Girlfriends Choose Their Boyfriends’ Halloween Costumes

Girlfriends Choose Their Boyfriends’ Halloween Costumes

– [male] (laughs) Well,
you asked for this. (rock music) Told you. Breathe. – I like Halloween. I like dressing up. I’m bad at planning. I need her to have the initiative and then she holds the whip and says, “This is what you’re gonna wear.” – I don’t have a whip. – When I was younger I never was able to get a Halloween costume. My dad would always give me the Nigerian clothes. “Oh, you’re a Nigerian
prince for Halloween.” Didn’t even get me a crown. – I’m definitely not like
into the whole costume thing. – The only costume Steve’s
ever worn was last year. I was Minnie Mouse and I bribed him into being Dead Mickey Mouse. – I think it frustrates you
a little bit that I like don’t like … – Well I get so into it. Maybe
after this he’ll be inspired. (fun string music) – I chose Abraham Lincoln. You don’t often see
black Abraham Lincolns. You don’t often see buff Abraham Lincolns. And you don’t often see Abraham Lincolns with like giant ass glasses. I like my costumes to be
a little bit historical, educational. – I chose Han Solo. Just because I feel like
Tyler looks great in a vest. There’s something about
Tyler that’s the like, the classic Harrison Ford-type man where like he doesn’t like
to ask for directions. – I chose Zoolander for Steven. I’ve seen it too many times. This is my sly way of trying to get him to do a couple’s costume with me because I was thinking about being Hansel. (bright fun music) – I have no clue what she could have possibly picked out for me. Her, like, reference point is so old. – My guess is Star Wars. She knows that I love Star Wars. I like Han because he’s a
maverick and he’s a little rogue. If she gives me Luke,
says something about me. – You mentioned that it’s really cool and that you would wear the thing you picked for me.
– Right. – She keeps telling me that
she picked Barbie for me, which I know it’s not that. This could be great and
this could be catastrophic. – This guy even looks like me. – Oh, my god. Yeah, of course. – Yep. This seems about right. Halloween, you can be anyone you could ever imagine, she went with Abraham Lincoln. – Han Solo’s the greatest. I said one time that I
wish that I was Han Solo but I’m probably more of a Luke, and now I feel like I’ve
graduated to Han Solo. – I don’t know if I
can pull off Zoolander. – Maybe she’s into dudes in big hats. – If my girlfriend thinks
that I’m like a space cowboy, I mean that’s pretty awesome. – Blue Steel, it’s like uh, F***, I can’t do it. S***, this is going to
be harder than I thought. (bright fun music) – The thing I like about this
costume is, it’s a two for one You put it all on and
you’re Abraham Lincoln, or you can just throw this on
and you’re just Chippendale’s. (beatboxes) – I definitely feel more like Han Solo right now that I’m putting on the vest. – It just feels weird. It feels weird. Like even for Halloween. – Now you can’t tell
that the guns are out, and I’m Abe Lincoln. – This is not the Han Solo gun, and I know this because I
have the actual Han Solo gun. – One man, one beard, one dream. – This is going to scare me away from trying more costumes (laughing). – Mmmm (in funny voice) this
is how I assume he talked. (bell dings) (upbeat music) – He looks great! You look hot, babe. – (laughs) You look so … – (laughs) – Four scores and seven years ago. Take a bologna and put
it in a ham sandwich, I’m Abraham Lincoln. – Yes. – I think I’m nailing
the space cowboy look. And I think it fits me.
– I mean the vest. – This is exactly what I wanted. – (laughing) – What is this, a center for ants? – (laughing) I’m gonna cry. – Right here I’m Abraham Lincoln. Boom. Right now I’m Magic Mike. (beatboxes) – Okay. – Tyler Williams, space cowboy. I think I’m going to put
that on my business card. – Settle down. Settle down. – Yeah, just a preview. – This is super trendy right now. – Babe, you’ve never looked better. – You should wear this out. (acoustic guitar) – Steve looks great and
we’re gonna look even better when we go out as Zoolander and Hansel. – I am more confused …
– (laughs) – now, than I’ve ever
been in my entire life. – I feel like I opened this side of Tyler that I’m not sure I should have opened. – It was always there. Say that you love me. – No. I’m not doing it. I
know what you’re gonna do. – Try, I just want to see what happens. – (sighs) I love you. – I know. – Goddamn it.
– (laughs) – You’re glowing. – He’s cute enough to
be on a postage stamp. I knew you were gonna
put your own spin on it.

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  1. I love the chemistry saf and Tyler have…like they were both able to guess what the other had picked…
    plus I liked theirs the best
    I love them <3

  2. Both Safiya and Tyler knew what the other one had picked – if that's not couple goals then idk what is!

  3. So they say hon solo and that sounds like honzo and they say space cowboy sooooo MCHNZO CONFIRMED!!!

  4. If I had a girlfriend I'd force her to be Eli Ayase from Love Live! And I'd be Nozomi Tojo cause I ship those two hard(plus I typically cosplay Nozomi so…)

  5. Steven dated my french teacher in high school and I showed her the zoolander photo and she said he looked the same in high school.

  6. Aurora and Ify are just the cutest couple ever!!!! I just love how they have such unique characters that just fit together!

  7. I would be the type of girlfriend that would suggest a potato costume for my boyfriend xD

    now i know why im lonely..

  8. That chick with the black guy comes off like she's not fun, she's a bit serious "settle down" let him have fun with the awful costume you picked out

  9. Lol I really felt Ify with his past halloween costume, my Korean mom would just give me a hanbok every year and tell me to dress as a "Korean princess" but I wanted to actually have a costume!!!!!!!!

  10. I feel like if I got a blonde boyfriend, I'd make them dress up as Newt. (The Maze Runner.) If I got a Brunnete boyfriend Thomas. Then black hair Minho
    They'd hate me after xDD

  11. Hello other people who watched this video what should j be for Halloween I have no idea plz help have a great day you all

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