Foot Cardigan Package Opening! | HelloHannahCho

Foot Cardigan Package Opening! | HelloHannahCho

do I have a fun one for you today that was a statement not a question but cardigan is a monthly subscription service of socks fantastically fantastic socks straight to your mailbox every month they're great quality super cool unique designs you never know what you're gonna get so it's a surprise every month they have men's women's orchids you can pay monthly until you say stop or you can also pay in advance for like three six nine twelve months at a time it's a very affordable nine dollars a month plus two dollars shipping in the US I'll have more details and all of the details in the description box I would highly recommend visiting their website because it's just really fun and well done and of course I got the hook-up for you 10% off of any order just use a discount code Cho CH o now let's get personal for a minute I really love this idea because I really love socks if you are a true dedicated viewer of mine let's call it that you would know I'm not a foot person I'm just not a barefoot person personally I don't own any open toe shoes when I'm at home if I don't have shoes on I have socks on or slippers so I have a lot of socks I'd like to call it a collection but at the same time I use them daily and go through them a lot so they're not like something I save and display or I'm gonna keep forever but is that the definition of a collection I don't know whatever the point is I have a plethora different styles length designs all of them cute I must say although I don't have any toe socks not a toe sock fan they freak me out so something like a sock subscription service getting socks said to me that I might not be able to find anywhere else excites me and with that being said let's see what I got your feet are about to get awesome sometimes when I'm doing unboxing or opening type videos I feel like I should do it ASMR style foot cardigan it looks like you should be able to tear it open quite easily but I'm struggling so let's just do it this way and there is a packing slip ooh cute nice and wrapped very cute it's like Christmas let's unwrap it and it is in plastic packaging foot cardigan women because I am a woman in case you didn't know who their long socks the best kind so cute it's ice cream it's an ice cream cone like there's the cherry the layers the cone love ah let's review shall we they feel good quality stretchy not too thick but let's try them on that's the real test isn't it so cute can you see it and yeah thank you but cardigan for making my day and making me smile if you are a sock person like wah if you know someone who is if you're looking for a unique thoughtful gift idea for someone check out foot cardigan link you know where I love you guys I hope you're doing well thanks for watching I will see you sooner than later promise bye

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  1. I saw these documents and thought of you:

  2. Ah those socks are so cute 😍! Yeeeah, I may or may not have a bit of a sock addiction hahah… Really though I'm that person on Christmas that's actually excited to get socks, lol. Oh and also, that new ending screen dealio (very technical term πŸ˜…) looks goo~d πŸ‘πŸ½, it's got a certain sassy spunk about it.

  3. Intriguing! I do love socks! My only problem is that I have some big ol calf muscles from fencing and tennis that I need to personally test the stretch of every long pair of socks I consider buying.

  4. The Ice Cream styled socks looks cute. Plus socks pretty much makes feet soft. I'm not a sock person unfortunately, but I do wear them tbh. Love the review still!

  5. I hate socks xD if i hadn't to wear them at work i would never wear any…. They make my feet hot and all the cat hair sticks to them and you have to wash them all the time (i only wash once a month since i am basically never showering at home or wearing private clothes) so i would need a ton of socks and they are pretty expensive :/

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