Garment Solutions with Bar Code in Tally.ERP

Garment Solutions with Bar Code in Tally.ERP

look here I have opened a Kumar fashion company opened..! already its installed in Orisa so last 2 years running this package here I showed you here one purchase section he wants to purchase based barcode labels so barcode i am giving in batches so here is sizes means garments sizes and selling prices its go’s to barcode so here our features is here a list of batches in option size and rate also items name’s come here so you can takes a prints here while i am press here its going to that’s, here 10 items so barcode labels come like this kumar fashions, items number,MRP and Size also barcode so its a completed a barcode transaction and printing option its ones completed barcode is loaded here automatically here we are more than tally we provide two feature here is quick sales entry and sales returns entry so in a quick sales you can see one code here totally codes and its setup with codes its a multi-pol you can scan or manually type here you can type of the item or may be a size or code iam here takes a code so immediately here takes product name and size GST Percentage so some to some iam takes one more product its also 12% , any items are you can see here..! we can takes small item here, Yes..!, see here based on slab rate means 1000 rupee below 5% more than 1000 12% so now while poress enter, Its ask a bank or cash swip…! he gives cash spouse my name manmath its my mobile no so now GSTIN No you can put on here its goes to the B2B invoice here put Discount or Exchange if you have and tender put one here how much amount iam giving 5000 and how much change 126 while i am press the enter and saved so automatically you can see print its a puse invoice along with GST With Calculation yes sir its completed so invoice system assume after couples of days some items giving returns here we have a easy sales returns iam selected here which type bill so iam cash transaction become its cash transaction i selected cash here we can see 1 months bills here instantly i d’not know which bill is..! i directly put my name here see here my name is came when i press it enter my name details and mobile no came here so now which items are iam purchase so i want return a frock click quantity and press it enter so here see a invoice sales returns and credit note number invoice number and gst is come reversed also yes sir..! simply completed so look on day book one time here credit note invoice number is correctly so its calculated with tax so see here if some change will done means little bits change in paise by default some one or two paise changes came so all are should be a calculation and’s see here also tax calculation completely come here so means 1545 under its takes CGST and SGST Its a small barcode systems selection thank You……

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  1. Label design me aur bhi kuch detail aa sakta hai like brand style date of purchase (code) & other details because label se hi maal trace ho jaye

  2. Sir Add SaleDate Field in Sales return form that will make your collection faster and less voucher to select and you can add voucher type also after date this will help if customer is having multi location

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