Free PPC Tools – Wasted Ad Spend Worksheet | Google Advertising

Free PPC Tools – Wasted Ad Spend Worksheet | Google Advertising

Mike Mancini with PPC Video Today we’re going through our wasted ads spreadsheet. Now this
spreadsheet is set up so where you can go into your campaign and enter in a
few statistics from that campaign into the spreadsheet
and it’ll give you an idea of where your money is being wasted. There’s
a lot of campaigns that we go into and, as we’re auditing them, we find that they
have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of keywords (maybe they’re only
spending one or two hundred dollars a month) and they’re wasting a lot of money
in that campaign. Two keywords that maybe aren’t converting, or maybe they’re only
getting one or two clicks in their lifetime. We’re trying to show you
how to weed out your campaigns to really only be advertising those keywords to
those areas that you are making money from. This is just a very quick
spreadsheet to give you an idea of what you could go through and just how much
money you are wasting in different parts of your campaign. Now below this video ,in the video description, you can go ahead and click a link in there and you can go
down and get our wasted ad spend worksheet, and you can get that for free.
So go ahead and do that right now and then we’ll get started in the video. All right, so this video I know we
touched on it a lot but I want to give you one last example of what wasted ad
spend can do to a campaign or how to figure it out
calculator values are in orange so make sure you don’t change those those little
calculate as you fill this out so go to your campaign now go you can do a year
you can do six months you can do three months whatever you want to do I would
suggest before you know go back to before you started using this using what
we’re talking about using our lessons or before you really started optimizing so
we’ve worked with this company for a while but we’re gonna say 2015 this
campaign whether it was already running for them and we want to give you an idea
of the wasted ad spend in that campaign alright so go to the campaign and the
cost of the campaign throughout that time period we’re just using 2015 as an
example was 53 3779 go ahead and fill that in creaky 337 79 keywords with at
least one impression so you want to click on the campaign that you’re
working on and click on keywords once there click on impressions sort it by
the most impressions at the top click the top keyword and scroll all the way
down now if it stops because you aren’t showing enough keywords or because you
have a limit you can scroll down to the bottom and you can say show rows up to
500 so you know if it’s only showing ten at a time go and make sure that this one
has five hundred and seven we’re just which is fine but if you’re on the show
in ten rows make sure you’re showing all the rows okay but click on the keyword
the top keyword remember was sorted by impressions and scroll down until you
see where a keyword does not have any impressions at all you can see it stops
showing impressions here and then hold shift and click on that now you see all
of these keywords are highlighted with the check mark and you can see 215 were
selected keywords with at least one impression 250
now I want you to go back to the top unhighlight all these and click on
clicks sort by clicks click on the top keyword scroll down till you can see
that they stopped getting clicks and that is right here I hold down shift and
then I click on that so I’ll have it’s all of them and you can see a hundred
and thirty seven keywords so one hundred and thirty-seven keywords got clicks 215
got impressions so now let’s go to conversions go and sort by conversions but you can see up here at the top total
conversions was 46 during that time period now this may not include phone
calls or anything else but we’re just using this as an example keywords
producing conversions so I want you to clear those out click on that top
keyword they’ve got 19 conversions and the scroll down to where they stop
getting conversions shift and I’ll click on that and we see only 12 keywords got
conversions now the keyword costs for all
conversions what I did was I added up this number 1000 109 plus 1116 plus all
of these numbers down to here and because those are the only ones that got
conversions and my total came out to twenty-seven hundred and fifty six
dollars and 67 cents so what this shows you is the keywords that were producing
conversions only five percent of the keywords produce conversions that means
that two hundred and three of those keywords we’re getting might have gotten
clicks but they didn’t produce anything so that means you have two hundred and
three keywords that were wasting your advertising spend ninety-four percent of
your keywords are wasting your advertising spend that means twenty-five
hundred dollars the 53:37 wasted money
the percentage forty eight percent forty percent of all of the clicks did not
turn into conversions this is not to make you feel bad this is not to make
you feel dumb this is just to show a point now I’m not
saying go and scrape out all the twelve of those keywords but it gives you an
idea just how few keywords will produce conversions you don’t need to have a
million keywords in a campaign to have it run effectively now just imagine if
you would have put this waste twenty five hundred dollars a wasted ad spend
into these twelve keywords how many conversions you might have so this is
just a tool once again this will sometimes really make you cringe when
you look at it and it’s just show you that you’re in the right spot you you
don’t want this to happen anymore so you want to make sure that you’re keeping an
eye on this and making changes so that this number is as low as it possibly can
be another thing to keep in mind is the 80/20 rule now 80% of your conversions
will come from 20% of your keywords now this might not be 100% accurate but as a
generalization it does follow through with pretty much any campaign that we
have we could have a hundred keywords in there but about approximately 20 of them
are the only ones making a conversion so keep that in mind like I just said
before we’re don’t want to go in and scrape 80 of those keywords out because
over time they may prove to be beneficial but one thing you need to
also understand is over time people’s search tendencies will change a couple
of years ago we used to find campaigns where people were searching for pest
control and they would put in a zip code now people are certain not necessarily
searching for those they still do sometimes but more people are searching
with the keyword that says pest control near me so those will change so keep an
eye on your search terms keep an eye on keywords that maybe used to be
converting but aren’t more and watch out for that once again
this is a guideline this is just to give you an idea of where you can go through
and start looking and making some changes in your campaign thanks so much
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