Funeral OOTD / my last day in the rat race!

Funeral OOTD / my last day in the rat race!

Funeral OOTD by Natalie Nightwolf I am a proud unemployed uninsured wait a
minute whoa what’s there to be proud of hello Mike we’re just friends good
morning I’m off to work although I did quit my job I did give like two weeks
notice so I’m still working and each day feels super long because I no longer
care so yeah I’m still chugging away see I won’t be a slave to you anymore
clock you motherfucker I’ve been applying for roles I am a member of like
backstage comm not to be confused with back page comm don’t even go there honey
that’s where you get jobs in like TV and film and stuff like that they you know
so I applied for a TV show that’s like another thing I’m gonna be working on
I’m gonna get a TV show I’m gonna be on like national television probably
something funny and really stupid also I’m wearing all my cute dresses since
I’m not gonna have to wear these anymore I still might though I feel like I
should go grocery shopping and these gorgeous dresses anyway ah look at my
chandelier it’s so beautiful and this is my living room typically has lots of
video equipment in it the point is I want to get on a reality show so I’m
gonna do it I have a good feeling about the one that I submitted for today I
think I’d be a good fit for it hello my greatest friends well I feel like I’m
getting back in the swing of things I feel like a Bratz doll oh my god I just
feel so lucky to be like the human that I am
look at this Bratz doll this Living Bratz doll I’m shooting a little Tryon
sweeties and it’s featuring this jeans and leather now Cracker Jack clothes
Dona Dona Dona done I’m highly subdued for faux damn it so I would screw that
up faux leather leggings and these goddamn gorgeous heels sweetie you can
keep them on the ground okay do you don’t have to stick your leg up like
that Jesus Christ be a lady hi guys it’s a Monday
I’m going to work I have four more days it works
I love these cute little pinup you work dresses in the last few days yeah I want
to wear all my cute stuff so maybe i’ll do all i should do a like trying of all
my work dresses all my favorite dresses from when I worked my friend told me the
other day that I he does believe I have a unique style I don’t know – I guess a
little bit I don’t know he sees it as extreme or something I don’t know why I
don’t see it that way but I guess a little bit I don’t know oh yeah oh I
have a call today with a reality show the guys gonna just tell me about the
casting process so I guess I’m like in the very preliminary steps of this cuz
I’m not even in the casting process yet but I’m speaking with somebody on the
phone about a reality show at 11:30 so I got to remember about that
and that’s cool we’ll see what that’s all about not getting my hopes up about
it or anything is just one of the like zillion things I’m trying to do I want
to reach out to a singing teacher haha me getting ready for my last day at my
corporate office job I just put on my best funeral dress next thing I need are
my funeral gloves I suppose I don’t know we’ll see how I feel what I leave work
today surely going to miss all my co-workers and a lot of them agreed to
wear black today and my final day in mourning which was so sweet of them I
don’t have short gloves I wish I did but I’ll have to go with these I don’t know
ah this is what I’m gonna wear to work today hey get out of my way it was a
pleasure working with you dear yes okay Tata for now as I fade into insanity
hahahahaha holy shit so I’m free I’m no longer employed I am a proud unemployed
uninsured wait a minute whoa what’s there to be
proud of oh right living your dreams sure yeah okay it’s
like 2:00 p.m. I left work early today on my last day love my coworkers I know
I’ll keep in touch with them so it’s not really that bad I think over time though
once I realize I’m not going there and I’m out of the loop and I’m a solitary
person and I have to make a serious effort to like socialize with people I
want to meet new people and and I want to meet people in in the industries that
I want to get into and friends that have similar interests and stuff like that so
I’m excited to do that right now I’m at Target running some errands and then I
think I’m gonna go home and ask or didn’t like schedule my life there’s so
many things I want to do I can’t wait to show you all the things that I want to
do I want to organize that I need a schedule I need a daily schedule of the
things I’m gonna work on I still need to dedicate at minimum eight hours a day to
my pursuits otherwise this whole thing will crash and burn I got a letter in my
peel box and I also want to open that right now since Julio Natalie may I have
an autograph of you maybe a photo of you wearing a latex dress best regards and
here’s where to send it to uh-huh that’s so sweet so cool and sweet that somebody
want an autograph in a picture and actually that’s one of the things I want
to do those sell prints online and maybe I make it an optional signature if you
want it or don’t so I’m gonna have that up and running in the next few
a week I would say hopefully within a week I’ll pick my favorite pictures
I’ll have them printed out somehow and then I’m gonna post them online to sell
because if you need to quite frankly make some money somehow sweeties thank
you so much for following my journey I really truly appreciate you I have like
the best most wonderful life in the world I really feel that way and I’m
gonna wear my funeral outfit inside of Target let’s go

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  2. Natalie, why are you put the "like" to me? Do you understand Russian language? Maybe I insult you in my previous remark?

  3. I'd say your style is early '60s "Mad Men" like!😉 The black dress; little Wensday Addams has grown up and filled out!😋👍 Good luck on your journey!🤗

  4. You got this. Wearing funeral attire to your last day of work was something that should be under your patent or copyright. Doozez

  5. great editing nattie you look so amazing nattie such a hot beautiful woman I love your vlogs let me know what your up too I try to check with you when ever youtube gives me a notification By the way I think that awesome you move on you know got a fresh start are you keeping the house your in now? or what?

  6. Wow so incredible hot and sexy body girl you are so amazing hot and sexy girl ❤️❤️❤️❤️🌶😘💕😍👅👠🔥💋👍👌🍆😛🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱

  7. Love the laugh to serious face at the end,hope you get all you want outta life,youre a dream girl and the man you manage to capture is going to be a very lucky guy,beautiful strong funny lass what more could u ask for

  8. Good luck on achieving every dream you have ever wanted. I know you will succeed. You make me smile and laugh all the time. Loved the in car parts. I think you selling pictures and merchandise is a great idea. You keep being you and keep reaching for the stars. Much love to you my gorgeous friend 💖😍💋🌹🐻🍕🍺🦄

  9. OMG! EVERY VIDEO I WATCH BRINGS ME JOY AND SURPRISES ME!! 🤔💕👉no kiddin' but those signed photos today will be worth lots when YOU MAKE IT BIG!!🤔…….👉😘💕👍Natalie you're AWESOME!!

  10. Wait a minute. What's there to be proud of? Well let's start with your looks and having the envy of many many many because you certainly earn that Dear Lady!!!

  11. All dress outfit super so beautifilityany dress only for u body gagging more successful our life always

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