38 Replies to “Frida / that Cat Outfit / a Piano (1975)”

  1. Agnetha and Anni-Frid are extraordinarily talented. Their voices together are magic. Agnetha is a goddess. It's impossible to take your eyes off her, especially when she bites her lower lip. (The designer of the cat outfits deserves an award.)

  2. Feminist probably implode upon watching this! And that's a good thing… LIKE SHARE with FEMINISTS!

  3. Assatanata la moretta  vaniglia ..voce da brividi la bionda ….!! 2019 …mica cotica ..Sti ABBA…!!!

  4. Ohh! I miss this times.Everything was better back then,even the woman whitout no fucking tattos and all other shit!

  5. Definitely the two HOTTEST SEXIEST BEST SINGING DANCING female vocalists EVER!!!! This is just ONE of the MANY SMOKING HOT outfits the girls wore. OK! Time for a COLD shower!

  6. I was 8 years old and fall in love with these two women I remember their hairs and Fridas' legs and Agnetha pompies and of course those beautiful faces. On stage still no one can perform as the used to do it. They are simple the best, today I still miss them.

  7. Too bad ceramic flat irons hadn't been invented here yet- Frida could have advantaged from a smoothing out. Smooth hair just has more shine & flow to it , looks more healthy & youthful . The hair means everything on a female – it either makes or breaks the whole look.

  8. Wow ! This page is all pro- Frida! I love her. She's the hotter of the two. Give me a dark haired woman anytime. Loved all those panty shots. Oh, my god, have mercy !!!

  9. Yeah Frida is great, but I'm a total Agntha fiend. Did you ever see the cover of her first solo album when she was 17 or 18? Total babe.

  10. Frida had the movements the soul, Agnetha just moved left and right. Sorry she's pretty, but can't hold a candle to Frida.

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