George Cleverley Shoe Trees

George Cleverley Shoe Trees

Hi I’m Kirby Allison, founder of The Hanger Project and I’m here today to talk to you about the new George Cleverly shoe trees. Now the George Cleverly shoe trees are brand new, we just added them to the website about a month ago and they’ve done an absolutely fantastic job creating a shoe tree that really didn’t exist in the marketplace before, at least not on the Hanger Project website. What this is a wooden shoe tree that is probably one of the most versatile shoe trees that I think is out there. It comes beautifully packaged in this George Cleverly gift box with a nice cloth that you could use as a shoe cover embroidered with the George Cleverly logo and one of the things that I really like is they also have a nice little informational insert that you can see here that talks about the importance of and how to use a shoe tree. Now shoe trees I think are one of the most important things that really everyone should be using to take care of a good pair of shoes. Now the reason you use a tree is to help retain the shape of the shoe whenever you’re walking in a shoe during the day you’re naturally perspiring and that saturates the leather and the sole with moisture. And then the natural kind of you know bending of the shoe combined with that moisture can cause the shoe to began to bow upwards. Now a shoe tree the purpose of a shoe tree is to insert that into the shoe and to flex the shoes straight. And what that does is it prevents any creasing from occurring across the vamp and ensures that whenever you take your shoe tree off of the shoe it retains the original shape of the shoe as opposed to being bowed upwards. Now what’s nice about the George Cleverly shoe trees is that one, I really appreciate the all wood construction right. It’s much better than plastic and it’s really breathable. This uses a really high-quality European Beachwood. And then what’s unique about this is it really just as much doubles as a travel shoe tree as it does a shoe tree itself as you can see it’s hollowed out on the inside, grooves are cut through the vamp of the shoe tree to further reduce weight and maximize breathability. And it’s just not a heavy shoe tree, it’s probably the lightest shoe tree we actually have of all of our shoe trees on the website. Now the other thing that I really like about the Cleverly shoe tree is it has this kind of you know swivel design. Now the reason that this is important is it allows you to perfectly adjust the length of the shoe tree to provide maximum kind of tension inside the shoe to straighten it out. The problem with a lot of shoe trees is that it’s difficult to find a really perfect fit. And that’s where the spring barrel comes in is to allow you to kind of you know have more range with the shoe tree but inevitably it’s going to be you know not as tight as you’d like it or not applying enough pressure to really kind of force the shoe straight. And with these cleverly shoe trees you can perfectly adjust the shoe tree to provide as much tension as you like. After you adjust it just simply insert this into the shoe and then press this down. And as you can see it snaps down elongating the shoe. And it really is absolutely easy shoe tree to use. So these retail for $65 a pair on The Hanger Project, they come in four sizes. I’m Kirby Allison, founder of The Hanger Project, and we enjoy helping the well-dressed take care of their wardrobes.

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  1. I don't like the hollow part. I feel like if is full then it can suck moustire better and leave the shie with that nice cedar wood smell.

  2. I wear Jeffery West Shoes hear in London. They make a shoe tree which is the exact mould for the shoe's. Would I be better off buy a regular wooden shoe tree which is cheaper than the jeffery west which cost £80.00

  3. Do you need shoe trees for leather chelsea boots, I recently bought bruni magli and magnanni chelsea boots and i want make them last as long as possible are tree important for these boots

  4. Hi Kirby. How tight should shoe trees be? I just bought a pair of Allen Edmonds (size 7.5 D) together with their full toe shoe trees (small size, as recommended). I struggle quite a bit to insert the toe part into the shoe, and I don't feel like it goes too deep into the shoe's toe box at all. Am I being paranoid, or is this too tight, despite the fact that it's the correct size as recommended by AE? Thanks!

  5. Hello Kirby,
    How soon after removing a pair of dress shoes do you place the shoe trees inside them? Wondering if it's advisable to let them air a specific amount of time before the trees go on. Thanks Kirby HP

  6. Is beachwood or red cedar wood better for shoetrees? Also.. what about the trees with a glossy finish, they are more expensive but are they better or worse? I can imagine they do not dry the shoe

  7. Hello Mr. Allison,
    I noticed that there are varnished and unfinished shoe trees on the market. I heard that the unfinished ones can take up moisture from the shoe much better, because they have no coating. What is your opinion? Which shoe trees would you prefer? Thanks.

  8. Hi Kirby. I just bought a pair of natural cedar wood shoe tree and one of them have a small white stain. Probably oil may oozing from the wood pieces. This means poor quality and will damage the shoes ???

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