For today’s video we’ll do This cardigan with a bow on it Our cardigan starts from one side of the front to other side

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No sews are made You can whether sew buttons on bow or not as you wisg I did it, so the bow sleeves wouldn’t roll up But of course it’s your choice Now with the cardigan We start from the bow And continue by increasing loops That’s the backside When we turn over to fronts die, we’ll decrease And take one bow and slide it through that hole As I said you can sew buttons or not Or another type of fastener Looks so cute We have a very chic cardigan I’ve already show you how to do this I’ve added a bow just to match with the cardigan There’s a video on my page I’ve made 21 loops on my needle As you see Looks small but it really isn’t It’s made with 2 purls, 2 knitwise rows stitches You can elongate it as much as you want by increasing loops It’ll be made for a head I’ve used 1,5 of skein for this cardigan Hope you like it Let’s start with our cardigan I’ve used.. this yarn for babies My needle is number 4 I’ve made 23 loops and stitched 2 rows in garter We’ll do the bow part first So I’ve made 23 loops and stitched 2 rows We’ll make a buttonhole just in middle Then we’ll stitch another 2 rows in garter We2ll have 4 rows in garter stitch I’ve made one two in garter stitch We’ll make a hole here 1.. 2..3..4.. 5..6..7.. 8..9..10.. Stitched 11 loops Increasing And decreasing the loops next to them So that we have another 11 loops to stitch See we have a hole here Again we continue stitching until we reach to garter stitches 1..2..3.. and 4 rows in garter is made We’ll start decreasing from left and right sides We’ll decrease until there are 9 loops remaining 1..2.. 3..4 loops stitched Decreasing the next two loops I’m stitching the loop between until there are 6 loops remaining I’m stitching my loops in garter Until 6 loops remaining.. 2..4.. I2m decreasing again when there are 6 loops left And stitching 4 loops I don’t do anything on backside, just stitching And knitting in garter We’re decreasing only on front side Okay, we are on front side again Knitting 4 rows in garter My stitches are all in garter 3..4.. Decreasing I’m stitching my loops between until 6 loops remaining When there are 6 loops, I take 2 loops together and decrease And stitching 4 rows in garter I stitch the loops on the back side In garter stitches until the end When we’re at front side, we’ll decrease our loops again I’ve stitched 4 loops and decrease the next 2 of them The ones between.. I’ll stitch them until 6 loops left 4 loops After stitching take 2 together We’ll stitch the loops between them and decrease 2, next to 4 loops When there are 4loops remaining, stitch them in garter On front side we’ll decrease We’ll do nothing on the backside as pattern So that the loops will decrease to 9 loops Aright We had 23 loops, there are 4 on left, 4 on right side On the front side by decreasing from next to every 4 loops We have 4 loops on left,4 on right and 3 in between We’ll take those 3 llops together and decrease to one So that we’ll have 9 loops in total 1..2.. 3.. 4 stitches Take these 3 loops together Stitching the remaining 4 loops See that one side of the bow is appears I have 9 loops on needle Stich those 9 loops for 4 rows in garter After we decrease 1,2,3,4 rows in garter stitches appear Now that there are 4 loops on each side By increasing from right and left sides of the middle loop We’ll increase to 11 1..2.. 3..4 stitched I’ve taken a loop right next to it Here is 5 Stitching one more Taking out an extra loop next to one I’ve stitched Stitch them all in garter Until there are 13 loops here Our pattern will continue in garter stitches We’ve increased after stitching 4, now we’ll stitch 5 2..3..4.. 5 … Increasing one 6 loops We have another one Increasing 1..2.. 3..4..5.. and 6 We have 6 loops on each side and one between, in total 13 loops After we have 13 loops 2 4 6 .. 2 4 .. 2 4 6 loops There is one in middle Now on the first row we’ll start increasing loops There’ll be 6 garter stitches on each side We’ll increase from left and right sides That’s the middle part We’ll knit as in 2 rows purls, 2 rows knitwise 6 loops on left and right sides By decreasing the loops, 2 rows in purl 2 rows in knitwise So purls and knitwise Here are purl and knitwise Purl and knitwise It’ll continue as in 2 rows purl, 2 rows knitwise We’ll increase and also make a pattern while knitting Now 1.. 2..3.. 4..5.. and 6 6 loops in garter Now one loop between As we can’t increase just next to it I’m taking another loop It’ll be knitwise 1..2.. I’m taking from next to loop I’ve stitched The middle has 3 loops There are 6 loops in garter 6.. When we reach to back side again We’re stitching the 6 loops on edge in garter Stitch the 3 loops between in purl Turning my yarn over Stitching 6 loops in garter These 6 loops will remain as 6 until the cardigan is finished 3 loops done Now we’ll increase as creating holes on pattern You can take your yarn forward as you wish You’ll wrap your yarn in direction you choose We had 2 in knitwise We’ll make 2 rows in purls I’ve increased See that ı2ve increased 1..2.. Stitched 3 loops Increasing in the direction we stitched garters I2m making 6 loops in garter And than 6 loops Stitching the loops on edges 2 4 6 This belongs to the part where we increased We’ll stitch according to direction; purl in purl or knitwise See that I’ve stitched in knitwise but appear purl on front 2 4 6 stitching loops in garter First we’re stitching 6 loops in garter The 6 loops will remain as 6 until the end Stitched them Again increasing See 2 rows purls, 2 rows knitwise Now I’m on knitwise row Stitching in knitwise Increasing again when I’ve 6 loops left And stitching in garter On back side only in garter And by adding the increased ones, stitch all the loops I’m stitching in purlwise the one I’ve increased in purl direction 2 3 4… 5 6 7.. The middle has 7 loops Stitching the loops in garter When we’re at front side, as it doesn’t appear clearly but We have 2 rows in knitwise 2 rows in purl, 2 rows in knitwise When we come to front side, we’ll change again So that we’ll stitch in purl on middle First stitching 6 loops As we’ll stitch in purlwise, I’m making in purl I’m increasing again when I’ve 6 loops remaining And stitch in garter After stitching edges in garter My loop in middle Will be knitwise as we made purl previously Stitch in knitwise 1..2.. 3..4.. 5..6.. 7..8.. and 9 Our middle has 9 loops I2m finishing the loops by stitching the last 6 loops We’re on front side Our increases always on front side On backside stitch purl in purl, knitwise in knitwise 2 4 5.. 6 stitched Again increasing them We’ve stitched 2 rows in purls, so this is knitwise row We’ll increase them in direction we’ve stitched before Increased Stitching the loops When there are, 6 loops remaining Again increasing We’re stitching all loops on purl row It can’t be seen clearly but 2 knitwise 2 rows in purl Our pattern will appear after we stitched a few rows By increasing from left and right side The middle part will enlarge These 6, the 6 loops on both sides will remain constant So that we’ll increase from both side Our increasing will continue until we reach the loops we want Alright I’ve increased and made 81 loops Now I’ve 81 loops on my needle Now we’ll separate the arm There are 81 loops But if you wish to make larger size Continue increasing Now for the arm 6 loops are in garter We’ll take 25 from the body So that 31 loops for the arm And 50 loops will be left on body 12 of the 25 loops will on arm sleeves, 13 will be on collar So that we’ll turn after stitching 12 loops and until there are 6 left Take a turn again Here stitch 31 loops I’m stitching in garter on arm No patterns here 1..2.. Our increase are also done 3.. 4..5.. 6.. continue 7..8.. 9..10.. 11..12.. 13..14..15..16.. 17.. 31 loops are done 2 4 6 8 .. 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 And 31 loops Here is the arm part Turning back now Stitching 25 loops here Passing the first loop 25th loop On collar; there are 2 4 6 loops We’ll take a turn from here Taking my yarn forward Passing one loop Turning back Sorry our yarn should be on this side Pass one loop Again I’m passing one loop Stitching 25 loops Stitched 25 loops Turning back We’ll take a turn from 12th loop So I’ll stitch 11 1.. 2..3..4.. 5..6..7.. 8..9..10.. And 11.. Passing 12th loop Also there are 2 4 6 8 10 12 13 loops left 6 loops on collar, 13 loops between Turning back again Passing my first loop again See that we turn after stitching 6 loops and also 13 loops Turning back By the way I’m stitching until the end of the row This is the part where we take turns, stitching This is where we take turn from collar Knit all the loops on this row Turning back again Stitch 31 loops in garter Now again Turning back From collar I’ll leave 2 4 6 loops and take a turn 24.. 25. loop, pass
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2 4 6 loops remaining on collar Turning back Again passing my first loop And stitching all loop on arm We have 31 loops on arm 6 on collar, 25 for body These 12 of 25 loops belongs to arm sleeve So take a turn after 12 loops Stitch 13 loops, and take turn from collar Okay Now again turning back Because we take a turn after 6 loops 2 4 6 8 10 12 13.. We’re turning back from here There are 12 loops and turning back after stitching 11 1..2..3..4.. 5..6..7..8.. 9..10..11.. Pass the 12th one See I left 6 and 13 Turning back Again turning back Now we take turns two times We turned back by leaving after 6 loops, 13 loops Stitch this whole row That’s loop we take turn, stitch that either Passing We’re on collar When we reach to arm sleeve, we’ll take turns again So that our garter stitches will be more on the sleeve And less on collar Let me show you After knitting back and forward for a row Leave 6 loops Knit until the end and at the end leave 13 loops We’ll come backwards and stitch all the loops on row After do the same thing again Leaving 6 and 13 loops By leaving 6 and 13 loops, stitch all the loops So that we’ll enlarge the sleeve Continue like this Okay We have taken turns from both 6th and 13th loops After this I’ve 15 rows in garter Stitch the arm Let me give you the measurements Exactly.. 18 cm width of the arm That’s enough Let’s measure the body also We have 15 cm on side of the front It’ll loosen after a while We’ve made Our arm like this We’ll cut the yarn her That’s the opposite direction Let’s fix the yarn here This is the knitwise direction How we know that is… When we take the yarn on left, see the knitwise direction Now we’re under the arm Tie the yarn like this We’ll continue knitting from here Just as we did in previous patterns, under the arm We’ll stitch by moving back and forward So that we need to stitch a while for under arm I’ll continue the pattern as it is Now 2 rows in purl We’re on knitwise direction We don’t work on arm anymore It may rest for a while We had 50 loops here We’ll stitch these 50 loops as 50 loops Our increases are over When we reach the end, where there are holes We won’t increase anymore But we’ll continue our pattern Now after 2 4 6 loops, we were increasing Increasing before 6 loops But if we increase here, our numbers will be a little extra So that I’ll decrease these 2 loops That hole So that our row can continue Increasing again Stitching 6 in garter So we’re decreasing and increasing Our loop number should remain same I’m stitching 6 loops when I turn back Now I continue the pattern As we knitted in knitwise on back Stitching in purlwise here Our increase on backside are complete So that we won’t increase from under the arm It’ll continue in knitwise We’re under the arm again We have 2 rows in knitwise Now in purl, Stitching At the end of the needle.. when 8 loops are left These 6 loops in garter Frist we’re decreasing You can decrease in direction you choose I’ve stitched in purl so I’m decreasing in purlwise And increasing 20 loops Stitching the remaining 6 loops We have 50 loops This will continue as 50 loops Again let’s start We’ve made 2 rows in knitwise As in 2 purls, 2 knitwise, 2 purls Let’s stitch for 6-8 rows Alright That’s the arm After I’ve stitched 2 4 6 8 rows I’ve stitched 2 rows purl,2 rows knitwise for 8 rows Now we’ll merge the arm And stitch the back side While stitching the backside We’ll continue for 50 loops in 2 purls, 2 knitwise, 2purls These 31 loops remaining will be stitched as in garter On backside Now that’s our arm That’s the bottom

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I’ll continue stitching This will be in garter So that I’m leaving a mark here And continue in garter Stitches Also from 6th and 12th loops, we’ll take turns every time We’ll stitch after and 12 loops Now I take the loops on arm I’m stitching until there are 6 loops on collar Passing one loop 2 4 6 loops left turning back Turning back on back side Continue taking turns after 6 and 12 loops And now 2 3, these 25 loops here Stitching in garter again Now on body Our pattern will continue These 50 loops will continue as 2 rows in purl, 2 rows in knitwise I’ve made the purl row, move on with the knitwise row Now Our arm And the body is merged Now we’ll increase and decrease these 2 loops First we’ll decrease 2 loops then increase, and stitch 6 loops in garter And continue then turn back from 12th loop So we’ll leave 13 loops From this loop, after 12th loop Let’s stitch forward and back Let me show you to take turns there I’ve stich 50 loops Here is my mark The rest of the 31 loop will in garter stitches We turned from 6th loop 2 4 6 8 10 12 13.. Just as on the arm we’ll turn from 12th one I’m stitching in garter Passing this loop, the 12th one, and turn back See that we turned back after stitching 6 and 13 loops These 12 loops are in garter again 12… The next one is, I’ve stitched 2 knitwise now Stitching in purlwise I’ve 50 on body, 31 on collar 81 in total These 81 loops don’t change on backside As in 81 loops, we’re stitching in 6loops, 13 loops cycles And the next row will be completely knitted So turn from 6, 13 then stitched them all We’ll continue until our backside is complete When we have 2 4 6 loops on the sleeve Decrease the next 2 loops And increase them Just to create holes here as we made earlier We’re making holes here still but You may not do this if you don’t want it You directly knit there Let’s arrange these loops See that we pass a loop after 6 loops Turn back and left one after 13 loops So 13 plus 6 19 loops We left and turned back We’ll stitch all the loops we have While stitching the yoke collar will be in garter The 50 loops on backside will be in 2 purl, 2 knitwise rows

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This also will continue on the backside We’re stitching our all loops On backside after turning from 6th and 13th I knitted Let’s count here On our arm.. On collar 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 15 rows in garter we have We’ve stitched 15 of them by moving back and forward Now on the backside of the collar 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 and 19. garter 19 garter stitches on backside So we’ll turn from collar then 13th loop Turn back to start and start with 4 row sin garter Again we2ll do the arm After that until we’ve 15 rows in garter on arm We’ll stitch The 31 loops on the arm until end 30.. and 31 Turning back again just like we did before I’ll only knit these 31 loops Now I’ll move on till collar then leave 6 loops 6 loops Passing the 7th loop again Turning back Just as we did on the other arm These 31 loops By leaving after 6 and 13 loops Stitch all the loops on the row Until we have 15 rows in garter on collar We’ll stitch the other arm and finish this Turning back again 2 4 6 8 10 12 13 13 loops left Passing the last loops turning back As we already take turns for 2 times, until the end I’m stitching This where we take turns I don’t do anything there, just stitching That’s where we turn from collar Alright, we turned one more time So… Our turns are complete We have one in garter I want to put mark there Because after that there’ll be 15 Okay… Like this until we have 15 in garter on collar We’ll finish arm by turning from 6th and 13th loop After finishing the, just as we did We’ll tie our yarn to part where we left off Without increasing and decreasing we’ll stitch 50 loops until under the arm Then I’ll show you the front part We have again 15 in garter on arm After knitting arm I’m finishing here Tied my yarn and for 6 rows Just as the other one I’ve stitched 6 rows Now we’ll merge the arm After knitting is complete, I’ve tied my yarn under arm Now I’ll continue knitting The garter stitches are done We’ll continue on the pattern of the body I’m on knitwise direction Stitching knitwise So the 31 loops on arm I2m stitching tightly here so that Loops won’t loosen up later Now I’m stitching until the collar See there are 2 rows in purl on body Here.. Our knit looks as it was on the other side Let me show 2 rows in purl, 2 rows in knitwise 2 rows in purl, 2 rows in knitwise It’ll continue like this While we’re doing the other side, we increased On this direction we’ll finish The front part by decreasing Now I’m stitching 15 rows in garter Just like the other part We have holes on the edges To make them I’m increasing then decreasing Now we’ll decrease loops one by one, I’m decreasing the next loop You can take 3 loops together if you wish Now we’re on knitwise direction, so I’ll continue in knitwise Till the backside’s complete,stitch in 2 rows in purl, 2 rows in knitwise This is the seam of arm When we reach here 2 4 6 These two and these two, leave 4 loops Until there are 10 loops left Until the sleeve of the torso When there are 10 loops left, these 6 will be in garter For this pattern Now we will decrease Decrease 2 loops Again decreasing two loops next to that Increasing and stitching 6 in garter I’m stitching these 6 in garter

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I should stitch them in purlwise direction Turning my yarn And continue until the end of the row When we turn to front side We have 2 rows in knitwise so that we’ll knit in purl And stitching 6 rows in garter As we’ll stitch in purlwise, I’m increasing in purl I’ve decreased the two loops next to increased one So that we can have holes as on the other side I’m decreasing another one also And continue By decreasing on the collar and sleeve Our number will decrease by 2 Until the bow part, we’ll continue like we did Stitching all the loops When I’ve 10 loops left on sleeve, decrease again Okay after 6 loops we’ve 4 loops Take these and these together First I’ve decreased one, take 2 together Taking the next 2 loops Increasing and stitching 6 in garter Just as you see… By decreasing from here and here We’ll finish the sleeve by narrowing down Okay, by decreasing I’ve 9 loops remaining on needle After taking 3 loops And by taking loops from garter stitches Decreased them also I’ve 9 loops on my needle right now I’ve made 2 rows in garter We have these 1..2..3..4 rows of garter stitches when we started I’ve Decreased and stitched in garter Now I’ll make the second row, while doing that We’ll make a large hole 1..2..3 stitched Now take three of these loops And pass them through each other I’ve decreased 3 loops, 3 loops on my needle 3 loops on my left needle Making 3 loops here I’m making 3 loops instead of the 3 loops I’ve decreased I’ve 9 loops again Turning back and stitching these 9 loops in garter We have a hole Now I’m stitching another row On other side we decreased by 23 loops Till 9 loops left We have 9 loop on needle By increasing them I’m stitching 4 loops in garter I’ll increase from left and right side of the stitches Taking a loop right here We have 5 Stitching the one on backside and right next to it 2 4 6 7.. 8.. 9..10..11 loops Now I’m stitching all the loops on backside in garter On front side again Again 4 loops In garter stitches 4 loops on other side We have 3 loops between Again I’m taking a loop next to one I’ve stitched 1..2..3..4.. And took the one next to that loop, stitched 5 loops between We also have 4 garter stitches on edges Again on front side We do the same Stitch 4 in garter Take one loop right next to it 1..2..3..4.. 5..6. When 4 loops are left I2m taking another loop next to that, 7… We have 15 loops I2m stitching in garter on backside As in the start, I’m stitching until there are 23 loops When I have 23 loops, ı2ve stitched them for 2 3 rows in garter Without increasing and decreasing Just as the first bow, I’ll make hole here 2..3..4.. 5..6..7.. 8..9..10.. and 11 11 loops done Increasing Increasing and decreasing these 2 loops Here again we have another buttonhole here After that I’ll stitch 2 rows in garter and finish the bow So that the cardigan will be complete Alright the bow is done Let’s hide the yarn I’m taking that through into the loops We have no seam on the cardigan

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We started from one point and knit to the finish That’s the back I’ve sewed buttons here Straighten this I’m taking my bow through that hoel we made When it’s worn, the corners are buckling So I’ve made holes to keep them straight I’m taking those through the holes I’ve stitched just where we marked them The cardigan is over You can, I have some bows here, Sew some of them to decorate it You can add them if you want Thank you for watching

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