Glass Coating Car Test : Bullsone Crystal Coat

Glass Coating Car Test : Bullsone Crystal Coat

hey guys, today we’re gonna try
bullsone crystal coat they have 3 products in this line
Crystal Shampoo, Cleanser & Crystal Coat so in this video, we’re gonna test them all
the first product is bullsone crystal cleanser it came with an applicator pad im gonna test it on this side
so we can see the difference later ok, it’s also not hard to remove let’s see the difference as you can see,
it has the ability to remove oxidation so the paint look much more better
but not so much with swirls ok now I’m gonna use DA power system
on both sides to make it even next product is bullsone crystal coat
it’s a glass coating it creates high-water repellent effect prevent sticking & penetration of contaminants
& maintaining the paint’s luster it came with a microfiber towel it doesn’t have a label so you don’t need to worry
if it will damaging the paint it’s so easy to use
just spray and wipe immediately no wait time whatsoever and this is the water beading I don’t know about the durability
of this crystal coat but I’m gonna test it on my car
just like my other wax test videos and this is the result
after I coat all the hoods with the crystal coat it really deepens the paint,
but it still can’t remove or hide the swirls but if we’re not looking for defects,
it looks just awesome and the last product is crystal shampoo so this is ready to use shampoo
you don’t need to dilute it in a bucket so you just spray the car with water
spray the shampoo on the wash mitts & on the paint and you’re good to go it removes the hassle
of using 2 bucket methods because you only need 1 bucket
to wash the mitt with this method but remember guys,
only do this when the car is not very dirty just a little dust here and there otherwise you will create more swirls
on the paint you still need 2 bucket methods
and a snow foam for a dirty car I hope this helps you can check links in the description
thanks for watching

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  1. Im from Brazil and i have a cristal coat, and I don’t like! Its a Trash.
    Hugs man, ad congratulations for the canal!

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