Geopot – A Fabric Plant Container Overview

Geopot – A Fabric Plant Container Overview

Hi my name is Aurelia and I’m with Geoplanter
I’m here at Green Planet Wholesale today so don’t mind if there’s a little bit of background
noise, it’s a busy store. Anyway I wanted to give a little bit of information today
about Geoplanter as well as fabric containers to kind of give you a little education on
why they’ve gotten to be so popular and how they help for you to get larger yields. So
we’ll first off talk about fabric containers, first thing is is that makes them different
from let’s say plastic containers, when you have a plastic pot and the roots actually
hit the edge they start wrapping around looking for nutrients and water so that’s going to
be the same roots not extra roots but the same roots looking for that and what happens
is that they get what’s called root bound and kind of can lock up. With the fabric container
what’s different there’s two fold, first off is that you’re going to get a lot of aeration
because it’s fabric, so it’s going to have a lot of breath ability the second thing is
that when the roots when they actually hit the edge when they get to any kind of a dry
surface so it’s either going to be at the edge or even through it a little bit, when
it hits the air it’s going to get naturally pruned so further back on the root branch
wherever there’s going to be moisture another root is going to grow and then further back
on that root another one will grow so you end up with a massive ball of roots that’s
absorbing that much more water and nutrients that shoots up to give you higher yields,
more vegetables, more fruits or more fuller flowers so that’s kind of why they’ve gotten
to be so popular and so anyway so that’s that with the fabric containers. The first thing
is is we decided to use a thicker fabric and that thicker fabric really helps with durability
and life span now a lot of people ask does that mean it’s going to get in the way of
breath ability and I always say well the best way to test it is actually to breathe through
it yourself so you actually can pick it up breathe through it you can still feel that
aeration happening. So that’s the one thing the other thing is that we’re really well
known for our stitching, everything is hand sewn and we’ve created this top lip here and
had a nice seam done just so that it’s easier to keep it open and full and rigid so that
it looks really great and it’s a lot easier to use and to fill as well as if you’re tying
to water it it’s going to have that rigidity and stability and it’s not going to sag like
you’ll see some other fabric containers over time so those are the two big points, is the
thicker fabric and the sewing. We are known for our quad stitching which runs down the
side here as you see. Now we also have square bottoms for our smaller sizes that really
just helps to put it into trays, it does round out at the top so that it you know fills out
but that really kind of helps with the seamlessness of it. So those are the kind of the main points
of the Geoplanters, we do have other options as well we have ones with the handles and
the handles are really durable, they’re really well sewn on. I’ve asked will they ever come
off so I’ve actually done a test where I have been carried around in one of these at a shop
by two men and afterwards no problems whatsoever with the handles. It did stretch out the material
a little bit but you know I’m a hundred plus pounds, I’m not gonna say how much exactly.
Anyway the handles were able to withstand that. Our other option is, which has gotten
to be really popular as well is going to be, our transplanting pot and this has been a
really exciting item for us what we’ve done is created a Velcro down the side that helps
for one thing is the transplanting you can get easily into the plant to move it around
without creating the root shock that can happen with regular fabric containers or even plastic
containers when you’re trying to get the plant out, really smooth and easy transition that
is absolutely wonderful for your plants I highly recommend at least trying one of them
so that you can see the difference and realize why for just a few cents more it’s really
worth it and again they’re reusable, it’s a really really strong velcro that can again
be washed so maintenance with them you can throw these into what we like to this is the
main thing that we like to say is to put them into a commercial washing machine not at home,
because it can be messy. Hot water a little oxy clean if you’d like to go ahead and kill
any pathogens any mould, mildews, residues, bugs, critters and do that per each cycle
and then also we do recommend not to dry them because it is a polypropaline which is a type
of a plastic material and than can melt it so again you can just air dry them. So that
gives you a little bit of information about the Geopots as well as the fabric containers
Green Planet Wholesale is starting to distribute us here in Canada so we’re very excited about
that so just go ahead and go to any of your stores and they can go ahead and order them
for you if you have any questions please give Green Planet a call and they’ll be happy to

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  1. If you mean samples… as in free stuff… go to our website. (listed in the video description) and sign up to "get connected" and you will be in the loop for all the free offers and contests. And yes we are running a Geopot contest in a few weeks. Another great way is to look for Green Planet Wholesale fan page on Facebook and you will have all the info you need on getting free stuff. If you are a store I would call your area sales representative. All contact info available on our website.

  2. You know, I've spent alot of money on GeoPots, on the basis that it is a superior product to other fabric containers because it is produced using a "better, thicker, more durable, higher quality fabric". But now I'm confused with the release of the g-Lite, it seems as though your trying to more closely mimick the fabric weight of your most dominant competitor; which is a more breathable fabric with superior drainage? So which is it? Thicker is better or not???

  3. I have 4 of these 1 gallon geopots, I'm using pro mix soil and I have found that it actually takes a lot longer for the dirt to dry out compared to my damn 3 gallon plastic pot (Approximately 5 days for geopot) and I have started noticing root rot because its not drying out quick enough, What should I do? Less watering? 

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