Gigi Hadid Debuts the FAO Schwarz Toy Soldiers Uniforms She Designed

Gigi Hadid Debuts the FAO Schwarz Toy Soldiers Uniforms She Designed

-Every time you come on,
I always talk to you about something that you did,
that I saw a picture of you and I go,
“Oh, that’s pretty cool that you did some
cool fashion thing.” -Or you’re making fun of me.
-Well, no, no. -It goes both ways. -Never. No, no, no.
In the nicest way. I want to know
about this new bag that you’ve been rocking
on the red carpet, ’cause everyone’s
going to be into it. -Well, that’s actually from
the Brandon Maxwell show from Fashion Week,
and I collect mini bags. I’m obsessed with mini bags. So, I got to wear it
on the runway, and I was really excited. And, Jimmy, I brought you —
Come on! What are you talking about, man? -I brought you a mini bag
from my collection. -Oh.
-This is my mini Teddy bear bag. [ Cheers and applause ] -Really?
-Yeah, so, like, I have so many mini bags, so I thought
I would bring this one. And I also thought I would
bring this one for you because —
-Oh, my gosh! That is — -And open it. See what’s inside.
Open it from the bottom. There’s another surprise inside. -[ Laughs ] -It’s a mirror. People are always like, “What
do you fit in your mini bag?” I’m like, “Lots of things.”
-So it’s not a real bag. It’s more of a mirror.
-No, that’s a mirror. But, like, in mini bags,
you can put, like, lipstick, keys, credit card, and, like,
I just realized when you have a big bag
all the time and you look at it
at the end of the week and it’s like Mary Poppins’ bag. Like. you have stuff that
you are never going to use. Like, a first-aid kit, like,
random stuff, so I feel like — -My wife has that bag.
I mean, yeah. We actually are raising
one of the kids in her bag. -Yeah. Exactly.
-We feed it every — -So, the mini bag
is like an edit of, like, what you really need
in life, you know what I mean? -Dude, I love this.
Thank you so much. This is so rad. -Yeah. You can have that
for your pocket. -It’s just for my pocket.
It’s perfect. [ Cheers and applause ] I will always keep you
close to my heart. Thank you.
-No worries. -I want to talk about
this FAO Schwarz thing. Because it’s my favorite
toy store. I love it so much. I used to go every year.
-Me too. -Since — I mean,
I moved to New York for “Saturday Night Live”
probably 20 years ago. But I used to go all the time
and then — and just play and pretend to do the big keyboard,
the Tom Hanks keyboard. -And now you can take your
girls, ’cause it’s reopening, and it was my favorite thing
as a kid. I feel like when you’re a kid, you don’t always remember
maybe the toys that you get. But an experience
like FAO Schwarz, I feel like when all the big toy
stores started to close down, there’s not a place
that you can go and experience that with your
kid and give something to them that they’re going to
remember forever. -If you’ve never been to it,
it’s opening in 30 Rock, in this building right here
in New York City in Manhattan. [ Cheers and applause ] Yeah. You got to go. November 16th it opens. And you just go
and just, again… “Go ahead, buy something.”
But you don’t have to. -Yeah, and there’s more
experiences than even before at the other one. There’s, like, child adoptions,
so you go and get a baby doll, but you have to go through
an interview to make sure. -But they’re a doll.
-Yeah. -Okay, good.
-Yeah, yeah, dolls. -Take it to the next level
at FAO Schwarz. -If you take your daughters,
they’re gonna have to do an interview to see
if they’re a fit parent to adopt the doll. Really?
-Yeah, so there’s, like, little things like that
that are really fun and awesome. -But there’s always
that guy that’s always throwing the planes
around your head. -And the plush center
with, like, the big — My favorite was the giraffe. And I have my FAO Schwarz
nails on tonight. -Look at that.
That is the coolest. -I put a giraffe on my thumb. -That giant thing.
That giant doll. But, then,
how did you get now involved? Now, they called you
and they go, “Hey, we know you design
jewelry and design…” So they said,
“Will you design…” what? -Oh, yeah. So, I forgot
we haven’t told them. -No.
-Ha! So, they called,
and they were like, “We are going to have someone
design the soldier uniforms for the first time.
Will you do it?” So the soldiers standing
outside of FAO Schwarz will be my design. -That’s the greatest. That’s in front
of the whole thing! Are you kidding me? -Thanks.
-I’m geeking out. -And what I’m really excited
about is they are going to have female soldiers
for the first time. -Come on, man. This is giant. We have a video
of you just sketching this because you would draw it
on your iPad. -Yeah, so,
my first sketch was on — with colored pencil on paper,
and then I take a picture of it. And then on my iPad,
I did the rest of the sketch. And this is the original sketch. So, obviously from here,
we’ve taken it and edited it down
with the FAO Schwarz team. -We’re going to
debut it tonight. -Today, yes.
-I’m very excited to do that. -Show ’em.
-Quest, a little drum roll? [ Drum roll ] [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ Come on.
-Thanks. -I love this.
Like, “Come on. Welcome! Come on in!” -And…the hat! -Wait. The hat.
The iconic hat? -Yeah.
-Can I try it on? -Yes, please.
Oh, my gosh, Jimmy! -This is going to be wild.
-So, the hat — My — [ Cheers and applause ] Thanks, Jimmy.
-This is great. -So, yeah, the clock — The clock is, like, the, you know, classic
FAO Schwarz symbol. We can talk seriously
with one another now. -Yeah, I was going to
wear this anyway. -And it has
the FAO Schwarz clock. -When I go out at night,
I want no one to bother me, so I put on a hat so the press,
the paparazzi — -It’s a really
low-key thing to wear. -This is — I feel important.
-Yeah. Do you feel like
you want to go guard the FAO Schwarz, all the toys? ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -I am so excited for this
toy store. I can’t tell you. And you’re the perfect person
to design this. -Oh, thank you. It’s so fun. It’s such an honor
and, like, something that I really genuinely
grew up loving, so it was just so exciting
that they asked me. -Gigi, every time I have you on,
we talk hamburgers. -We do, Jimmy. -Because we share a love
for hamburgers. -We do, and it’s creepy, but every time I eat a burger,
I think about you. -I think the same
about you, too. I go, “Wait.
Is this Gigi worthy?” -Yeah, we’re like, “We — I need to have a good one for
the next time I go on “Jimmy,” ’cause what if it sucks?” -No, but every time — We’ve
been like 2 for 2 so far. -And I brought — Jimmy, because last time it was
you, so we have to alternate. -Yeah, that’s right. -So this is from
4 Charles Prime Rib… -I’ve heard about this place,
but I’ve not been. -…that I just tried recently
and I thought about you, so I brought it this time. -So, 4 Charles Prime Rib. We have to have a good-luck
bite, a good-luck burger. -I wore white
and red lipstick, so — -Don’t worry about it. I think I have a napkin
in my purse if you need it. -Oh, I have a mirror! I can use
the mirror to touch up. If you need anything.
Yeah, of course. -Okay, great.
-Cheers. I love you, pal.
Thank you for coming. -You’re the best. Love you.
-You are the best. Bye. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ Gigi Hadid. You can see Gigi’s design at the
new FAO Schwarz store opening. November 16th
here in New York City.

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    I used to go to FAO all the time as a kid and it was magical and I AM BEYOND HAPPY they are reopening.
    I may only be 17 but when I have kids in my 30's/40's I SHALL TAKE THEM THERE TOO JUST AS MY PARENTS DID

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