FROZEN SHELBY THE HUSKY | Dogs in Halloween 2016 Costumes

FROZEN SHELBY THE HUSKY | Dogs in Halloween 2016 Costumes

all right for those of you that are new to this channel my name is Jess this is Shelby that's Oakley and this is Memphis and today we are going to show you the classic frozen Shelby if you're new to this channel you'll you'll get it in a second really you will I know we're going to do it it'll be hilarious wait for it and finally the true frozen shall we give it kisses frozen shall we why did I do this every time we put anything on your back are you adorable are you frozen can you move look at your beautiful hair look at how beautiful it is do you know you're beautiful do you do you know you're you're you're beautiful princess are you princess Elsa from frozen cuz you're frozen she'll be there I pulled your pulled your hair back so you kind of kind of look at this beautiful dress Shelby Shelby are you broken like frozen are you furious do you wanna go outside are you hungry Shelby eat so those of you that are new to this channel Shelby does this anytime you put something on her back including her own harnesses what don't you want to show off your awesome new dress cuz you're beautiful what if we take off the wig ties I better well you're less frozen now hey Jake it off look at that dress it's so cute oh there just yell B smile see it's so funny every time it just takes her a few minutes and then she becomes unfrozen she'll be so like I don't think I like this dress guys I'm leaving see you later bye hey back to frozen cuz I put the wig on so is it the wig that makes you frozen longer cuz you were moving once we took the wig off hey Shelby Shelby can I pet you oh I love you you want the wig off you want it off Carrie take the wig off Oh how's that hair in frozen it's like magic shake it off ya go what happen in this are you Elsa now are you Elsa now what do you think you're not as frozen as Shelby your tails wiggling come on Memphis come on oh you were picking on Shelby I only thought it was fair this is likes not fair guys hear me fix your braid not fair guys not fair Oakley says I want to get out on the costume fun but I want to wear something simple like a lion you see a lion you a lion yeah I won't pull it up over your ears the other dogs tolerated Oakley like she's not a big fan of it what do you want to be a lion that costume fits you pretty good too Shelby look at how cute you are see it let me pull it up no okay I won't we just wanted you to be part of the fun too just like okay I'm part of the fun and now I'm done being part of the fun from the back you actually look like a lion they don't need to be any more fluffy Shelby are you a lion you say rawr I'm a lion yeah you don't mind that one so much do you you're like go tsk not so bad I could totally do this and it matches my fur and I'm leaving you walk around pretty good as a lion you really do like I pull this lion thing off I like this lion costume do you like that one you look really cute you really do and it matches your fur perfectly Memphis is still over here being Elsa you are pretty darn cute I must say yeah I know alright so there you go you guys you guys have been asking what the dogs are going to dress up for us Halloween we did a Halloween video towards the end of September I'll put a link to that up in the cards and we thought we would do another fun frozen Shelby video considering Halloween is only a week away if you guys really enjoyed Halloween and want to see all the fun stuff we do we actually have over 100 pumpkins that we will be carving for Halloween night those videos will be going up at slash snow dogs vlogs which is our vlogging channel if you're not subscribed over there that's where you want to be to see all of those awesome pumpkins maybe we'll have some Huskies on pumpkins what do you think some Huskies and pumpkins I think so alright you guys so if you're new to this channel and you liked what you saw don't forget to hit that subscribe button like this video and share with your friends to help us grow the paw dance as always thanks for watching thanks for subscribing stay positive dream big we will see you again soon let us know down in the comments are you dressing up your pets for Halloween what are you dressing them up as and I sometimes I have people that say oh it's so mean to dress up your dogs really it only takes some maybe a minute maybe two minutes before they realize they can move and then like Memphis has head to sound the whole rest of the time I've been filming they don't really care whenever you're dressing up a dog for Halloween you really need to give them a little bit of a time to adjust to their costume whatever you're going to be putting them in and a lot of times you can use treats to get them more used to what they're wearing most dogs will pretty much get used to it after a few minutes once they realize they can move and they're perfectly fine then they usually do okay and as I said all three of the dogs including Oakley and Shelby and Memphis even when we put harnesses on them they tend to do the same thing I don't know if it's just a husky thing or what but they always stay in there for a few minutes like what the heck is going on and then once they realize something fun is happening they're like Oh fun we like fun let's do fun uh all right you guys as always thanks for watching thanks for subscribing stay positive dream big and we will see you again on Wednesday I know I know you

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