Floating Fortress 1952 USS New Jersey

Floating Fortress 1952 USS New Jersey

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  1. I was wondering, where do the cobblers and newspaper guys go during general quarters? Do they have a secondary combat role?

  2. BRAM! BRAM!
    Startled Marine: (On a Battleship for the first time!) "What The HELL, was THAT?"
    Seasoned 'Gunny', replies: "Relax! It's just the NAVY, "Clearing it's THROAT!""

  3. While I deeply appreciate the enlisten men's service, all of that iron pumped into North Korea accomplished very little. Over 60 years later and we're stuck with maintaining a force in the south of a country where the north is ruled by a crook who is buddies with our crooked president. Hell of a waste. We should have spent the money building better infrastructure back home.

  4. Monty Python had the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, so when the preacher began his little spiel I figured he would start with "Oh Lord take this thy Pious Projectile of Plumsted, and guide it unfailingly to its target, who being the enemy, and naughty in thy sight, shall snuff it. And the time of flight shall be forty seconds, and forty seconds it shall be……." and so on.

  5. My brother served on USS Missouri during the Gulf War. He also served on USS Midway and USS Hue City. I served on USS Semmes DDG 18, USS Cape Cod AD 43, USS Kinkaid DD 965, USS Whidbey Island LSD 41, and USS Wasp LHD 1.

  6. I worked on the refit the New Jersey went through at Long Beach in 81-82. It was a treat for all of us working there to be on that ship.

  7. I served on the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) from 86 to 90 and got aboard when she was still a PCU (Pre-Commission Unit) and proud to be a Plankowner. And the constant through the years is the quality of Navy chow. Think about serving 6,000 men 18,000 meals a day. It's insanity, but it happens every day. We had fresh baked bread and pastries at every meal. Three egg omelets with hashbrowns and toast. Halibut steaks and asparagus. Midrats (mid watch rations) was just an open loaf of bread and cold cuts with potato chips, but when you're hungry as hell because you were on watch during chow time, it seems like a gourmet meal. And "at sea" smokes were $5 a carton. It was hard work, but I enjoyed being at sea. Makes coming back ashore all the more special.

  8. 850 loaves of bread per day. Unless my math is wrong, that would mean they were using over 500 lbs of flour per day just to make bread….🤔

  9. The living conditions of battleship is much better than the other WWII made destroyers. BTW, the helicopters can be seen in 1952.

  10. When I was little we lived near the North Carolina in Wilmington, but I was born in NJ. Talk about coincidence.

  11. This was made two years before I came aboard the New Jersey in 1954, It sure brings back a lot of memories. I was in the machine shop where we produced all the machined parts for the ship.

  12. @ 212 it is said that is tnt in powder bags, well that is incorrect. it is smokeless power, NOT tnt.

  13. A lot of misses……..falling short into the water unless the video is just video and not actually attached to the described fire mission.

  14. If they designed a new BB, made from modern armor and materials with modern ship defenses. You would have a ship that would be even harder to sink. (No ship is "unsinkable") But it would sure take ALOT to sink one. But it will never happen. Destroyers are the big guns now! Plus we have the new San Antonio class ships are the closes thing we have to a BB! It's half helicopter carrier and half transport ship, and they are HUGE!! no real big guns tho! It does have CWIS and the biggest gun it has are 2 bushmasters II 30mm guns along with defensive missle launchers. All the guns it has are for defense.

  15. Maybe so, but what other type of platform can "soften up" a hostile beach, AND stick around to support the landing troops? Aircraft can drop bombs; however, they usually have to leave the area immediately after dropping their load, so they can't stick around to support said landing troops.

  16. The Iowa class battleship were built well into ww2 and upgrade during the gulf war still made them some of the modern warships in the world still they are the largest and most powerful surface warship in the world the uss new jersey packs more gun firepower than entire carrier battle groups surface warships they weight more than 20 modern destroyer and there armor is invincible to even modern ant ship missile these are the best warships in the world it be cool to see them once more in action

  17. Like many hereabouts, I love battleships – have done since the time this film was made; how times have changed; despite the violence of the broadsides and the air attacks, the film seems almost innocent.

    I think that the Iowa class ships were amongst the most beautiful of all, and it is heartening to see that they have been preserved.

  18. The Philadelphia Experiment is hosting a party on this boat this weekend. If you wanna dance on this baby, now's your chance.

  19. For all who are interested; I am a Philadelphia resident. The USS New Jersey for several years now, has been permanently docked on the Delaware River in CAMDEN, New Jersey. She is one lovely lady!!!

  20. They were obsolete by the time WWII started. That's why every nation that fought throughout the war had a Fleet of battleships? and fought with them throughout the war? And Battleships weren't just done away with after the war either.

  21. You have no clue what you're talking about. Tragically it is about expense. Associated with manpower. The fact is most big systems on a BB are manpower intensive. But they can still perform many missions no other ship can. And, to this day, they are the hardest to sink ships on the planet. No US Navy large vessel is a "floating target." They fight back…

  22. Expense has got nothing to do with it. Do you believe that carriers are cheap to operate? Battle ships were obsolete by the time WWII started. Why do you think no one has bothered to build a new one since then? Missiles like the SS-N-22 (aka Sunburn) make most large surface vessels floating targets. The days of the dreadnaught are over.

  23. …….and to the republic for which it stands, One Nation under…….????God(who's that?). With Liberty and Justice for All. How times have changed.

  24. @falconpunchm14 Sorry, but they are just too expensive to operate them! That is why the US Navy decommissioned them. I served on the Big J, as an electrician's mate, during the Vietnam War. She was good ship, kept very clean and in good material condition.

  25. @poisondog20 i wouldn't say a ghost in the captain's cabin is a problem, i would say it is another reason to go on board.

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