Get A First Look At Randy's Own Wedding Dress Designs | Say Yes to the Dress

Get A First Look At Randy's Own Wedding Dress Designs | Say Yes to the Dress

so thank you guys I'm a little nervous I mean I'm excited to be back to my roots designing as many of you know I started in 1993 and as you know we had a trunk show at Kleinfeld in Brooklyn 93 dresses sold in two days it was unbelievable was the most exciting two days it was phenomenal no so we're really really excited that he came back to his roots and you're gonna show us right now you're a capsule collection which is a little teaser and we have the interns modeling them so you're gonna have a great time seeing our own people in the dresses Ronnie and Joycey got to see the sketches actually before I designed this collection so they helped me kind of narrow down nice to see them come into life right yeah we're gonna test these dresses out here first see how they do and if they do well then I'll launch more dresses so I'm counting on you guys and hopefully the design so get ready bring the models out then I named all my dresses this is Gillian and she's a two-piece – bride wants to wear it and have a little bit of skin showing she can but it can be attached in alterations if you need and this is gonna run about two thousand Shane yeah that's fantastic this is Collins and Pharaoh's modeling is love and she runs about 1650 retail or wholesale retail I wanted the dresses to be affordable luxury the reason I got back into designing is because they have so many brides that I've heard that come in and say I want this dress but it's not in my budget so I wanted to deliver dresses that they could wear and feel beautiful in and be in their budget very pretty beautiful the next dress is really over the top this is gonna be for you a princess bride and it has I forget how many flowers is on this dress Wow Wow and look at the veil oh yeah so this is really for your bride that's gonna want absolutely to be Cinderella on her wedding day beautiful and this is gonna retail for about forty four hundred dollars gorgeous we're just thrilled we just can't wait to get them right on the floor now and hopefully what get lots of brides trying them on

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  1. That blue is stunning…but much too revealing. Randy, please don't emulate Pnina. You're better than that.

  2. The fact that he cares about the brides budgets speaks volumes! Every bride should have access to a beautiful dress no matter the price! Great job Randy! 💗

  3. I jave never seen a dress more prettier and princess like than the last one..just out of this world..great work❤

  4. I love all but the last one with the pasties. That's a lil much. Just the boob part everything else about the dress was beautiful.

  5. I love the ice blue gown but as a very small breasted woman, would want something different up there. The skirt is heavenly. I always thought you a kind and caring man, Randy. To know you are this talented, gifted really, brings tears to my eyes. 🤗

  6. That blue one is hideous… he called it Cinderella… well, if Cinderella was a skank, maybe. The others were fine… but I don't get the craze for brides to look slutty for the ceremony… save that for the honeymoon. Your in-laws don't want to see side boob and your ass crack.

  7. I think that making luxury and beauty available to everybody, just as Randy said, no matter what the product is (wedding dress, normal clothes or something else) and giving everyone the chance to look good and feel good is the true, noble aim of a designer. Creating with this in mind is a sign of such an admirable character. I think that fashion industry, the ones offering hairstyling and hairdressing services, cosmetics producers, etc. should always be aware that they are able to contribute to people's self esteem, which can further lead to them mustering the power to better their life (go for job interviews, pick up new activities, meet new people, go to new places). It's more than clothes and make-up. So, congratulations!

  8. whites like saying "wooooooooooooooooow" to anything even when ugly aggggggggggggg thats ridiculous!

  9. The top of the blue dress (sorry in advance…) reminds me of Chris Evans’ whipped cream bra top from “Not Another Teen Movie”,

    Other than that, I wholeheartedly appreciate Randy creating a budget ‘friendly’ (depending on your budget!) line of dresses.

  10. 2:30 omg! Someone bought that dress in one of the episodes!! search up “the dog must look the same as the bride say yes to the dress” and watch till the end and u will know what i mean

  11. Randy is a genius! I love how he cares and wants his brides to have their wedding dress dreams! I really love the first dress!

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