29 Replies to “For Patreon. Trying on $3 T-shirts wash and wear clothing!”

  1. Some of these comments are hilarious!!
    Some of you guys with such comments as “ Oh I love your Nipples “……
    Really ??? Is that how you pick up the ladies ???
    Has that ever worked out for you ???
    You ladies man !!

  2. You are so sexy looking and butillful looking and love your butillful nipples thanks for the video Iam rock hard thanks xoxo

  3. You should buy the coffee beans wholesale and have your own brand. Farm Girl Coffee , Exoman Heafy brew. Just a thought. Make more dollars to go traveling. I would love a bag of good coffee.

  4. I absolutely agree with you all about the Sunday Law. I think the reason is so people that go to church can get their alcohol on the way home from church. It's crazy. What's the point to have to wait and by the way I don't drink it but You should be free to choose, any day. Good informative video.

  5. You know..im about your age and as i watched this.. i thought , this is what i want to do more of with my princess

  6. she is awesome HOT what few seem to mention the hubby is also an awesome guy , secure and confident to show and share his " hot wife" so i have to give much credit to the hubby, if more hubbies are like him this would be a wonderful world, an awesome couple !! wish we were neighbors lol

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