21 Replies to “Frederick Joseph Wears 'Caucasians' Shirt To Parody Redskins Logo | Op-Ed | NowThis”

  1. Lmfao all these comments are trying to determine if this guy is telling the truth. None of them actually address if the guy has a point, none of them address if 'Redskin' is a racial slur. None of them actually address the fact that Native Americans are actually campaigning against this. Ah yes, the black man said so as such it is not true i.e. questionable. Sigh, the prejudice fueled by racism.

  2. If I wore a a shirt with a black man on it, having the word “negroid” on it and walked through a black neighborhood people would get butt hurt and prolly jump me

  3. Great idea. Make a statement on racism, by being racist.

    … and don't tell me what's racist towards whites and what's not. Just stop bro.

  4. Frederick needs to apologise for saying a white man murdering a black girl for no reason )when it was actually a black man) instead of his next tweet saying people should be more caring about a black girl murdered than defending white people.
    There's the problem. He can't admit he's wrong and when he gets called out about it he pulls the race card.

  5. I am native american and I honestly could care less. I am sure there are people out there who maybe get offended in some way. But this is a ridiculous argument.

  6. As a proud biracial Indigenous woman, I will be purchasing. I wanna see how many butthurt caucasians get offended. Thankyou brother. ✊🏽✊🏿

  7. It was a good chance that a Caucasian person thought it was a degrading to name a team the "Redskins". There are people out here who are of a different race who don't always fall in line with the "teachings" I've been a Redskins fan for most of my Life… as a kid I had no clue it was degrading, that's because my family didn't rock that way, we didn't reference other races by derogatory names. I feel sorry for you if that's the case and why you look at the world as you do, there are so many people out here.who want to just get along and move forward, stop being scared, it's ugly when you act like this.

  8. Since when does actually seeing an interaction mean that it happened, I mean… I've seen footage of things that you Caucasians will never believe happened or act like it didn't happen… Are you picking up what a brotha is putting down?

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