GETTING RID OF ALL MY CLOTHES! Extreme Closet Clean Out!

GETTING RID OF ALL MY CLOTHES! Extreme Closet Clean Out!

hey guys what's up and welcome to the war zone I'm currently playing a very fun game of I had a baby and none of my clothes fit me started to try on my clothes and realized hey you didn't used to have these hips before so it turns out I can no longer fit and the majority of my clothes I decided it was time to actually fell through stop playing these games admit what's happened and move on and that's what we're gonna be doing today please note there is no actual sadness over like me not fitting into a smaller size the sadness is I wore the same size for the majority of my life started investing in my wardrobe buying like really great high quality pieces that I thought I would have for a very long time which I no longer can fit in so I'm more upset about the poor investment you feel I just want to like be real with myself accept the new site that I am because you know what this body brought a little baby girl into this world so I'm not mad at it I'm proud of it I just need to get some clothes to cover it I'm about to get rid of 80% of my wardrobe I'm setting a few rules on myself for this clean-out or strong get rid of things that don't fit you people have been writing me saying don't get rid of things yet you will fit back into your old clothes I kind of tell you guys I'm not gonna lose the hips I guess I can technically get these jeans button but it's like literally painful to wear these and I don't think I could sit down these weren't here last time unless I get some bones removed I don't think I'm gonna fit back into my old pants all of those pants you're such good pants they still bring me joy okay I would like to keep them but I can't this t-shirt dress has no business being a dress on me I don't know what I was thinking back in the day but this is way way too short on me I'm going like grab Kennedy and I move my arms it's gonna be illegal second roll get rid of things that are no longer my style and haven't been my style for quite some time I haven't reached for it in a year or two years gotta go this was definitely like the coolest dress I owned at one point I wore this out to dinner with L'Oreal Paris when I was on a trip with them I just don't see myself wearing it I remember thinking this was just like it's so chic and so cool and I actually wore this to shoot with a bow I just don't think I'm Kula for it anymore I'm just trying to avoid that look that's like she drinks wine at 10 in the morning but you do three I can't just keep things for the sake of nostalgia I'm not letting myself keep pieces just because I have memories attached to them last time I was wearing this I was out to dinner with Cody's family and Cody for a birthday party server came by with a tray on the tray was a dart full of syrup and the server tripped knocked into me and dumped the syrup all down me in my dress so there I was seven months pregnant covered in syrup a 90-degree summer day and then recently that night got brought up and I was like oh how was the night syrup got dumped on me and Cody was like you really can't get over that can ya so I just want to know guys if you were out to dinner and a server dumped syrup all over you would you remember that night so this dress has a story behind it to hit a hundred thousand subscribers I was so excited and so proud of myself so I bought myself this dress so you can remember eight the occasion and this is a Diane von Furstenberg dress I feel like I definitely don't look the same on me these mommy boobs before I just used to be a little flat sadly and I could get away with wearing stuff like this okay well there's the answer to why it fits so weird on me it's a frickin zero old Carly you were so small another one of my rules is do I have something that looks like it I have like five green jackets that all look pretty much the same I'm not allowed five green jackets that's outrageous this jacket is super cute nothing around with it besides the fact that I just have too many of them so it's gotta go I need to take it off because otherwise I'm gonna convince myself into keeping it I also have like 15 gray sweater cardigans lose the dead weight Carl and then my last question is going to be do I need this is it something that I want to need and will wear on a consistent basis and does it fit in with the style that I am now I don't know if that's a hard rule because it kind of blends in with the other rules but it just we make a final question and I ask myself before I get rid of something the way I'm organizing my decluttering of this closet is by separating things by creating a cell pile a donate pile and a toss pile for the cell pile it's going to be stuff that's really really high-quality really really clean it still can be loved and enjoyed by someone it's just not my style anymore or it doesn't fit me that stuff I'm going to be listing on Poshmark and you guys have really loved the Poshmark listings in the past stuff I post on Poshmark sells really really fast so if you guys do want to get anything off of my Poshmark I highly suggest following me on it and following me on instagram because I will list on my stories when I'm about to post the items if you guys enjoy this more casual style video make sure to let me know down below in the comments also make sure to give this video a thumbs up to let me know if you guys want to see more don't forget to subscribe to my channel and don't forget to follow me over on Instagram let's get into this closet clean out so this so far is what I'm going to be listing on Poshmark for you guys this is my Jean drawer after my first round clean outs you guys can see this is my one pair of normal rinse no rip kind of pants I have a pair of ankle jeans and then a pair of ripped high-waisted jeans a pair of white jeans I'm gonna pair white like leggings Spanx jeans and one pair of black jeans this is my legging drawer I have one pair of liquid leggings I'm gonna buy another one of these when the Nordstrom sale goes up this is my sweats drawer that is the pair of sweatpants I designed it with my cancel collection a few years ago didn't try those on because I don't want to be disappointed that I can't that those because I'm gonna keep them anyways only piece I'll allow myself to keep this Daljit drawer this is my shorts drawer so this is what my closet looks like after my first round of clean outs I got rid of pretty much half of every category I'm going to do another round and clean out more stuff in the closet and then I'm going to go through and actually reorganize this entire closet to make it more functional if you guys want to see another video of me reorganizing this entire closet let me know down below in the comments at least my shoe size didn't change while I was pregnant alright guys thank you so much for watching this video if you liked it don't forget to give the video a thumbs up to let me know and don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more and don't forget to follow me over on Instagram if you guys want to see when I'm going to be posting my listings on Poshmark thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you next time bye

22 Replies to “GETTING RID OF ALL MY CLOTHES! Extreme Closet Clean Out!”

  1. Thanks so much for making a point right at the beginning that you weren't sad about your body size, just sad about the clothes. I really appreciated that!

  2. You’re lucky your feet didn’t change size! I thought I’d gotten lucky too but mine went up a half size and nothing I had fit after that. Thanks for a fun video!

  3. At last a Carly I can get on board with. More real, more in touch with reality, more sympathetic. Yes I'm ringing the bell this time. Oh, I shout out for the casual style of the video.

  4. Loved this casual video. Some great tips on how to clear out wardrobe too. Thanks so much! 💕 Ps. Love the sarcasm!

  5. omg next time you do this can i just pay for it to be shipped to me it's still better than anything i own 😂😂

  6. I got a new wardrobe and then went back to my pre-baby clothes in a year. But, yeah… hips are a different thing 🙂 but you look great!

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