Funniest Feuds Between Bride and Parents | Say Yes To The Dress US

Funniest Feuds Between Bride and Parents | Say Yes To The Dress US

46 Replies to “Funniest Feuds Between Bride and Parents | Say Yes To The Dress US”

  1. The mother in law one is crazy. This bride must run while she can. She is going to be married to the mother in law, not her son.

  2. This is why my mom went alone to pick out her dress. She ordered it into a store, tried some similar ones just to make sure, and still went with the order. She’s even open to my fiancée modifying it if she wants to, but I think she’ll want her own dress by then.

  3. Uhhhhh, I'm sorry, is this your wedding? You have a wedding and you get to pick your dress, those are the rules, if you want to be a bridezilla then make sure that you're actually the bride. Jeez.

  4. My Mother said the biggest regret at her wedding was her hairstyle, that she didn't take enough control over it being her day. She doesn't want that for me. I want a form-fitting, long-sleeved dress with a tight midsection, a scooping neckline, and a slight train. I don't want the veil too big, and I want my hair in a braided French twist. This has always been my ideal style since I was a little girl.

  5. Am I crazy for lowkey wanting a crazy mother in law during wedding planning just so I can satisfy my love of the word NO?

  6. Oh my lord that monster in law. What’s the bet she has no daughters & didn’t get what she wanted at her wedding

  7. That Dad who picked out that Princess dress at about the minute mark is sooooo in the closet…😕

  8. Leave mom at home if she can't be supportive of YOUR decision. Not sure why an entourage is needed to pick out a dress anyway. Your wedding… your decisions are final.

  9. As a parent you can suggest or politely request that your little girl try on a dress that you’ve always dreamed to see her in. But she is the bride and she has the finale say and it’s her day!

  10. As a mother of two girls I feel like yes my opinion should matter but when it comes down to it I want my girls to pick out whatever dress they feel the most beautiful in and whether I like it or not that's their choice it's their wedding it's their day! I had my wedding I chose my dress and didn't care what anybody else thought and I'm going to give them that same courtesy!

  11. This is why I wish it was just the Bride herself going in there. It's her wedding. Not her friends, not her mothers, not her mother in laws. Just her.

  12. I cant shop for clothes with other people! Too distracting and their opinions keep me from hearing my own inner voice. Maybe its just me, but i would do this on my own.

  13. I feel bad for these brides. I understand that the moms want to love their daughter's dress, but it's not their decision. It's the bride's.

  14. How is it always "Oh no, I see her in a ________ in my mind, that's all I want to see" Uh, no, it's what the BRIDE sees in her mind is what counts.

  15. "I don't like short dresses!" Well guess what LADY. You're the mother of the GROOM. The bride and the bridesmaids should have the ONLY say in the bridesmaids dresses. Unless you are chipping in $ for the bridesmaids dresses, shut your mouth. "I liiikkkee thiiisssss!!" GOD LADY. LAY OFF. You literally sound like a whiny child who's not getting her way.

  16. If I get married I’m taking no one dress shopping with me
    I don’t need the stress of people feuding opinions

  17. That blonde mother in law was so whiny.
    Mothers of the bride need to focus on how flattering dresses are on the bride and how the bride feels, not on their own personal preferences.

  18. Would literally scream at the mother in law holly shit who cares what you want you had your chance at a wedding now shut up

  19. That one mom who said she would not wear a short bridesmaid dress and It is not a garden party is absolutely disgusting & Childish cause if the bride tells you to wear a certain color and You tell them “No” than do not expect to go to another wedding or ever be Invited back to a wedding cause you have to follow the dress code & It is what the bride wants and It’s so pathetic how she didn’t want the shorter dresses. That Bride better put her foot down!!

  20. I’m not bring my mother, MIL, or stepmom if they think they can be rude or that they get the final say in my dress.

  21. For the love of god, let her wear whatever she wants, it’s her wedding! If she wants to walk down the aisle naked, let her!

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