Folding Tips: Fitted Sheet, Dresses & Skirts, Hang Fold, Towel Swan! (Clean My Space)

Folding Tips: Fitted Sheet, Dresses & Skirts, Hang Fold, Towel Swan! (Clean My Space)

Every time we put a folding video out,
we ask for comment. Well, I mean we do that in all of our videos but in the
folding videos, we ask you what else you want to know how to fold. So this is the
fourth installment of our folding series and we are covering how to fold a fitted
sheet, a skirt, a maxi dress, how to hang fold a sweater, and how to create animals
out of towels, and it is being highly debated what this animal actually is. The
point is, I’m going to show you the technique, the animal, and the creativity,
that’s all up to you. Stick around. We get asked all the time about how to fold
fitted sheets and I know everybody wants their fitted sheet to look like this. It
looks hard but trust me, it’s not that hard once you figure out how to get it
done. A quick pointer, my sheets are silk so they look super wrinkled. Most people’s
sheets aren’t going to look like this. Either way, this is a straightforward
technique and it will take your sheets from looking freaky to looking fabulous.
The first thing you’re going to do is find one corner on each side of your fitted
sheet and you’re going to stick one hand through one point and one hand through the
other point. Then, this is the easy part, you’re going to clap your hands together
and you’re going to marry the two corners together. So basically, you’re going to
use one hand as your pole I suppose and you’re going to wrap the other corner
around the top of that pole. Now you should have one end of your rectangle
perfectly square. You’re going to get to the other side where you’ll see the two
opposite corners and you’re going to do the same thing. Find one corner and then
you’re going to wrap the other corner on top of that. Now if you look at the sheet
lying down you’re going to see it looks like a rectangle and that means you’ve
done everything properly and from here it is smooth sailing. All you’re going to do
is a tri-fold, so you’re going to fold your sheet in thirds, you’re going to fold
it in thirds again, and you’ll see your fitted sheet is now perfectly folded. Next
up, how to fold a maxi dress. The thing is with maxi dresses they tend to be A-line
and in fact, this tip will work not only for maxi dresses but shorter dresses or
even A-line skirts and here is what it looks like at the end, and here is how
we’re going to do it. I would recommend hanging your maxi dresses when possible
but if you don’t have closet space or if you’re traveling, this is the way that you
want to do it. So lay your maxi dress out flat on a surface and the whole concept
behind folding is we want to have straight lines. And I’ve said this many times in
our folding videos before, once you got the straight lines down folding it is a
breeze. So we’re going to create a straight edge on one half of the dress so
you can see it’s sort of goes on a bias once I folded it and we’re going to repeat
that on the other side. Now everything looks straight, kind of like a long,
skinny rectangle. I’m going to flip the top of the dress down and this part is
really easy. We’re just going to fold a bunch of times until it looks nice. And
viola, done. And on the topic of fancy, frilly female outfits we have the skirt.
Skirts are pretty simple because they’re mostly square already so there’s not much
to do. My recommendation is to just do a couple of tri-folds and you have yourself
a nice, little skirt package. A lot of us hang our sweater like this but every now
and then you’ll pull your sweater off the hanger only to see those permanent hanger
impressions in the shoulder area. There is a way to avoid it. It is called the hang
fold not to be confused with a hang nail, and it’s quite simple to do. Start off by
laying your sweater flat and then folding it in half. Once that’s done, take the
hook of your hanger, place it into the armpit area of your sweater, pull the body
portion of your sweater across the hanger and then take the arm portion of your
sweater and fold it across the other part of the hanger. This is what the hang fold
looks like when it’s all complete. I think it’s a great technique to use for your
more delicate sweaters. The reason I was saying not to do it for all of your
sweaters is because it can get a little bit bulky. For your finer materials it’s
okay but for anything that’s a little bit thicker, you’re just going to want to hang
it as you normally would. All right, on to the towel animals. So full disclosure
here, this is my first time trying it. I was on a cruise ship. The guy who took
care of our room created this elaborate zoo of towel animals so I thought it would
be kind of fun to give it a try. But, like I said, this is my first time, read some
instructions, we’re going to try together. What you’re going to do is take the tip of
one end of the towel and fold it into a triangle and then you’re going to repeat
on the other side leaving a few inches down there at the bottom. Now we’re going
to roll each corner in to create the body of the animal. The real secret here is
that I rolled inward, not straight. Now you’re going to fold the towel up a little
bit to create a body. You can see what’s going on here. And then you’re going to
form with your hands the swan head and beak. So this will require a little bit of
patience and manipulation. Again, this is my first time so I’d appreciate no
judgments unless you want to tell me I’m doing a great job, in which case I’m open
to it. I got to be honest with you, not looking like a swan, more looking like
someone leaning over a toilet and puking. Either way, I never said I was a pro at
this, this was my first time. I would love to see if you give one of these towel
animal, person, sculpture things a try and what your success rate is like. So tag me
on Instagram, I’m @melissamaker, the camera guy who’s great idea this was by
the way, he’s @thechadreynolds, we are @cleanmyspace. And I would encourage you
to let us know in the comments down below if you have any other folding questions
that we can help you out with in perhaps a future folding video. There’s a button
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Thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you next time. Now it’s that special time
of the week where we get to direct your attention to a few other videos I think
you’re going to love. The first one is folding tips number one, not surprisingly.
The second one is folding tips number two and I know this one is not going to blow
your mind. Folding tips number three, right over there on the very end. Check
those out they are super helpful, full of great folding tips. You can also visit our
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