Game of Thrones DIY Khalessi Costume – Daenerys Targaryen – Mother of Dragons

Game of Thrones DIY Khalessi Costume – Daenerys Targaryen – Mother of Dragons

What’s up costume junkies? Today on ThreadBanger, I’m going to show you how to make the costume of one of my favorite female characters The Mother of Dragons Since I fancy myself more of an Arya Stark, Brunettes for LIFE! We enlisted the help of Cosplay connoisseur Mac, to play our mother of dragons She told me that she felt super secure in the costume and that it was really comfortable And those are things we like to about a DIY costume Without further adieu, the costume is coming. Ok, so the first thing you wanna do is study your inspiration image I found this woven fabric at Mood Fabrics and it was almost exactly like the one used for Kahlessi’s top and loincloth Excitement! To make the top, fold over a corner of fabric wrong sides together It needs to be wide enough to fit around the chest and tie in the back Cut the bottom layer of fabric along the edge of the top layer of fabric and try it on A body form can be helpful for this part, but it’s not necessary Next, cut the top layer of fabric to be shorter in the front and a bit jagged Then cut the bottom layer a bit different to create the dimension Kahlessi’s top has One you have the form you want, distress the ends by pulling out all the threads along the edges And do this to your little heart’s content Not pinch the top middle together, pin, and use a needle and thread to sew that gather in place To create the neck tie, cut a 3 in wide strip of woven fabric, and cut that strip into 3 strips leaving one end intact Then braid the strips together and knot both ends Place the midpoint of the braid on the front of your top and pin together in 3 places Again use the needle and thread to secure that braid to the top and you’re done with the top For the loincloth, simply cut a wide piece of woven fabric You can use tape as a guide for keeping your cut straight if you want, and once it’s cut apply fabric glue to one end and fold it over to create a casing Once the glue’s dry, feed some ribbon through the casing and your loincloth is done Loincloth! Loin. For the skirt portion, I’m using a yard of this earth-toned faux-suede First you gotta make a waist pattern and to add some shaping to the waist area This one is 2 1/2 inches by 12 1/2 inches Place the pattern about 10 inches in from the center edge of the fabric And trace around the curved side Flip it over and trace the other side to create a circle-esque shape Then cut out the circle in a jagged manner Place the circle around the body form and pin it to where you want the waistline to fall Cut open the front, and fold and pin one side like so. Cut off the excess piece on the inside and cut the front edge at a downwards angle Do the same for the other side Next, you’re gonna shape the bottom of the skirt, also in a jagged manner I’m really loving the flounce this skirt has It has a great flow and looks awesome when you turn around Lastly, hot glue two separate pieces of ribbon to the opening of the skirt like so And you’re done with the skirt The waistband is 2 pieces of a lighter faux-suede cut using the waist pattern Then fitted to the body forms so it lays right on the hips Once side is hot glued together, and the other side has a snap closure that was hot glued on Ok, time for some accessories For this belt of Kahlessi’s, I’m using washers I got from the hardware store, and some leather cord For the other belt, I’m using these wood pieces Start by spray painting all the pieces gold. Next, mix together and olive-y type color using light green, gold, and a bit of black Then you’re gonna stipple that paint onto all of the pieces Next stipple on some gold to add some depth to all the pieces and let them dry For the oblong wood pieces I added some more detail with a brown marker Now, feed one end of your leather cord through one of the washers Add another washer then feed the cord up through the first washer you added and down through that second washer Repeat this process until you’ve added all the washers you want For the other belt, cut a strip of micro-suede and hot glue all the pieces to it, side by side And you’re done with the belts! Kahlessi’s gloves are really easy Just get yourself a rectangle of pleather, and cut a thumb hole Cut the edges all jagged-like and glue the two ends together Then fit it on your hands and use some leather cord to tie around it like so And you’re done with everything! Now it’s time to go build your army Also, make sure to subscribe for more awesome costume tutorials and leave a comment below telling us which costumes you would like to see us make on the show Till next time

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  1. Does anyone know how many yards of fabric I should get? Never made my own costume before and I don't wanna buy too little

  2. what is the name of the clothing materials ?
    I am Brazilian and I do cosplay Khalessi .
    ps : (I'm using google translator , do not repair the bad English. )

  3. This has little to do with anything but the costume pieces and their purpose, which might be silly but I have a weird brain. You awesome cosplay folks out there are a font of knowledge and I hope this snags one or two of you. I love you guys. First,  would this look have been seen anywhere during the time period GoT is set in? Secondly, what is the purpose of the long loin piece? It seems like it would get in the way, is all. The purpose of the belts I get, but what would the metal pieces have been made from and what is their purpose outside of simple decoration? Also, the top… it's cut to show the abdomen, is this something women would do? No dig in here, I just wonder if a period woman would have been like, Um, why does it look like you shredded the shirt, and why am I showing my belly?? (I doubt a lot of women then, LIKE NOW, have figures like Kal, you know?  LOL!!! I couldn't pull it off, that's for sho!  I have more questions, but I don't want to get greedy. Hopefully this will be taken in the spirit in which is is meant, simple curiosity and a love for the mother of dragons. 😉 XOXO

  4. Blonde for life
    Im the mother of
    Fucking dragons haha
    Im not dumb just beacuse im blonde im
    Not dumb

  5. Im making this cosplay now for colossal con! so excited it looks great so far. The colors are a little different but its close, and it cost about 20 for all the materials

  6. That's a really cool video 🙂 Do check out my video where I teach to make DIY stark book ends

  7. I like the skirt a lot and the paint job on the belt thingies. 👍 The only part that I would add is a paint job on the fabric as well. It adds a completely different look to the whole costume 🙂

  8. I am not sure who all needs this but i followed this tutorial and this is how much i used.
    i got 1 1/2 yards for the top and loin cloth
    to be safe i got 2 yards for the skirt and it turned out to be perfect
    for the cream belt i got 1/2 yards.
    Hope this helps someone.

  9. Ok so I've wanted to do this pin for a while but I figured I would have you do it first so because I want u to do this so bad I'm gonna go through every single one of ur videos and comment this pin 😏😉 so anyway here's the link

  10. My mother of dragons shoot with augmented reality dragons 😀

  11. Cosplaying as The Mother Of Dragons
    Step1: look like Emelia Clarke
    Step2: get one of her outfits
    Step3: have long platinum blonde hair
    Step4: put on makeup

  12. Hiys, amazing costume! I want to make one for a friends halloween party. Can i ask, What is the name of the type of fabric you used for the top?

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