FREE Twitch Prime CAMO, Outfits, and MORE!!

FREE Twitch Prime CAMO, Outfits, and MORE!!

37 Replies to “FREE Twitch Prime CAMO, Outfits, and MORE!!”

  1. Remember people. You need money on the card if your just now getting Amazon prime to use Twitch prime. If you don't. Than just forget about it, there's no bypass, no tricks, just forget it.

  2. Hey m8, is there any reason why we wouldn't be getting out prime loot if we've gone thru the steps for it? It's been 2 days with no loot and I have both Amazon prime and Twitch? any help appreciated.

  3. @Twitch. See people are liking this shin black ops 4. Can you please finally add in Lions and Finkas purple uniforms?

  4. I've been watching your videos for years and somehow never hit the subscribe button until now, my bad Prestige

  5. Ok so I’m confused on the other consoles. So you can claim it for PC and Xbox right now! But will it just show up in my account in a week or will I have to reclaim my loot? Please reply someone if you know the answer! 😊

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