Forget Fashion After 60 Trends! Here are 9 Clothing Items That Are *Always* in Style

Forget Fashion After 60 Trends! Here are 9 Clothing Items That Are *Always* in Style

hi everyone its Margot Manning here welcome to 16 me welcome to a brand new day I'm happy that you're here to join me today thank you so much for being here and for your support as always I I look forward to these conversations knowing that you are you know sitting there in your chairs at home around the kitchen table or out in the garden and hopefully getting something supportive from these chats you know that we're here together our sisters over 60 trying our best to do you know just having a wonderful time in our 60s as living them the most interesting and passionate and purposeful life we can have so anyway thank you again for being here I'm having my morning cup of tea I decided to go with something a little more sombre today I decided to detox by Parker was my was my tea of choice it's actually got some interesting ingredients so now I need to get my um do you party where you are it's actually a great line I don't have any affiliation with them at all but I just like their teas so they've got a sweet fennel seed anise seed cardamom pod licorice root coriander seed and celery seed and I was just actually reading this celery apparently is a really good drink for a you know antioxidant and healthy food it's like no little old celery but there is in the tea as well so hope the term you've got a cup of tea or coffee or something you love to cheer you up and make you feel strong and healthy this morning or afternoon but anyway I've got a topic today I want to chat with you about we talked about fashion now and again and this is a little different approach because it's very specific and it's the opinion of one person and you know it may not be your opinion but I think the the bigger point here is as we get older we start to define our own style and we start to get to know what works you know what our must-have clothing items are now these are not my choices these are Susan Belding who's one of our bloggers and I and the reason I mention it is because I read this list and it's probably like a classic list that I've read in many other places and I'll start here we'll start here now she mentions people of course like Audrey hepburn and i can think of helen mirren celebrities you know people that we know have style and look they've discovered this their what works for them but I can also say that I will around the streets and I can see women who have amazing sense of style and if you do that in your town or city maybe you're one of those people that really has a good mu put together in a way that you know you're what you're wearing what you love so that's kind of what this is all about and I want Susan to know that I'm a throughout this discussion disagree with some of her points but they're hers and let's see how you bounce off you may find that some of these are exactly what you would have this sort of nine items that you would have in your wardrobe and if you can get down to nine that simplifies everything so here we go now trans we know come and go we talked about this many times style is really what matters and trends can be fun they can accent your style and you concert' like for example last season there were tons of really beautiful floral dresses and I actually as a I don't wear much print but when I wear a scarf I always choose those kind of floral prints and for me to find some items I did actually find one scarf that is it was both trendy and for me stylish was great so this is where you start these are the nine that Susan says for her work she says number one white linen shirt now she says a white linen shirt you can either wear a cotton or linen but linen is nice because it just has it's just different it's got a uniqueness to it and she says there's even some wrinkle free versions of linen if you don't like the fact that linen can be quite crunchy but it feels great and for her a white linen shirt is number one thing in her list of must-haves in her wardrobe unfortunately I've never worn a white shirt in my life I've built many of them and I've tried I just don't feel comfortable in a shirt I just don't wear shirts I wear t-shirts or like you know very stretchy comfortable pieces so that's not in my wardrobe at all although and many to the recycling shop because I buy nice a nice white shirt thinking this will be the one right texture or white shape but for you white shirt might be just the perfect thing with jeans and with a skirt jacket so that's that's number one number two a blazer my tongue near a blazer she says navy blue blazer it could be black it could be a brown color but it's a classic blazer I actually have a pink it's a peachy pink colored blazer that's my classic I wear it with everything black and brown and I wear it with jeans we're not jeans but pants or dresses so having a blazer or something a jacket this looks great with all those things that's another for Susan I must have and she says it's worth spending a little bit of money on those types of things because they will be worn forever and your cost per wear will be super low and I think that's a great way of looking at clothes – it's like how often you're wearing it that's the value now a silk scarf she loves silk scarves and so do I really a flattering way to to really accentuate any outfit and you know if it doesn't have to be silk necessarily but silk does have that effect now I have a scarf that isn't is it I don't think itself but it feels like silk and I love this little scarf I wear it a lot little leopard skin one but um when you put it on it just feels you know just feels like it's adding something to what you're wearing and you can twist it or do all kinds of cool things with it but that's one I mean I really agree with her on scarves I'm a big scarf fan I've actually got a polka dot one that I also love it's not silk but I love this one because it's got different size polka dots so you can tie it in different ways and that's one of the ones that I really really like myself but you know the floral floral dots classic styles that go with everything that's what I love to penny loafers now penny loafers is on her list I don't know I've ever owned a pair of penny loafers but they're classics and a lot of women do love them they're beautiful and I wear a brand of shoes I think I've mentioned to you before Medicus they have a strap across the front and those are my penny loafers and I think what she means here is a pair of shoes that you can wear with just about everything with jeans trousers skirts even dresses and you feel comfortable there they're just at your shoe and she says of course and she's right that penny loafers will never go out of style they're always in style maybe we don't put the pennies in them anymore but um but they're for her an essential one of the nine things that she has in her wardrobe so that's that's definitely her her thing leather belt one lovely leather belt and I know that we spoke with Susan honey goods the other day about this she's one of another star bloggers and she said the same thing she has a leather belt that she washes many but she loves belts now I had would not worry about to hold up pants anymore like has a you know proper pants but I would wear them as a accent and that's I think a great reason to have a good one that you love in your wardrobe but she says to you know if you've got a pair of pants so have the buckles in them or have the loops that you really need a need a belt in there to make it complete now that Susan's opinion and I'm not a huge belt person but I think that they do accent a lovely outfit and skirt and so that's in her list James James for Susan are absolute essential in her wardrobe she loves jeans and I think so many women do I mean we have written articles about this where we've read an article that said you know women over 50 should not wear jeans and it's like pardon what and women just went up in arms about no you have it mean that's ridiculous you can wear our jeans until you're 100 it's not a problem and I saw I've kind of come to the conclusion that jeans especially for me because um you know United States women wear I don't know you can get more choice of black or blue or white they're just they're just you know part of a the staple wardrobe for most people so I would say that you know I would add that to the list as well and I've mentioned before I don't wear jeans at all ever think I did when I was about 20 I had some bell-bottom jeans but you know just as again this is not my list and it's probably a list that's closer to some of you than it is to me and she says stay away from studs and shiny sparkly bits and rips and embellishments that's her opinion after a certain age but yeah honestly you can really wear what you like any time of your life but especially after 60 but I do agree that the ripped Jean look is is kind of unique for you know for a different lifestyle but anyway do you wear whip jeans why not another thing she has in her wardrobe is a handbag or purse and a good quality one she says that certain styles are timeless and I agree with her on that and she said to love your leather bag like an old friend and if you don't like leather you can use pleather which is of course a pretend leather but the point here is not to you can have lots of fun bags the colorful shapes and sizes but if you can invest in one bag that you really love and that goes with most of your your style and your outfits then that's a good thing to invest in for Europe for your wardrobe I have just fallen in love with a new to me backpack that Helen Mirren was wearing and we wrote an article about this about should women over 50 wear backpacks and I love to me products I've got a to me backpack that I bought 40 years ago and I'm still using it it's leather and I love it but it's getting a little old and I saw this new one it's a different material it's not leather it's some I'm sure what it is but it's beautiful and Helen Mirren of course looked great in it and it's perfect size and that will hopefully sometime in the future be my next bag who knows but anyway the point is to choose one that's gonna last you it's not going to just be one for a season or one year just buy something that's going to last you what else have we got here on the list Oh a coat or a jacket now in terms of Susan's recommendation she says every woman should have a raincoat or a trench coat very British suggestion but I think I agree with her I have a raincoat trench coat it's not a classic trench coat in that it doesn't have a belt that goes around the waist I find belts for me don't really work I usually leave my coat open when it's not raining and so that doesn't work for me but the definitely having a trainer trench coat look I got mine at Zara and I've worn it pretty much the whole year because you can just put a sweater underneath it if it gets really really cold I'd pull up my winter coat that's nice and then finally finally jewelry I just I have everything from very simple jewelry to big old chunky jewelry and this kind of goes against Susan's recommendation because hers is to have you know a few classic pieces maybe pearls or something something that you like it doesn't have to be pearls but to not go for the chunky stuff and that's just one person's idea I love chunky jewelry and I think a lot of you do too so I've given you nine ideas not all of them are my favorites probably some of them are not yours but I would love to know you don't have to list nine but what are some of the items that you have in your wardrobe that are your go-to pieces that you would invest in that you love forever leave your comments in the section below I look forward to having a conversation with you and hearing what your style consists of but for now just wear something you're comfortable in that you love and have a fabulous day take very good care everybody but bye for now

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  1. It sounds like my style is very similar to yours.  Except for the jeans.  What kind of pants do you wear?  I have been thinking about a casual more dressed up yet still comfortable alternative to jeans.  I only own 2 pr of jeans and  for work I own 3 pr of black slacks.  I'm kind of getting sick and tired of jeans.  In the 80s I never wore jeans.  Jeans were actually something my generation rebelled against.  They were too closely associated with hippies. Tee hee.  I absolutely hate to shop for clothes. I could probably learn a lot by just going to a store, but I always find something else to do instead.  Any way, just curious what pants you like to wear. Thanks!

  2. I enjoyed thinking about this. As I am soon to be retired (1 to 3 years) I am curating my closet and even though I have a lot, I keep only the best of the best that I will love for years – esp. solid colored quality basics (which would be my #10 on the list!). Basics aside I think for me the 9 must haves are…1.) A good watch or two or three! (I prefer Fossil brand in the chunkier styles…they have great sales, and the look is bold, yet timeless) I enjoy not having to dig my phone out of my purse to check the time! 2.) Great leather handbags – I am more casual and love The Sak brand – but like Coach, and Fossil handbags too. They all go on sale as well! Quality that lasts and stands the test of time in style! 3.) Great leather belts – I find them reasonably priced on Amazon! Pulls the whole look together! 4.) Quality simple jewelry pieces, I don't need dramatic pieces, I have my signature chunky watches – so it's easy peasy to add a simple bracelet, necklace and/or ring and let the watch do all the talking! 5.) Layers! I love leather (faux) or jean jackets and cardigans – all classic and will never be outdated if styled in a current way! I even use blouses and flannel shirts as layers! 6.) Outer coats! I love Uniqlo unlined raincoats and unlined wool coats that layer over my other layers (if they had linings they would be too tight over my leather jackets) none of mine have belts either so makes the layering simpler! They are quality and reasonably priced and look great. I have a few – I am done collecting now! Extra bonus is the pockets and hoods. 7.) Comfy AND Stylish Footwear – Comfort and style CAN go hand in hand – I love mules from Amazon, booties and loafers from Target, Maurices sandles and knee high boots! I find the best sneakers from TJMaxx. All my footwear has to look updated and be comfortable to pass my test! I don't invest a lot money in these because they get a lot of wear and styles change often enough that it doesn't bother me to replace with more current trends after 2 or 3 years, it's one way to update my very classic clothing pieces! 8.) Scarves – That is mainly where I add my print, any size or style – infinity, big ones that can be a wrap as well, little ones to tie around the neck or purse. They don't take up much room and sometimes they are the catalyst to build an outfit around! 9.) Dresses and Skirts – They are my ALL year "go to's" In place of shorts in hot months and layered up in colder seasons – with leather or jean jacket/cardi, tights or leggings, tall boots. I love when people see my look in a store window or online and tell me "That's you Dianne"! I feel at 61 I have finally nailed what looks best on me! Blessing to you, love your vlogs!

  3. I have in the past purchased several white shirts and like you I just don't feel comfortable or look right.
    Such a shame really because on other women i think a white shirt looks so classy.

  4. I love winter coats, I’m still trying to find the right one. I also love handbags, backpacks and scarves.

  5. If what you wear makes you feel good and confident, it doesn't matter what it is, because its all about how we feel about ourselves. Great video!

  6. I totally agree with you Margaret! No Jeans or White Shirts for me! I have a Black Blazer for winter and a Pink one for summer. I’m trying to find a pair of good quality trousers with belt loops so I can wear an ivory blouse and a beautiful silk scarf. Also planning on purchasing a pair of Gucci dupes loafers. I have never worn scarves but recently purchased a few moderately priced ones. My thought is basic colors for clothing with scarves 🧣 for added appeal. Yours always look beautiful!

  7. She is a lovely lady, with a great personality. I do think her eyebrows need a make over as they tend to make her look sad. Just my opinion of course.

  8. First off I think we all need to dress in ways that feel right (and comfortable) to us, making sure we can incorporate a few trends along the way with classics backing us up.
    •1). I agree that a trench coat (possibly in a variety of colors) is a good bet for any woman…
    •2). couple that with few good white shirts (some with a collar that you can POP) are also must haves for me.
    •3). To this I would add not one style but a few comfortable style shoes that make YOU feel good. For me, I like a bit of height and 'back in the day' I wore high heels constantly, but now I have to reconsider, especially since I have ankle issues. I have settled on a few nice wedges and a couple pairs of flattering (pointy toe) flats. to help make my wardrobe sing.
    •4). Jeans are an absolute MUST and in many colors. I prefer skinny to straight leg styles but that's just my own taste and what I think looks best on me.
    •5). Good quality straight legged 'proper' slacks. I think this shape can bridge all kinds of events while still being comfortable and stylish, I always have at least a couple pairs of black pants along with a couple of colors (and a few brights when I feel crazy for the Summer).  AND/OR A pencil skirt or other straight-ish shape that compliments your body. A good skirt can be adapted to any event from casual to fancy pantsy. 
    •6). A VAST array of jewelry as I believe this one tool can help make outfits. I have everything from classic small pieces of gold(ish) or silver pieces to big and elaborate styles that truly add something to an outfit. I must v=confess to a bit of a fetish to lean towards big chunky pieces, particularly during the summer. Interesting dangly earrings can also add just the right touch to certain stylings.
    •7). Scarves: yes I too love a good scarf when the out fit and mood call for it. Twisted, droopy or bunched; c=scarves can really add personality to your look.
    •8). Jackets are always a staple in my wardrobe, from classic to a few fun shapes…but mainly structured pieces that help make my somewhat gooey body look more polished and lean.
    •9). (Yowie, this is hard). OK, a good basic BLACK sheath dress (or whatever style looks best on you). I prefer classic sheaths to other shapes because they look best on my body and can be dressed up or down quite easily. Other colors also work great (I have a few) but get one in a color that can go with all kinds of accessories and moods.Hats:YES I have a bit of a fetish for hats and gloves, but this could be almost anything that feels good to you. Accessories are what help my world go round and they add a lot of pizzazz to your closet as well!

    ◘ Point To Note: ◘
    As I age, I have developed a taste for really bright colors (along with my ever present black) to punch up any outfit along with my mood. This also has slid into my jewelry collection as well where I once had golds and silvers, I now have some brights and bulky shapes to add a bit punch.

  9. Margaret I'm so glad that I've found you on YouTube. I'm in the UK and now 61, feeling less and less confident in many things. I've started watching your videos and you come across so beautifully. I feel inspired after watching you, thank you so much Margaret.

  10. That was a fun conversation, some things that I wear daily are yoga pants, tee shirts prints and solids a cross body bag and a tote bag.

  11. Loved hearing the list. I would add a watch for myself. I see it more as a necessity rather than an accessorie, I can't leave home without one. I also feel that a great, well made structured umbrella is very necessary.

  12. I love feeling and looking thin, sexy and classy at the same time. Tight black leggings with vegan boots and skirts or black pants. I worked to get back to size l have no desire to look fat or frumpy..l love how Helen Miren dresses

  13. You look fabulous. Colour is so much more flattering on you rather than black. Hair style is softer and no fringe looks so much nicer.

  14. This list reminds me of what we wore in the 1960s in college, especially the white shirt, blazer, penny loafers, jeans, and trench coat.

  15. Love your post and you just gave me some great inspiration. I'm retired but still have some nice office/working clothes in my closet that I hardly ever wear. Why not wear them to the market or post office or wherever? I'm going to shake the dust off them and start wearing them. Maybe it will inspire other women my age to bring it up a notch. Or, maybe find a beau? LOL!

  16. Love your videos. Living in Texas, there are only a few days that a heavy coat is needed. Many of the ladies wear denim jackets year round. One of my staples is a pair of pearl stud earrings .

  17. Personally I'm not completely dressed without a hat. At 70 I still practice what I learned as a kid. Needed them to avert earaches when riding horses all day. So I have all sorts of hats. But for going to town…I love a wide brim wool hat. Interesting to listen to a woman chat about fashion. My mother would say: "Don't be a clothes horse…" What ever that was suppose to mean…
    I think where women work has a lot to do with their attire. I managed a 1,000 cow dairy. So I worked in loose fitting coveralls which I sewed from different color denims. And coordinated hats…Everywhere else I wore dresses etc. Thankfully because of my work I never had to suffer women's shoes. Never wore heels so there the huge gap for me. Now at 70 I"m thinking maybe a tiny one….just for goin' to town. I must have 100 mostly silk scarves and a bunch of cashmere. THAT means you need some brooches…I have a collection. One thing leads to another…I might just be a clothes horse! What fun.
    I make and sell nested market baskets; many in black. Easy way to carry something in a somewhat stylish way instead of a plastic shopping bag…you still feel 'dressed'.

  18. Boring! Of course u can wear anything it doesn’t matter your age. This person recommendations are for a very classic style not everyone dresses that way. Quality is key but I think we need accessories to add interest. Margaret have a conversation about how to transition from working to retirement with regards to keys pieces to have and how do we go about that when u have a closet full of work clothes. Thanks❤️🥰

  19. I love good quality, dark blue jeans with jackets, tops or sweaters. I like black and gray pants but I also own a pair of navy as well. I have good jewelry but prefer to wear costume jewelry that complements whatever top I’m wearing on a daily basis. I get dressed nicely every day no matter what I have planned. It makes me feel good. I don’t wear belts as they’re not comfortable to me. I had a beautiful, classic trench coat for years that I never felt comfortable in because of the belt. I recently donated it. Since I wear pants most of the time, I now have a 3/4 rain jacket with a removable liner that is on the dressy side which I wear a lot. I own many scarves. I own one white, button down top but I rarely wear it. It needs to be ironed and it always needs adjusting when I’m wearing it. I generally like knit tops.

  20. I agree with you about the penny loafer. I don't think I've ever even owned a pair. They would not be flattering on my foot.
    My go to, goes with anything shoe is the Hush Puppies Chaste ballet flat. They come in so many colors and fabrics (cloth, suede, or just plain leather) and are very good quality.

  21. Regarding the white shirt.
    Some fashion experts say a white shirt or just a top with a white collar or a white scarf brightens up the complexion.
    I do agree with this, but only if the white is bright white or what some call Optic White.
    I prefer a white v-neck knit shirt with 3/4 sleeves.
    It's rare, especially since I have retired, that I would wear a white tailored style blouse.
    I do still own one white blouse which has a split v neckline, with pin tucks down the front for shaping. It has a Mandarin collar. It's not crisp at all anymore; it's very soft and feels casual. In other words, it is very old!
    It's important to keep your whites bright, too, so care should be taken while laundering. Bleach or Bluing help.

  22. You are SO SO sweet and lovely. Thank you for your videoes. I am 64 years old, from Denmark. 🤗🥰🙋🏻‍♀️🇩🇰💝🌹💐

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