Geopot Overview – Why fabric pots create bigger yields and healthier plants

Geopot Overview – Why fabric pots create bigger yields and healthier plants

Hello my name is Ashley I’m out here in Vancouver
British Columbia representing Geopots we’re from Northern California and basically for
those of you who are not already familiar with the concept of aero root pruning in a
fabric container, what happens is in a plastic container your roots will reach the edge of
the material and they’ll actually wrap around and that’s your main tap root that is not
forced to branch out and in addition to that there’s also poor drainage and there’s no
oxygen into your root system. So the Geopot is a breathable fabric container and it going
to let your water out, air in and in addition to that you’re gonna see the roots reach the
edge of the container, they’re actually going to dry out at the tips because they are going
to try and grow through into the air so what happens then is once the tip is dried out
further back on that main tap root they’re going to branch out with feeder roots and
your feeder roots absorb more nutrients and water than that main tap root so having thousands
and thousands of them branching out you’re going to be absorbing maximum amounts of nutrients
and water and there’s a lot of different companies out there making fabric containers, something
that sets us aside would be that we have a square bottom, so people using trays, it is
going to help you maximize your space. We have detailed stitching on the side and the
top seam here is folded over so it is very rigid and if you’re filling it and watering
it is isn’t going to collapse in on you. We have very durable handles and we’ve got a
velcro strap for transplanting, it opens up and you can scoop your roots down and out.
In addition to that we have a very thick material and have a different finishing material than
most companies, we do a very light heat glaze so we can have that thickness and maintain
the breath-ability and aeration so for people who are using flood and drain systems this
material actually allows you to use something like a coco based soil and you can flood and
drain your system and it’s not going to clog your reservoir because the material is acting
like a filter. Geopot has a lot of very innovative designs and if you’re not already in tune
with the fabric containers I recommend doing a side by side comparison with plastic and
you’ll be able to see the production of the plant, the healthy root system is going to
give you a very healthy canopy zone. So check out the Geopot, they are available at Green
Planet here in British Columbia and we’re available in California, the United States,
hit us up at Thank you for listening.

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  1. Thank you, Ashley. I'ma get me a dozen of those just as soon as I am able to afford them. Fallen on hard times. I have no doubt what so ever about the amazing results as I have seen it with my own eyes, however, the price of these fabric pots is ridiculous, imo. The results do not justify the price when you consider they are just made of fabric and not much different than fabric grocery bags which sell for about half the price or even less. Also, Green Planet FTW! Love your products!

  2. She keeps saying "that main tap root", but she's talking about roots that have already branched from the tap root… I don't think she entirely knows what she is talking about. LOL

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