Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch – Snapdragon 3100 – Fastest Google Wear OS Smartwatch?

Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch – Snapdragon 3100 – Fastest Google Wear OS Smartwatch?

what’s up guys Chigz here from Chigz
Tech Reviews, today I got my hands on the latest Fossil Gen 5 Smart Watch now this
is a brand new Google wear OS Smart Watch packed with some pretty decent specs
along with NFC AMOLED display and lots more so first of all inside the box you
will find a user manual a magnetic USB charging cable and last but certainly
not least the SmartWatch itself so design wise it’s a good looking watch it
looks and feels very well designed you have a 44 millimeter case made
completely from steel alloy and finished in black now the build quality is pretty
good now on the front we have a 1.3 inch I’m gonna display with Gorilla Glass
protection and the watch is in fact powered by the Snapdragon a 3100 along
with of one gig of ram and 8 gigs of internal storage
now usually most other Google wear OS watches ship with around 512 gigs of RAM
and this has to be the first Google wear OS that I’ve seen which ships with one
gig of ram and the result is very clear as you can see there is no lag
whatsoever meaning this is currently the fastest Google where our SmartWatch
we’ve ever seen so far on this channel furthermore you have Bluetooth version
4.2 GPS Wi-Fi and this is running of course the latest version of Google
where OS now battery life promises 36 hours from a single charge furthermore
you do have a 380 M of water resistance now the watch dimensions it’s 44
millimeters in diameter and 12 millimeters in thickness and weighs only
63 point 3 grams now the straps are made from silicon finished in black and the
watch does feel very comfortable on the wrists it’s rather on the slim and light
side and I have to say I do like it quite a bit
furthermore the straps are removable and you can replace it quite easily with
your own 22 millimeter band now to give you an idea of the size of this watch I
will bring in the samsung galaxy so this is at their fair side-by-side
you can straightaway see that the Galaxy watch is kind of much bigger and bulkier
in size now to be exact it’s 46 millimeters in diameter with a 1.3 inch
screen and it’s 13 millimeters in thickness and weighs 63 grams whereas
the fossil is 44 millimeters in diameter with a 1.3 inch screen so same screen
sizes and 12 millimeter in thickness and weighs sixty three point three grams
similar size to the Galaxy watch you’ve got the same screen size you got more
bulk and thickness to the Galaxy watch and overall the fossil does give a more
compact experience now on the side of the watch we have three buttons and the
first button will allow you to create custom categories the middle button will
actually take you to your system apps and the last button will take you
directly to your workouts so you can select and start any workout you like
from here and on the other side you do have a single loudspeaker which means
you will be able to take your phone calls on this on the girl now at the
bottom of the watch we have an optical heart rate sensor and you’re charging
pins and I’ll quickly show you the charger working so here is the charger
place it on top and plug this into any USB source and you’ll be charged up in
no time this supports fast charging so you can
get from 0 to 100 in around 70 to 80 minutes max and then that will give you
up to 36 hours of battery life depending on your usage so here is your default
watch face it is the Google wear OS watch face and when the watch face times
out you will see and always on display now the always-on display means that you
can see the time whether the screen is on off it is quite useful but it does
consume a little bit more battery now you can turn this feature off if you
wish to do so from settings now that’s the default watch face if you’d like to
change keep the center press for two seconds and then you’ll be presented
with some other watch faces that you can immediately change to and if you click
on see more watch faces you will then have a rather large collection of
different watch faces that you can immediately change to so one of
the plus points of the fossil watch is you have a huge range of watch faces
built-in but you also have the Google Play Store and you were to download even
more watch faces so the collection is very large
now something I forgot to mention is the middle button is also a scroll and it
allows you to scroll your content very nice and smoothly and again a very nice
touch good feature and now I will give you a few examples of the selection of
watch faces available on this watch here we go now let’s go through some of the watch
features if we swipe down from the top you’ve got your quick toggles with
settings battery information your google pay and aeroplane mode so if we swipe to
the right you’ve got your Google homepage and you’ll be able to do your
regular Google assistant stuff so what is the weather like tomorrow in London okay
so that’s your Google assistant now if we swipe up you’ve got all your
notifications emails and text messages if I open up one of my emails you can
actually reply directly on the watch now if we swipe to the left you’ve got your
step counter if we swipe again you’ve got the local weather if we keep going
you’ve got your events your heart rate sensor and then heart points so let’s go
back now if we click the middle button you’ve got all your apps will quickly go
through them together you’ve got the Google Play Store
settings agenda alarm cardiogram contacts Find My Phone
Google fit fit breathe fit workout a fossil Google pay media controls Nike
run Club you’ve got phone so you can make phone calls via Bluetooth and take
them directly on the watch you got you the Play Store reminders settings
Spotify stopwatch timer torch google translate and weather so the first thing
I want to do is check out the Play Store I’ll show you what to expect this is not
going to be the full version of the Google Play Store this is going to be
the Google wear OS version so if we just go to recommended apps give you a few
recommendations on popular apps that you can download so you can see messenger
Spotify we’ve already got installed and you can see over here what is available
telegram calculator compass offline maps zombies run I guess
as a game and the list goes on so there are lots of apps that you can download
and I really do like that handy scroll bar so this is a full-featured
Android SmartWatch running Google where OS gives you lots of different features
and options great fitness tracking capabilities you do have NFC so you can
set up your Google pay and make mobile payments directly from the watch you
have phone capabilities and you can make phone calls directly from the SmartWatch
say here are my contacts I can just click on anyone and start dialing the
number straightaway directly from my watch so it seems like Bluetooth phone
calls are not working on my watch instead I am getting this loud static
noise I have updated the firmware and I have restarted the watch a few times and
the result is exactly the same I’m just getting a static noise instead of
hearing my phone call so maybe a firmware update will resolve this maybe
my watch is faulty I have contacted fossil and hopefully they will get back
to me on this meanwhile if you own a fossil Gen 5 and do let me know if
you’re getting the same static issue so I’ve got two watches on my wrist the
fossil and the Galaxy watch and we are going to test out the screen on
hand-raising capabilities for both watches at the same time and see how
they perform so here we go so Galaxy watch and then straight after
a split second after a Fossil watch let’s do it again so you can see they’re
very very close the Galaxy watches the fastest I’ve ever seen but I have to say
I am quite impressed with the fossil is not bad at all where do it once more
here we go very responsive so the Galaxy watch is still the king of screen on
hand-raised but I have to say the fossil watch is not bad at all so good job
Russell so once we have per 40s on our wrist and
a quick heart rate test at the same time and we’re gonna see what results we get
and here are the results for the heart rate test 124 beats per minute on both
watches so not a healthy heart rate by any means but I’d like you to know that
I’m not feeling well at the moment and I am getting quite high fevers so my heart
rate is rather on the higher side but on the plus point you’ve got an accurate
heart rate sensor in the new fossil watch so there you have it guys that was
the new fossil Gen 5 SmartWatch so here are my thoughts on this device this
SmartWatch is beautifully designed with a gorgeous AMOLED display it’s very
compact and slim and extremely comfortable on the wrist this is the
fastest Google wear OS watch I have ever experienced and it also appears to be
the most compact Google wear OS watch so many things fossile have got right on
this watch such as accurate heart rate and GPS sensor 3 ATM water resistance
NFC payments fast screen on hand raise lots of watch faces removable straps
super performance with an always-on screen option now Bluetooth calls are
also supported but unfortunately my watch has an issue where every time I’ve
tried to make a phone call I get static noise now I’m thinking it could be an
issue with just my watch and I have contacted fossile to see what they can
do and I will update you guys on that situation as it gets resolved
furthermore the loudspeaker quality is not great and it does distort quite a
bit so when you’re listening to music or just talking to the Google assistant the
poor speaker quality is definitely a letdown finally let’s talk about battery
life I had the always-on screen off and the watch stayed connected to my smart
phone via bluetooth throughout which is required if you want your notifications
etc so I could achieve only 20 hours of battery life screen brightness was also
on medium so nowhere near that 36 hour mark yes there are plenty of battery
saving options but on normal mode you can achieve barely 20 hours so this
means you will need to charge your watch everyday and this is quite an issue for
me as I am used to the Sam galaxy watch lasting me a full two to
three days now even the tick watch pro will give
you nearly two days of battery life so that brings us to my top performing
SmartWatch chart of 2019 showing you all the latest smartwatches and seeing how
they compare with each other and as you can see the new fossil Gen 5 has taken
position four on this chart with a rating of eight point nine out of ten
now if bluetooth calls were working fine then this watch would have ranked
position three on this chart just above the tick watch Pro yes the phosphagen 5
is in fact faster in performance than the tick box Pro and it is much lighter
and slimmer in design so bottom line with a few minor niggles to my watch I
can still say that the fossil Gen 5 is the best Google wear OS SmartWatch you
can currently buy now I believe the issues with the battery and the
Bluetooth cords might be resolved with a firmware update and if this does happen
you have yourself a no-brainer and I will keep you guys updated on the
situation of my watch and with that being said I will leave the links in the
description so you guys can check this product out meanwhile thank you so much
for watching and I hope you all have a brilliant day see you in the next one

41 Replies to “Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch – Snapdragon 3100 – Fastest Google Wear OS Smartwatch?”

  1. Wow !!
    AMOLED display, Snapdragon processor, design looks great, Battery life is not that good.
    Superb Smartwatch. Great review bro.

  2. Amoled Display is the best feature in this watch. But I don't like its battery life. BTW Thanks for this detailed review Sir. πŸ‘

    Twitter @SumitRamSays

  3. Even with those cons..I am still loving this fossil watch..thanks chigz. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»..

  4. amazing to see most smartwatches still can't compete with the old galaxy watch or even the older GEAR S3( mine still works fine as my daily driver for 2.5 years now )

  5. I purchased the Armani smartwatch gen 4 I don't feel there is a big difference between gen 4 and gen 5 fossil can you compare them please gen 4 vs gen 5

  6. If the firmware updates fix the issue will it take third place on the list of watches? Do you think the battery life issue is a software problem? I'm very tempted to buy this but would need to know the battery can go longer and that the call issue is resolved. Surprised Fossil didn't pick up this on testing. other users are reporting the same issue over at the fossil website review section.

  7. Damn,with these watches sometihing's always left to be desired. Why, oh why did they not put lte and a bigger battery in this watch?

  8. Oh btw the speaker issue. Fossil knows about it. They are doing a firmware update sometime in September. Mine isn't as bad as yours. It just crackly when calling someone.

    The issue is after you do a phone call, the speaker remains crackly for everything else like music sound notification sound etc but if you reboot it the speaker is fine again expect for phone calls still. So its deffo a firmware issue and hopefully fossil will updste that shit soon.

  9. If you guys have a WearOS watch and a Chromebook, then download that WearMouse app!!! It's INCREDIBLE!! You can use your watch as a mouse pointer! I'll admit it's definetly a little gimmicky but it is just crazy awesome to use!

  10. Chigz Tech Reviews : Vrry classy and looks phenomenal for a Smartwatch !!! The Fossil Gen 5 leading the way with style and functionality for a better electronic future ! Thanks Scarboro πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ“ΈπŸ€πŸ’š

  11. Chigz, please do me a very special favor and try to download Google Voice if it works, then try to see if there is a way to take the google voice calls only on the watch rather than phone and watch, major thanks in advance you do by far the best reviews

  12. Does this watch allow offline Spotify? So can you save music to the watch so if you leave the phone at home you can still listen to music?

  13. FYI there is a firmware update coming for the speaker issue at the end of this month. Any update on the bluetooth calls?

  14. nice review Chigz… too bad about the battery life though. My gen 4 battery is not very good either. WearOS just does not seem to be verry efficient overall.

  15. The ZombiRun app is workout based "imersive" running app. Its so fun!! I've used for biking too. It's an audio story based app where zombis chase you among other story related stuff. Tryyyyy it!!

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