Forget the uniform, ignore the guns, just a conversation between 3 bikers

Forget the uniform, ignore the guns, just a conversation between 3 bikers

it’s just amazing the other day I was at the bike shop and I had another conversation the conversation you have with bikers it’s just incredible man do you get that I mean now if I had a car and I parked here another car guy is going to come and you know take me is just amazing the Brotherhood is incredible good choice my friends thank you my friend I’m just gonna join you in the shade store I’m picking one out next week are you it’s fantastic yeah black that’s the only orange that comes on these there is a complete you will get tomorrow that is a huge one yeah yeah yeah yeah drop text moaning yeah alright they are very nice a lot of torque no yes yeah huge amount of torque and engine braking that’s the $12.99 yes yeah yeah I’m I’ve got eight bikes I’m a complete bike addict because the one I’m getting is a 990 yeah yeah the exhaust is differently you can get an app on it no cuz it’s the double nine – because – yeah yeah yeah that’s why you said they’re all black that’s why yeah then I 90 comes an old black yeah yes yeah lovely bike a 990 actually for town is a better bike a AllSaints a penny yeah reading both review yeah I said that the nine this is vicious race is ready to rank yeah they describe this firefighter spiral fold ups pedal cycle with a flamethrower his event incredible you’re mine yeah which is your favorite it’s called the husband another 900 are fun that’s a guy rare bike and in my you know like in your head in my head if I’m being honest is the BMW s1000 are the single are yeah which I have by in my heart is yeah so what bikes do you have Hey yeah this already gonna do next JC one year I’ll be riding my little one too far yeah yeah yeah I have a 1 to a 5 exactly and it’s very straight to getting on it and go so small yeah I just got a yeah are xj6 like fantastic yeah I mean a could be a guy bike man not naked got he make it might participate I love Nate goodbye no me neither I did sport but doing 6070 on this the thrill you get in the twist is you need to be hunger than 340 on those two immediately of breaking good on you no more danger yeah I just with the airflow because I thought the air motorway yeah yeah just put the lid on it here make it different don’t because when I test wound the 990 up to 80 mile-an-hour spine yeah you will get used to it you’ll get used to it I did Europe and nine countries in eight days on the s1000 R yeah which is an acre absolutely no problem no promises will become this big and you know it’s a nice feeling when next week you’re picking it up yeah next week let me take you for a ride and I’m down there yeah no enjoy it enjoy it so you see many KTMs that’s yeah yeah they are I’ve only seen a handful of even just super juice yeah just did you gotta get it for brand new yeah yeah that was brand new title back there yeah I put a Greg Irwin because to be honest now in town because of the theft and so on whenever I pocket I cover it any of my bikes I just cover them if they want to give me a ticket whatever I don’t care give me a ticket but you know actually reduces the fat yeah yeah yeah they don’t know what it is by the time they want to look and so on they attracted attention the crackers are very good you know yeah so they are always ready I’ve got these traps and all my bye yeah because they are hooks now they used to be convoluted and you know straps and so another just hooks you put the four hooks bang and it’s done in 20 seconds you’ve got a 23 litre of 10:31 I usually more usually use and a 20 yeah I know they are very good sighs for the weight is not that bad as well it’s a v-twin it’s you feel it underneath the truck yeah the other time a guy I know he said what’s the size of that engine I said they call it a 1291 this tenth you know why he’s a car guy yeah he said my car is one eat enough yeah I did done 60 horsepower this does hundred eighty the easiest fight to win in two years Matt you know it’s got two settings yeah oh and on so when you have the really control and the traction control on it does wheelie you know but not that high but if you switch it off you’ve got to be one heck of a rider to control it I tell you without electronics it’s really difficult to control it Wow yeah it’s just amazing the other day I was at the bike shop and I had another conversation the conversation you have with bikers it’s just incredible man do you get that I mean now if I had a car and I parked here another car guy is going to come and you know take me so it’s just amazing the Brotherhood is incredible that’s where we work yeah really that’s a huge percentage fantastic little pocket yeah yeah yeah maybe on everyone who stopped China yeah it would often go around it exactly yeah weekend Oh fantastic are there was a riot hahaha yeah I’m at black ones black with midnight blue oh yeah yeah lovely boys they are a nice shell nice out yeah this is bikes Turner bike same market yeah yeah it is super naked as recording them now yeah I love those boys I don’t like fat bikes I mean that’s the best bit I want and I just did not like it I had a few just rode out I had a few of them I’ve done that you know and enough was enough yeah yeah so pretty yeah I’ve written quite a lot boys and yeah absolutely because the balance is just perfect yeah this one yeah

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  1. Police officers are real people….sometimes everyone forgets that.

    They have hobbies and interests like everyone else….and most dont even agree with the laws they are made to enforce sometimes.

  2. Oh ok so next time I park on a red line I'll just find some commen interest with the copper not to get fined

  3. This is what all British police officers should be like in Britain, chill as fuck and communicate with the public like these guys and gals are,, These guys are what British officers should dream to be like…

  4. Real cops would have shot you probably accidentally then shot your bike . Oops thought your gloves where guns.
    I watched two cars full of armed police kick a door down ransacked the house, turned out 13 year old boy had a air rifle. Well done you showed him poor kid now they need to pay £600 plus for a new front
    But police knocking is so last year.

  5. I do think all police forces are kind in their own way but the British police are just more funny and layed back. From America 🇬🇧🇺🇸

  6. Exactly as you said
    The brotherhood with bikers is unrivalled. There is no other group of strangers who have such a deep love of a common interest. They help each other at every opportunity. They will give advice, have thought provoking discussions and always lay the path for newbies.
    You won’t get it with cars

    Bikers are brothers

  7. yo why do the police have such huge guns so nonchalantly? lol it's not even like this in the US of all places haha

  8. fuck all this bike talk i want to talk to the about the mp5 model guns they have those are sweet. probably some kind of h&k

  9. Anyone else annoyed he parked the bike in such a bad spot? Should have moved it in front of the car. The police were a bit lazy in that regard.

  10. 4:25 think about if he would just randomly punch hin like jo dont tought my property and super rude 😂😂

  11. Last time i'm stop a train for having a good conversation. And Yeah that train dont stop either

  12. I was there in London 2 years back in Summer and we had great weather too.Must be the klima change 😉🌼Thats waht i love about the Brits they have manners and are friendly and helpful👍 🇬🇧

  13. Nice title compared to Indian YouTuber…if they had to write this would have been the title " Cop stopped me" 😂

  14. What fucking legends you both are officers. That's what I like to see a bit of normality and old school policing engaging with general public in a right and proper way both of you officers should be awfully proud of yourself. So nice to see this behaviour from a lady and a gentleman in uniform well done penny and well done you officer quality gold loved seeing police behave this way I mean that why have so many in uniform got a let the rest down with poor behaviour when these two officers behave in this exceptional way, I know you get stressed and some people are not nice towards you but to many times the police let there selfs down but this of you two officers was so lovely God bless you both may jesus watch over you on your duties amen would a roared if the copper went in fact I think that is my bike your under arrest for theft pmsl. Real enjoyed seeing decent police obviously decent people behaveing in a right and proper way chatting about a common interest lovely bless the three of you

  15. I've been watching a ton of films now of cops being very professional and doing their jobs perfectly.

  16. Uk cops normally pack that kinda heat in a country where handguns are forbidden and the normal citizens dont carry around rifles? 😂

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