Getting Rid Of 50% Of My Clothes

Getting Rid Of 50% Of My Clothes

I think I might cry in this video I have way too much stuff so I've decided that I want to go through every single thing that I own because at the moment it kind of feels like my things own me I've taken inspiration from a few books in particular and devised a plan that works for me the point of this video and hopefully the videos to come is to you ideally inspire you to maybe get organized in one area of your life but at the very least you can just have a nosy look into all myself today we are tackling my closet okay if you're thinking hmm this girl's insane I would just say that I was eating trail mix that's not what I would say I would say that I agree some of these things I've just never even warned and I'm like where does all my money go it's not that I have expensive stuff it's just that I have so much of it and I think it's because I like the experience of shopping enjoy that transaction I don't know a better way to describe it yeah I don't know to say it's like filling of a wee bit sounds very dramatic but I guess that's kind of what it is right I just I don't know I'm gonna compose myself and come to some more clear conclusions but I'm really having a moment of questioning everything that brings me joy but I don't even think these things do bring me joy I don't know man physically logistical and emotionally this is a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be all right emotions are being put on hold we're gonna go back to organizing what I'm doing now is organizing things by category so blouses jackets pants all that jazz and here are the total number of items that I have 589 pieces of clothing and I'm not even counting shoes and accessories this is just things that I keep in my dresser and in my wardrobe so this is completely crazy my goal by the end of this video is to get down to 50% of my closet like I mentioned earlier there's a few books that I read to prepare for this purge and I thought I'd share a few of my favorite tips throughout this video one of my favorites is a book called the curated closet and it talks all about making outfit formulas for yourself so that you basically have a foolproof system for feeling good in your clothes also there's a really great BuzzFeed article by Rachel Miller where she talks about giving herself dress code so basically every item in your closet should be able to be plugged into one of your formulas quote-unquote that you've defined for yourself and feel great in I really like this quote from Rachel's article and that kind of sums up why I chose to adopt this method next up is sweaters I'm getting rid of a bunch folding them nicely and actually putting them in a box I don't want to do a seasonal wardrobe I wear most of my clothes all year round but sweaters and shorts seem like a safe bet and on a pretty strict schedule so I'm gonna use this shelf to either do shorts or sweaters depending on what time of the year it is t-shirts ok t-shirts are something I don't really feel guilty about having because I'd say I'm wearing a t-shirt 80% of the time and I'm considering t-shirts long sleeves and short sleeves for the purpose of this video I do get rid of a bunch and I file hold of them like this of course this is the Marie Kondo konmari method which is the best method I'm just gonna go on the record and saying that Alright jackets another thing I don't feel guilty having cuz I wear a jacket every single day I am trying something a little different and actually folding them and putting them on this shelf because when I hung them they just were super bulky and I couldn't shut the door fully so I'm hanging some fun colored ones but the main denim jackets are going on the shelf next up is something I don't get a lot of use of and that is dress is actually a really good question from the curated closet is ask yourself this would you feel more uncomfortable being overdressed for an event or underdressed for an event both are totally valid my answer is actually overdressed I think it comes from a deep-rooted fear of looking like I'm trying too hard so I got rid of a ton of dresses and kept only the super casual ones here's another fun question from that book the curated closet would you rather someone notice you or notice your outfit for me the answer is me and something like these pants are a little too bold so these have gotta go for the bags I am folding up the straps and tucking them in I think that automatically makes things look so much more organized and then also I am storing them within one another and as for what I'm keeping I'm just keeping one of each shape they're all neutral colors so this will be just fine I really appreciate Marie Kondos approach when it comes to a lounge where you shouldn't just downgrade old clothes that you want to get rid of to things that you only wear in the house I really like this and I've been thinking about it a lot because if we value the time we spend with ourselves as much as we value the time you spend with other people then we should want to feel our best sure that can be comfortable and it can be sweatpants but maybe it's a matching set and one that doesn't have holes in it so that was my approach to pajamas gym clothes and loungewear as I'm looking at this picture it doesn't look that dramatic to me but then I think about the fact that I had to unpack suitcases a pile of laundry and a pile in a big basket in my room I could not be happier if you have been thinking about going through your stuff or whether it be your clothes or anything else I hope this has encouraged you I cannot even tell you how much better I feel of course I'm not a minimalist that was never the goal I was just I have a better handle on the things that I have and really to use the things that I love more so now I can access them I think they look great and I feel so good so I hope you liked this video if you'd like to see more of me going through all the stuff that I own let me know because I'm doing it anyway so I might as well make a video out of it right alright thanks for watching bye just bit a little chip chip chip chip shot little bit chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp bit of it it's a punch-up show little bit of ships

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  1. I tend to hang on to clothes much longer than I need to but it helps that I can donate my gently-worn clothes directly to homeless youth in my community, so I feel like if I don't want something it can go to someone who appreciates it.

  2. This hurts so much because all of my clothes don't even take up half of my closest because clothes are so expensive

  3. Your life is incredibly wasteful. How does a single human own this much. She has more pants than I have entire wardrobe

  4. I'm in the process of moving and this just inspired me to start with my clothes!! I have SO. MUCH. STUFF. So I'm going to start by weeding down my wardrobe this way. Thanks so much!

  5. Another mindless lemming consuming thoughtlessly, excessively, wastefully. Hope your kids enjoy the planet you helped create in 10 or 15 yrs. wish all people like you would just die off.

  6. Hi! I don't necessarily have a lot of clothes. What I do have are clothes I hang on to forever. They don't match are out of style or they no ?longer fit.

  7. I love the KonMari method, but I had no idea about the other books and quotes. Those questions are amazing!

  8. Love that you used numbers! A lot of people declutter mountains of stuff and some minimal and i was always curious as to how much they really got rid of. I know its against what Marie Kondo preaches but the nerd in me wants to know lol

  9. Wow… I am doing it now actually..sorting out my clothesπŸ˜‚. Thank you for sharing througb this videoπŸ’•

  10. Set you a challenge: cut down your decluttered items to further 50‰ in three months' time. You'll thank me for it! πŸ‘πŸ»

  11. 589 is so many Ashley!! I think I've less than half of that but still have so many items that I could get rid of hmmm! This is such a great video and well done on your progress!!

  12. your headboard is the same as a headboard DIY Kelsey and Becky aka the sorry girls made before!! Please collaborate with them one time, you all have a really positive vibe, id love to see you three work together on a diy!!

  13. Make a video for all of it! I always live a cluttered life and have too much stuff and the tips you have are really helpful and it inspires me to go through and get rid of some of my stuff too!

  14. I just did my closet and to not brag very proud of the results! I cut my clothes/shoes/purses by 80%!!!!!!!!! This has been very freeing and I feel this is the best for be! You go girl!

  15. I want to see more of these! I need inspiration like this to help me make my lazy butt go through all the stuff I have!

  16. You should watch Justin Leconte's channel. She has what she calls a capsule wardrope πŸ‘‰πŸΌ πŸ˜‰

  17. What did you do with the clothes you got rid of? Did you give all of them away / throw them out or did you sell some?

  18. I actually would like to see more of you going through your stuff, my family have accumulated too much and I want to show then that they can and should get rid of some things

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