Glam Skull & DIY Costume – Halloween

Glam Skull & DIY Costume – Halloween

[Applause] hi guys so today I'm gonna be doing a basic skull makeup look and this is something that I actually was debating on being for Halloween this year and I wanted to be this mostly because I thought it would be fairly simple to do usually on Halloween I'm getting my girls ready and I usually don't have a ton of time to get myself ready so I thought that this would be a simple costume to do with this really easy DIY costume and so that's kind of why I wanted to share with you guys for those of you who are moms that want to make an impact kind of with your makeup but nothing too over-the-top difficult to do you know so basically what you're just gonna want to do is use a white foundation or a really pale foundation now I'm gonna stress this one more time I know I'm beating a dead horse but you don't want to use white face paint you guys it is so difficult to make even and look good so use a light tone foundation if you can and you're gonna get a much better look and you're just gonna set it with translucent powder and you really want to just make sure that you're getting a really good base to your makeup because that's what's gonna make this look you know look really clean and nice so once you have that done you're gonna take kind of like a purpley pink eyeshadow a matte shadow and you're just gonna play that into like your crease area and you're gonna kind of wing it out a little bit on the outer corners and then bring it up to your eyebrows and then drag it up above your eyebrows and this is just gonna be a really blended type of look we're gonna be adding more pink later on but this is kind of like the first layer and you're gonna drag it under your eyes and kind of on the outer parts of your eyes and then drag it up to your temples and just make sure it's extremely blended like I said we're gonna be adding more this is just the first layer then you're just gonna take a fluffier brush and you're gonna use that same kind of pinky purple eyeshadow and go around your hairline and you also want to go in your cheekbone area and you can be really really messy with this we're gonna go in with like a darker color later on to kind of define everything this is just kind of like the under shadow type of color so you can really really blend this out and go a little crazy with it but you just want to put that in your cheekbone area and then you're gonna take it and put it down your nose I go about halfway down you could go all the way down if you want but I went about halfway down and what else did I do I think that's about it for the purple color and then for the eyelids I went in with a blackish kind of grey charcoal color and I put that on my eyelids and with this you just want to make sure you really work it and really blend it out and you want to kind of drag it out a little bit so it gives a little bit of like a cat eye effect and you want to do that on both eyes and this is gonna give you a little bit more of a glam school type of look and it looks really really nice when you're all finished [Applause] and then you're just going to take that same chocolate color and you're gonna apply it under your lash line just to kind of smoke the look out a little bit and then I really built it up on the outer corners just to make that outer corner really really dark to give that kind of almond type of look and that's pretty much it for the overall eyeshadow look and then you're gonna take a fluffy kind of eyeshadow blending brush and you're gonna put that black eyeshadow in the contours of your cheekbones and this again it's just one layer you're gonna continue to build this up throughout the whole entire look but you're going to just kind of build that up right there and you also want to do it right in the temples right next to your eye now I went in with this even brighter pinkish purple color and I'm kind of brightening up some of the pink areas you don't have to do this necessarily but I just kind of wanted to bring out some of the pink just a little bit and we're actually gonna bring that out again later and you're gonna take a black kohl eyeliner – from NYX and you're just gonna put that in the waterline and then you want to do a nice thick winged eyeliner and this is gonna make a huge difference it's gonna really make the look pop and try to make it maybe a little bit thicker than you normally would just because this is a Halloween look and you kind of want to go for the drama so for the eyebrows I decided to do pink fading into black so I did the pinkish purple at the very front of the eyebrow and then I did it slowly fade into a black charcoal color and I thought that that looked really really cool and it definitely gave a really cool effect so for the teeth this part I think is probably the hardest part out of the whole tutorial and it's one of those things where you have to just give yourself a little bit of time before it actually starts to look good because it can be a little bit frustrating but you want to take a black kohl liner and you want to do two lines out from the sides of your mouth and then you want to make the teeth lines with this you want to blend them out so they're not really really like you know perfect and that's gonna make a huge huge difference and it's gonna make them look a little bit more like shadows versus lines so just blend them out with like a little angled brush and you'll get a really nice look and then when you are done blending them out you want to take like a white cream makeup and you want to do the teeth now like I said it's a little bit difficult but if you just are patient with yourself and you do a lot of blending and stuff like that it will turn out really really good and then I'll show you a few tricks later on it to kind of make the teeth look a little bit better I'm just gonna use that same black kohl liner that we used at the beginning and you're gonna do this triangle like shape on your nose and you want to go underneath your nostrils and the center of your nose and you want to do kind of like a v-shape at the top to make it look like it's kind of broken I guess and you're just gonna color it in with black and then I used a black matte eyeshadow to set it in place now you're gonna use the same black eyeshadow when you're gonna do kind of like these I don't know half circle curves here and this is gonna make it kind of look like your eyes are hollowed out maybe kind of like an eyebrow bone or something like that and I just think it kind of makes it look a little bit better and you also want to darken it up there at the base of your eyebrows and then you're also gonna take the purplish eyeshadow that we used earlier and you're gonna blend it on the inner parts of your lips and this makes it look a little bit more realistic I feel because it kind of makes it look like a shadow which I really like and then you're also gonna take it and blend it around your nose just to kind of I don't know add a little bit of dimension I guess now you gonna darken up the jaw and cheek area you're gonna do kind of like these Halfmoon kind of shapes with the purple eyeshadow and you're going to go around the teeth and then you're gonna take the black and you're really really really going to darken up the area right at the beginning of the teeth to where you're almost covering up some of the original teeth that we painted on and that's gonna just act like a shadow and it makes it look so much more multi-dimensional and I think it's a must it just looks so much better when you darken that up a little bit and then I'm gonna take a kind of shimmery eyeshadow a white one and I'm gonna do it on my cheekbones and that's just gonna kind of give it a little bit of sparkle so it's not all matte and then you're also gonna want to do it under your brow bone it's gonna curl your eyelashes with your eyelash curler and apply some mascara of course must do that and then I actually ended up going back into that pink eyeshadow randomly and I added more pink underneath the eye right here huge difference looks so much better when you add that pink there and then you're gonna add some fake eyelashes the bolder the better for Halloween [Applause] and then you're just gonna take some of the black and then put that in your lips again for just more shadow and then I added some more pink I just did some more pink highlights everywhere I wanted to really make that pink pop I didn't want it to get lost underneath the black which it can do if you don't riad it at the end and I think that's pretty much all I did for this makeup look so I hope you guys enjoyed this I think it turned out really really great I really like it if you do decide to do this I would definitely recommend practicing maybe once first and then doing it on Halloween so for the shirt it's really simple you're just gonna find a white t-shirt I just got one in the men's section and you're gonna cut the neck off of the shirt I just went right around the collar and cut the collar off and then stretched it out and then you're going to also want to cut the sleeves a little bit shorter it just makes it look a little bit more feminine you would cut them completely off if you wanted it's up to you and then you're gonna find the middle of the shirt and you're gonna do lines which are kind of like the rib lines and at the bottom you want them to go down at more of an angle and you slowly want to bring them into a more straighter type of look and that's gonna give you the rib cage effect and they're just gonna want to cut along the lines do not pull the shirt until you're finished cutting otherwise it's going to just mess up the shirt so just get all the cutting done and then when you're done with the slits you can pull them which is the best part because it always makes the shirt look so much better when you pull them but that's pretty much all you want to do for the shirt I also took some purple and black eyeshadow and kind of made it look a little bit dirtier that way it matched my makeup a little bit better so that's it you guys I hope you liked this tutorial it's super easy and a great look for those of you who want to do something really fun really cool with your makeup but nothing that's gonna take you too much time so thank you so much for watching if you guys have any more requests for other Halloween looks that you want to see definitely leave them in the comments below and I hope you guys have a great day and I will talk to guys later bye

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