Furry ears – fast & easy! ► Costume Tutorial

Furry ears – fast & easy! ► Costume Tutorial

I will show you how to create fast, easy and beautiful fluffy ears by the example of fox and rabbit I made some huge fox ears They look cute, don’t they? Let me show you! In order to make this one you will need two kinds of felt and some cardboard for the pattern Grab some thick felt for the basic pattern I am sure you can also use cardboard instead if it’s strong and flexible enough Decide on a shape that you like best for your ears Don’t cut out the pattern too wide, as you can see the felt adds quite some volume There you go, that’s our pattern Then you need this thick piece of felt One that is much softer, flexible but also very strong Alternatively one could use some foam, foam rubber or anything that is flexible and could serve as padding. I will use this pattern which will be attached onto the other one later. In addition to your two parts, you will need this felt strip In order to create this shape Take this piece and a glue gun Look at how it’s supposed to fold That’s how it’s supposed to fit Grab the glue gun And stick them together Don’t burn yourself Leave some space between both edges Make sure that they are glued together smoothly Once it’s solid and even continue to glue the rest together This is our basic pattern Now we will pad it using this little felt piece This will add volume to the back of the ear later on So that it doesn’t look all flattened out The fur will allow for a seamless transition It is really important that you choose good quality fake fur And that you cut it out the right way Look, you got to cut it in this direction Then you take your pattern Place it onto the back side Then cut it out And you got your furry ear piece Simply put glue on its back Along the edges For the white part we will need some white felt And a pattern of approximately the size of the inside of the ear Which you can simply put inside later on We will copy this pattern And then we will grab our alcohol based markers In this case: three shades of pink In order to create a gradient effect I will start with the darkest shade This is the finished piece Now glue it inside the ear Of course we still need to apply the fur to the edges For that you will grab a strip of fur, like this one Make sure that you fill it out nicely and evenly In order to have a rounder shape, I trimmed the top accordingly And now we have to color the top of the ears For this we will use a black marker Now I will grab a lighter marker In order to soften the gradient Once you are satisfied with the colouring You should fix the color with hair spray This way you can even out some rough patches and mask the seams underneath the fur Style it a little And there you go: a couple of cute rabbit ears! Coming up: Fox ears I cut a pattern for a couple of small and a couple of bigger fox ears These are the basic patterns I used felt But you can also use cardboard or anything else that is firm and flexible Then I took thicker and softer felt Just to have some padding Now glue it together Now you got the basic pattern It’s a bit thicker Then you should grab a little felt strip Grab the glue gun And simply run the glue gun along the edges In order to bend it a little Take the two parts and pull them together Until you are satisfied with the bend of the ears Then give it a second to dry Cut it out carefully And you got the proper shape This is the proper shape which is already padded Now you need the fur A better quality fake fur will make for a nicer product in the end Here I got some nice fox fur Which I cut into the right size of my pattern Done And now you need some white fur I took some white fur strips And shortened the hair a little Because they were a little too long It’s up to you however you want the fur to be aligned Until here More glue Be careful not to burn yourself Now you got the basic pattern And if you feel that the hair is too long inside Then you can always trim it a little Make sure that you can still see the dark bit inside So that there is depth to your ears Now we attach the bigger fur piece So that we cannot see the black part anymore Here I attached another little piece And this is still a bit long, so we trim it a bit And now we color it For this you will need a black and and brown marker These are alcohol based markers that will stick to synthetic material That way you can paint smooth color transitions Using this technique you can even out small uneven patches Then let it dry And there you have your fox ears Super fast and super easy Did I do this right? Yes 😉

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  1. how do you Attach these to your head? i made some rabbit ears using this tutorial but they came out too heavy for clips sadly

  2. So if I wanted to make cat ears, it would be best to do the size of the fox ears? also for cosplaying, as clips would I be able to glue gun them on? 🙂

    p.s. for the coloring, is it ok on that material for acrylic paints?

  3. Es sind Fursuit Ohren…keine Furry Ohren. Furries sind die Menschen aus dem Fandom. Aber das Tutorial ist gut. Wenn man Probleme mit der Laufrichtung des Fells hat, ist es immer ganz gut, sich die Laufrichtung auf der Rückseite mit einem Auswaschungen Stift mittels Pfeilen aufzumalen. Das hilft mit beim Bauen meiner Sutis ungemein. Und statt der copics, warum kein Air Brush? Es ist recht leicht zu bedienen mit etwas Übung und wird auf Dauer nicht so,teuer. Plus du versaust dir keine teuren Copics damit.

  4. super Video, danke 🙂
    Ich nähe meine Ohren immer und habe deshalb immer fette Wülste. Schön ist was anderes :/ ich musste allerdings feststellen, dass selbst die "großen" Bauer die Ohren bekleben. Sieht zwar besser aus, aber fühlt sich meist nicht so schön an.
    Werds dennoch mal versuchen 🙂

  5. Yes, thanks for adding the subtitles! This tutorial looks super fun and easy, which is the main attraction! Thank you so much for posting it!!

  6. Awesome video and super helpful but I wish she showed what and how she was attaching it (so they stay on your head ._.) 💔

  7. oh wow im so glad i found this! i have so much excess long-stem fur lying around and I've been looking for an easy tutorial that lets me use stuff i already have without needing extra tools and pieces. Good thing I've got tonnes of black and white felt as well 🙂

  8. Super helpful, thanks! For the bunny ears, how would I attach them to my wig? Are they too heavy for clips? Should I glue the ears to a headband? Thanks!

  9. Awesome video! Thank you, for adding English subtitles! This video will be very helpful if I get my act together, and do something.

  10. Awe fox ears 🙂 it's cool ️ur a ️Fellow COSPLAYER new videos today ️stay tuned ️lol keep up the good work

  11. I have a hen night party on the weekend and the theme is bunnies! I really want to make those bunny ears! Amazing video quick and simple to do and thank you for the subtitles! <3

  12. Ich finde du hast es super 👍🏽 erklärt aber was ich schade finde ist das man leider den Filz wenn du ihn geklept hast nicht sehr gut sieht und wenn das licht etwas heller wäre aber ich finde du hast grosse Arbeit und sorgfeltigkeit reingerissen 😄

  13. hey, vielen Dank für dieses tolle Tutorial. Hilft vor allem Leuten wie mir, die nicht nähen können und trotzdem süße Ohren basteln wollen 😀
    Nun aber zu meiner Frage (ich hoffe du siehst das noch, da das video ja doch schon etwas älter ist):
    ich hab ähnliche Ohren wie du gemacht und sie dann an einem Haarreif befestigt, soweit so gut, problem ist nur, dass sie relativ schwer sind und der haarreif bei jeder bewegung vom kopf ruscht.
    der nächste plan ist nun, den haarreif dann in die Perücke einzuarbeiten, aber gäbe es evtl. einen einfacheren Weg? Falls jemand helfen kann, vielen Dank schon mal xD

  14. Und wie befestigt man die Ohren dann? Bitte entschuldigt, wenn ich das im Video nicht mitbekommen habe. Eine wundervolle Anleitung sonst. Und auch endlich mal was mit Materialien, die man auch da hat!

  15. Amazing. I am currently in the process of figuring out how I will play Rabbit in an Alice in Wonderland themed party and the stuff I found online are poorly made costumes and 98% of the ears to purchase are ALL SEX RELATED -_-… I'm so happy I found your video. Hopefully i'll be able to find some fake fur with fast shipping online 🙂 Thank you!

  16. Amazing tutorial! I have a quick question – how would you attach them to something (e.g. a headband) to wear them? Just glue gun them?

  17. Oh my! Thank you so much! Now I can finally make ears for me and my friends! I’m greatful that I found you!

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